Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning Power Yoga with Jenny is the best present to yourself! 8am!Grab a family member or friend and come sweat with us! Note: TheShop is open until 6pm on Xmas eve.

Sound Journeys in 2020

We did a Sound Journey for Winter Solstice with Gabe and Bodhi on Saturday night, letting go of the heaviness and loss of this year, and intentionally creating our best life. We will do these again in 2020, the magic comes from within, when you these on the schedule, prioritize this energetic shift with us!

Talk A Lot, Listen More

Walk San Anselmo & Shop!We have exciting pop-ups at MPY this weekend, Stop Drop and Dance at 6pm on Friday December 20th with Grace and a Winter Solstice Sonic Ceremony and Meditation with Gabe and Bodhi at 7pm on Saturday night! These are amazingly different events that will improve your holidaze and are a great way to torture your family. Have you been to TheShop, walked Town looking at the cute shops and precious items for your friends and family? Whether you get the perfect bag of gummies at Sugar for a stocking stuffer or the cute sweater at Kismet or something magical at Sage and Stone or an amazing hat at Neve and Hawk or yoga pants at TheShop or a gift certificate at any of the fitness places in town…this is the best time of year to enjoy shopping local. The sun literally popped out as I typed that, Right?

The holidays are a brutal experience, they challenge our ability to give gifts, our interest in creating ceremony, the challenges of communicating with our family and of course our relationship with success and failure. As you live thru the next few days, I encourage you to slow down and connect with your people, whether that is over a meal or a drink or a phone call. The experience of connecting with each other is incredibly challenging and the greatest reward. My pro-tip for you to thrive in this is “care more than you think is possible.” Seriously, be very interested in every conversation and encounter you have over the next week and you will have great experiences and learn more about yourself and your people. Yes, some of your people will confirm their crazy factor, some will also surprise you with their depth and brilliance. If this experiment is a failure, take your people for a walk up Baldy and find silence together between gasping for air and burning muscles. Maybe do that either way?

Check out the info below for our annual memberships, if you want info on yoga teacher training look at our website for the application. These are great programs to make 2020 the best year possible, they take your time and financial commitment, the personal growth you get to keep for the rest of your life and everyone in your family benefits from your work.

Have a fabulous weekend and include us in your life more.
Love and Peace,

Annual Membership

Our Annual Membership drive starts today and runs thru the end of December! These Memberships can be paid cash or check only at TheShop or directly to Amy and are a great Holiday gift for yourself or family!

Why do we do them? Our end of year cost are high and we run a debt cycle. Annual Memberships are critical to keeping MPY healthy and prepared for 2020. Your support helps us keep Membership reasonable for everyone! Thank you for continuing to show up and grow with us!!!! Things to note, yes that’s a Personal Training session included!

Workshops? Yes, we are bring a new format of Workshops to MPY in 2020. Our theme of the year is Education, we will be focusing on trainings to improve what we do and where we want to grow, from yoga to boxing to strength. These will be paid workshops with tiered pricing for Members and Guests. Annual Members will be complimentary in all workshops! We have no idea what this is worth to you, maybe you do one or maybe all 12? Learn with us, Grow with us!

Introverts Unite

Party with us!

*This Friday night, 12/6/2019, starting at 8pm at EV Lounge (500 San Anselmo Avenue) our first community Holiday Party!!! There will be a cash bar which serves wine, bubbly, sparking water etc. 

*Teacher Training! Early bird tuition ends on December 15th! Sign up to get a $400 discount off the regular price. Dates and details can be found here:

*Shop TheShop. We have the best selection of fitness clothing in the Bay Area, right here in San Anselmo. We will be open late on Saturday for the Xmas tree lighting event in Town (ummm hello rainstorm?). The lighting happens at 5pm and we will be open at the shop until 7pm!

People. I will not be at the Party on Friday, I’m on Day 3 of the flu and while I think the worst is past, I’m still a sweaty mess. Besides the frustration of this being my 3rd significant illness of the year, I never want to miss a party with you. Usually, we have the holiday party at our house for staff only, this year the team decided they want to celebrate with you also!

