The Pulse – this Saturday!

This Saturday night, March 31, 2018, come try THE PULSE with Tiana Baumsteiger – Movement with Yin Yoga and Meditation from 830pm-10pm!

50 minutes of calisthenics, plyometrics, barre and yoga inspired movements, done to music!!! Then relax and recover with 30 minutes of yin and a 10 minute meditation.

Come try something new! Included with your Membership or a regular drop-in!

Teacher Training Graduation

Congratulations!!! We are sending out into the world 6 new teachers, prepared with the tools to create change in themselves and everyone they come into contact with!!! Grace, Wendy and Araceli have been working with this crew for the last 2 months. It takes a lot of personal work, team work, study, reflection and practice to thrive like these women have.

Yes, they will make mistakes and yes they will have bad hair days and yes they will have days when nothing seems to work. They are humans, children, parents, students and teachers! When you see them teaching community classes over the next few weeks, get in and support their growth! This is LOVE IN ACTION!

Get Gloves for TKO at The Shop

Want gloves for TKO? We carry Venum Gloves and custom MPY wraps from Meister at Marin Power Yoga – The Shop. If we aren’t open, you can text the studio line at 415-683-1191 and make a time to meet us to open for you! Private Shopping??? No, just erratic hours in a slow town.

The Shop is located at 611 San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo Ca 94960. Hours are most days, usually not Sundays. We tend to be closed on holidays and random during vacations.

Gentle Yoga Wednesdays

Know Rain, Know Flowers. This rain got you laying on your back? Gentle Yoga! Grace Yu teaching this morning at 10:45 and Victoria Pitt teaching our new Gentle Yoga class at 7:15pm tonight (Wednesday)!

Power Yoga with Amy

Amy teaching the 4:30pm Power Yoga class Monday afternoon! You will find Amy on the schedule for Power Yoga and TRX! Expect clear instruction, a physically challenging class with inspiring music and a healthy dose of positive energy to lighten your spirit!

Mantra Bracelets at The Shop

We have Mantra Bracelets at The Shop! There are a variety of Mantras in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. Silver costs $25 and Gold and Rose Gold are $35. These are priced well and designed to inspire!!!

The Shop is located at 611 San Anselmo Ave. between the BookSmith and Tam Realty, across the street from Dogville!

Gentle Yoga with Vicky

Gentle Yoga with Vicky! Saturdays at 11am and Wednesday nights at 7:15pm. Find your strength and your flexibility slowly and consistently!

Gentle Yoga gets you connected to your body, mind and spirit thru your breath. Do what you can, with what you have.

We are all connected

We are all connected in the fabric of life. Each of us, share DNA and history. In a world that challenges us to hate one another, be a rebel and look for how you are similar, how we can work together to be better!

It starts with your schedule. Find your classes, put them on your calendar. Show up! When you show up for yourself, you will quickly discover an amazing capacity to give to everyone in your life that needs you. It starts with you.

Kids Meditation and Handstands

Kids Meditation and Handstands! Sundays and Thursdays we SLOW down and work on finding stillness. The kids struggled, faked it, exhausted themselves, annoyed each other, made new friends, got stronger, relaxed and made my day. This class seemed ridiculous when we started a few months ago. Today was EPIC.


Saturday!!! We have plenty of choices for you from a wall yoga (Inversions) class at 9:30am with Grace to Gentle at 11 with Vicky, TKO with Nance at 9:30 and 4:30, kids yoga at 9:30 with Jamie and Jamie teaching the 4:30 power yoga class. Jenny just finished TRX and clearly we all missed this class with Araceli teaching and Gavin DJing! Get in and clear out your body and mind while rejuvenating your spirit!!!

Friday Night Dance

This Friday Night! March 9th! 7:30pm Stop Drop and Dance Pop-Up with Grace Yu! Free with Membership or a Regular Drop-In…Let’s Dance!


Dreams Move Slowly. Do the work, prepare for what you want, create options. Be patient, this is going to take some time.

Full Moon Yin – March 1

Yoga in San Anselmo with Jamie teaching! Typically you will find him teaching a Power Yoga class on Mondays at 6pm and a Yin class on Sundays at 4:30pm. This week, Full Moon Yin is happening on Thursday March 1st from 8:30-10:15 pm with Allegra playing guitar and singing live!

Ski Week is Chilly

Ski Week has finally hit Tahoe and San Anselmo is feeling the chilly air! Our Yoga room is set to 88 degrees for Power Yoga and 80 degrees for Yin and Gentle Yoga. A little known secret is our noon Power Yoga classes are heated to 80 degrees! Our Fitness side, where we do TRX, Cardio Kick Boxing and BootCamp is kept a breezy 62 degrees! Yes, you will still sweat buckets!!

You Can Grow

Jenny G is an AllStar. She started teaching Cycle with us and almost left immediately to train with SoulCycle in NYC…she decided to stay and when we closed Cycle she became a TRX, BootCamp and TKO teacher for MPY. Last year Jenny took our 200 hour yoga teacher training and became a Yoga teacher for MPY. All of her classes improved, because she picked up new skills and applied them. She has grown with us and continues to evolve!!!