I know the struggle to leave your couch/dog/cat, safety of your home and go out on a Friday night and see people. It isn’t easy, but it is worth it. You will see people from class, teachers, friends and family. You will find interesting people to talk with, be inspired in your own life and maybe even feel lighter, more energized. If this is stressful because of late notice (Inga I am looking at you), blame me and the flu and stop in and say hello between your other plans. We have an amazing community, come start the holidaze with us!

Sweats, Chills and Love,

Thanks Giving

Find your strength in being with your friends and family, sharing this life generously. Thanks to Amy for teaching yoga this morning and Jen for teaching BootCamp! We are open Friday – Sunday, at the studio and TheShop. Come Sweat With Us!

December 10 at Indie Alley – SEO Class

I am sharing few of the simple techniques we use at MPY to improve search engine optimization (improve how you show up in search) on December 10th from 6:30-8:00pm at the Indie Alley in Fairfax! There is a $10 cost to attend the event, this supports having future educational events at the alley!

From beginner to advance search engine optimization in 10 minutes a day! 


1,000 Can Food Drive

Bring in canned food to support the Marin Food Bank thru Thursday of this week! We have set a goal of contributing 1,000 cans to the San Domenico annual Food Drive!

All cans must be dropped off in the Yoga Room or Fitness room by Thursday, November 21st end of day! We can do more together!!!

First All Member Meeting

Sunday 1/17/19 – you are invited to a conversation about what is possible at MPY! We will share some of our progress (look under the hood) and ask questions about who we are and where we are going! This is our first All Member Meeting! 7:30pm sharp at the studio!

*Consider this picture, the floodgates are open to the alley, the sun is rising above RFP, the leaves of 2019 are expressing a year unique with it’s own struggles and joys, the space between and the limitless potential of the blue sky. What is possible for us to accomplish together?

Better Communication Weekly

Technically, it has been a great week, the kids had less school, Monday afternoon at Drake’s beach (see the photo above), with a reminder on Service and Gratitude for our Veterans. What could make it better? An AMAZING SWEATY weekend. 

TONIGHT! Pop-Up Stop Drop and Dance with Grace from 6-7pm at the Studio! SWEAT the week out with an hour of cardio dance! Whether you start late or head home for a shower and dinner, you are also invited to the Papermill in Forest Knolls to hear Stickys, a band loaded with MPY Members such as Eric Schroder and Connor Stock and Julian Kwasneski!!! Join me for a drink and a good time!

Sunday is our 1st All Member Meeting, bring your ideas, complaints and energy to the studio Sunday night at 7:30pm. We will start with a meditation, agree to an agenda and put some of our collective brain power to work. At the worst you will get to hang out with me, at the best we will solve some problems and create some ideas! We are better because you are with us! Below is a photo I took walking thru the Mission last weekend, even if the dream seems unreachable or blocked by a fence, remember it is under construction and can be created into a reality, or maybe simply remembering your dream is enough.

Last but not least, the MPY Shop constantly surprises with what an amazing selection of fitness pants we have. I struggle with the excess and waste of shopping and my own superficial retail therapy finding yet another t-shirt I must have or the pair of pants that look as good as they feel. I struggle with encouraging you to buy more stuff, when we know all we need for happiness is within us or attainable in an hour hike up Baldy. That said, Kelsey and Amy have stocked the shop with super cute things “you have to have.” I think I need to struggle less and go with the flow more! 

Peace and Love,

Stickys in Forest Knoll’s Tonight

Come say what’s up in Forest Knolls tonight! See some MPY people (multiple in the band), hear some great music and let’s get a drink together! Come on out tonight and listen to a night of original music, homegrown in the Backyard!

Tonight, November 15th, 2019 at 9 PM

Papermill Creek Saloon

1 Castro St, Forest Knolls, CA 94933

Fall In Love Again

Thank You.

This has been an extraordinary few days here in San Anselmo. I don’t know how we would have made it thru without our First Responders, Town and County Staff, Librarians, Neighbors and You. The quiet darkness of nights without the hum and buzz of electricity was eerily calm, I am between missing the peace and so grateful for all we have. While I can’t wait for this round of elections to be over, I am going to encourage you to consider voting for Kim and Steve for our San Anselmo Town Council and Yes on M to rebuild Memorial Park. We are stronger and healthier when we work together!

We have a few exciting changes that you must know about! 1) You are invited to our first ever All Member Meeting on Sunday 11/17/19. 2) We now offer Personal Training with Jordan Assadi running our program. 3) Our Pilates Mat classes are growing on the schedule.

The idea of an All Member Meeting is long overdue at MPY. Join us on Sunday November 17, at 7:30pm in the big room. The agenda will be co-created in our FaceBook Community Group, please add your agenda ideas there. We will discuss our current status and discuss plans for 2020 and beyond. We will start the evening with a brief ceremony, followed by adoption of process for the meeting. We will end promptly at 9:30pm with a closing ceremony. This is a first attempt, expect changes before, during and after!

Personal Training at MPY with Jordan Assadi is launching today! Our Personal Fitness Room at the back of the studio is loaded with thousands of pounds of weights! From bench and squat racks to dumbbells and a rowing machine, whether you want to lift heavy or develop specific areas of strength or heal a specific injury or simply manage your health, our program is designed around you. If you want to book a session, email and get on the schedule! Prices are listed below.

$85 for a 55 minute session.
5 pack for $400.
10 packs available for $750.
20 Pack available for $1,450.

$100 for a 55 minute session.
5 pack for $475.
10 packs available for $900.
20 Pack available for $1,700.

Groups of 2 can split cost between 2 people. We encourage you to be a Member and attend classes between sessions, whether it is Yin, TRX, BootCamp, TKO, Power or Gentle Yoga or Pilates Mat. This is about you doing the work and experiencing results.

We started our Pilates Mat program 4 years ago as an idea, nothing happened. Maybe the time wasn’t right or more accurately we were focused on different priorities. This year, we committed in to experimenting with class formats and developing our skills. Our Pilates Mat classes are a great way to discover pilates or reignite your passion. We are training additional teachers and planning more Pilates Mat classes for the schedule in January. 

This is the season of change, I feel the weather shifting with the winds and the light and I am reminded that I too must continue to evolve and grow. I’m taking a class on Community Engagement: Collaborating for Change (seems like an obvious interest right) and reading What is The What by David Eggers, nourishing my mind to inspire my body to be the healthiest and strongest I can be. I hope you can join us on November 17th and that you take advantage of our new classes and services. Thank you for continuing to support our community and growing with us.

Power is Back On!

If the Power is On in San Anselmo Wednesday, we are OPEN! We just got power in a bunch of our homes and we are rumored to stay on. We are turning the schedule back on for Wednesday and planning on seeing you! Currently charging devices and taking showers!

Halloween Class

We are bringing it back.. This Saturday! Halloween costume yoga class! We will be combining the 8am and 9:30 class together as one at 9:30. Bring your best looks, a great attitude, and get ready to have a blast! We can’t wait!

Get Involved!

Change Starts With You.

As we shift in this season of change, there are 4 things you must know are happening at MPY. First, we are doing phone banking today for Moms Demand Action, see the details below, if you want to create common sense gun reform, join us! Second, we added new classes in 2019 from Pilates Mat to Power Sculpt, these are a great way to challenge yourself to learn something new and get different results (or drill into power yoga basics with Wendy on the first Sunday of each month from 11-12 upstairs (today). Third, we are hiring! We are looking for someone to “tighten up the studio.” This position starts at 10 hours a week and can grow, message your bio to find out more. This is a great way to contribute to your community, shift your life and get paid. Last but not least, TheShop is an amazing resource for fitness clothing, accessories from mats to gloves, help with your membership or our mobile app, holiday shopping and retail therapy! The Shop is located at 611 San Anselmo Avenue, it is a great reason to walk downtown.

Join the fight against gun violence through phone banking. We’ll teach you how at this free event. Today (Sunday) 11:30am-2pm at MPY for a Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense Phone Banking event. We will be calling North Carolina and patching people into their Senator’s office to ask for Background Checks. Bring your laptop or iPad, phone, headset and a yoga mat or chair to sit on. First-timers welcome! Moms Demand Action! Join the Marin FaceBook Group to get involved in future events:

We want to be an important part of your life, a place where you can be yourself and create a healthier and stronger life. We are alive at one of the greatest times in history, we have access to more information than ever before and the power to connect with each other and grow together is in our hands. Create positive routines in your life with us, one day at a time, starting now.

Moms Demand Action Phone Banking

Join the fight against gun violence through phone banking. We’ll teach you how at this event.
We’ll be making out-of-state calls using the Gun Sense Action Network (GSAN) to mobilize people to contact their Senators for background checks and red flag laws.
Driving calls to Senators is crucial right now to let them know America wants them to vote on this life-saving legislation that Mitch McConnell has blocked for over 7 months.

San Anselmo Fitness Day 2019

San Anselmo Fitness Day – Friday, August 2, 2019!

There is a full schedule of classes from fitness studios in Town from 9am-5pm in Imagination Park, concluding with Picnic on The Plaza! 

San Anselmo Fitness Day Friday August 2, 2019!

This Friday! Look at the incredible day our community is doing together! San Anselmo Avenue is closed between Creekside and Ludwigs, we are getting together to celebrate summer, your health and your community! Walk the town, shop the shops, test ride an electric bike, get a fitness check up and see the antique fire truck. Participants will get coupons to Swirl! The day finishes with the kick-off of Picnic On The Plaza at 5pm with live music!

Bring your family, bring your neighbor! 

PS- Araceli and Jenny are leading an Intensive Fitness Training this week, info on the MPY website.

Meet Anton!

I love finding out about our Members of the Week. This week it’s Anton Koukareko! Read all about him and leave him a comment below!

1. What was your favorite activity as a child?

I used to play soccer a lot after school hours. We played inside the hockey box, every day regardless of weather. There were several street lamps around, so we could stay till late hours or until our angry parents brought us back home. Bicycling was my passion too all the way till I suffered a concussion and broken arm at the age 12. And, of course, I was dancing every day which later became my profession.

2. What job did you have in high school?

I was a plumber two summers in high school.

3. What is your most embarrassing memory?

At my second semester at mechanics-mathematics faculty I failed my algebra exam. Around that time it was my first world dance championship in youth division in Paris, we did well, and I kind of took it too easy in preparations at university.The most embarrassing moment was to tell my grandmother the news. After that I promised myself to be well prepared for anything!

4. What is the best vacation you have ever taken?

Family trip to Nice, France. My son was at a really fun age to travel and we saw many things in the surrounding area. Including seeing the set-up for Formula One in Monte Carlo, riding the train to Cannes, and exploring Saint Paul de Vence.

5. What makes you laugh out loud?

Things that my son, Edmund, says and does sometimes. Also, I like to read Russian antidotes and they make me laugh a lot.

6. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Definitely my biggest accomplishment is my family, I am very proud of my wife and two beautiful children- helping them discover who they are.

7. What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell myself to learn from the best, challenge myself and never give up.

8. What would you like people to remember about you?

I want them to remember that I am descent human being.

9. Why do you practice at Marin Power Yoga?

This is the studio I took my first yoga class at one and a half years ago and I am in love with knowledge, passion, instructions of my teachers, and, to my surprise, I realize how quickly onecan improve -I am very grateful to have MPY in my life!

Self Defense For Women Workshop!

This Saturday our self defense for women workshop starts! Free for our members! You can register thru the MPY App or contact me. Regular drop-in for guests!

When: Saturday June 8, June 15. June 22.

Time: 2pm till 3.30pm

If you can’t make it to one of the Saturdays it’s no problem, you sign up for the class you want to attend.

It’s going to be amazing💥🙌🏻💥