Yoga is for You

Yoga is for Every Body. Looking around the room, our people are skinny and fat, short and tall, young and old, healed and injured, modified down and modified up. Everyone has to have a first class and everyone will grow by their hundredth class. Your mat, your practice…Together we are Stronger, Healthier and Happier.

Saturday Mornings in Marin

Yoga, Meditation, TRX, Cardio KickBoxing, BootCamp and BodyWork…these are our keys to happiness! We believe your physical, mental and spiritual health combine to create a life able to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Find and Develop your strength with us!

This morning in San Anselmo!

New Plans For Royal Sweet in San Anselmo

Are you ready to see something new and exciting in San Anselmo??? How about the old Royal Sweet building getting new life!

There is a Planning Committee meeting February 12th at 7pm. You can email in comments, show up and speak or if you are old school mail in a letter!!!

This is a surprisingly big building and the new plans call for a roof top deck and a complete rebuild of the interior.

I have heard rumors about dreams for this building since Royal Sweet closed. All of my prayers for delicious old fashioned doughnuts have gone unanswered…yet, this deck looks like the next best thing???

We all have opinions, ideas, dreams. It takes a lot of work, sweat, tears to create anything. You can participate by adding your voice, showing the plans to your friends and neighbors, talking about it, walking by and seeing the large plans in the window!!!

I believe we should earn nice things. As impossible as it seems at times, we live in heaven…we have the best backyard in the world and have access to the best Farmers Market in the country and truly delicious local food. If you think Royal Sweet has been empty long enough and this evolution looks good to you…experiment with how you can show support! Take a selfie with the plans and share them! Get on Next Door, give the silent middle finger to the haters, drop some positive comments on any of the postings about this space! Show up to the meeting and let Town Council know you want to see this building evolve!

I love San Anselmo and want to see our town evolve. I want it cleaner and safer, with a variety of shops and services we can use and participate in! I will support good people doing creative dreams!!!

The Struggle

Some days you do something mind boggling scary, whether it is dance with 30 people or take a gentle yoga class, other days we choose Rest and BodyWork. The balance is a struggle and real. It starts and ends with you. We are not striving for perfection, we are working towards self acceptance and love. Marin Power Yoga.

Full Moon Classes start this Wednesday January 31 2018!

Our 2018 Full Moon classes kick off this Wednesday night! The Pulse! Wednesday January 31st from 8:30pm-10:00pm, a mix of Yoga, Movement, Breathing and Cathartic Release followed by Yin…reset your energy and ignite your life with Tiana Baumsteiger!

*Check your calendar, save the date…we want you to join us this year!!! Yes, these classes are included with your Membership! Yes, you should rally a friend to join you. Yes, this will improve your quality of life!!!

Gentle Yoga at Marin Power Yoga

Gentle Yoga, a mix of strength and flexibility in a class that moves slowly with modifications down offered for each pose. Your body, your yoga practice, your opportunity to create your happiness.

Slowing down is under appreciated in America. We are constantly encouraged to accomplish more in less time. When you slow your yoga practice down, it becomes more challenging. You can feel your muscles strain and stretch, you can hear your breath moving they your nostrils and you can see your body sink into alignment.

We have Gentle Yoga classes on Saturday at 11am, M-W-F at 10:45am and we just started a Bhakti Yoga class with Naia on Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:30am. Bhakti is the yoga of Devotion and Love, a sweet and gentle practice to nourish your spirit and your muscles!

See you in the studio!

Indu Bath Bombs available at The Shop

Taking a bath is somewhere between a luxury and a revolution. It is an opportunity to relax your muscles, soften and accelerate your healing. Indu Bath Bombs bring the scents of lavender and Ling Lang with the power of salts to draw the toxins out of your body while slowing down, easing into a better space. The large Bath Bombs are $7 and in stock at The Shop. Treat yourself!

The Shop is located at 611 San Anselmo Ave. You might see some leggings there as well.

Create Your Day

Monday. It is sunny and beautiful out. Keep your head up and your heart open. We have to remind ourselves constantly of our own power to create the reality we want. Make today a beautiful day.

Amy Ginsberg is teaching Power Yoga below, if you have any questions about Membership, joining or taking a class, booking BodyWork, billing or questions about classes you can email her at for information.

Speak Your Truth and Find Your Power

“Speaking is the most powerful truth we all have.” Oprah – This quote from Oprah describes what being a yoga teacher is about! You will learn physical alignment, anatomy, teaching skills, sequencing, philosophy and meditation…all a great framework for you to speak your truth in what you feel in your body and express thru your heart!

For more information on our Yoga Teacher Training starting on January 22, 2018, check out our website at and read thru the application for all of the details. You will finish the training ready and able to teach Power Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Yin! The training is located in San Anselmo at Marin Power Yoga and is led by Grace You, Wendy Wilkinson and Araceli Santos!

Getting Lucky in 2018 Takes Consistent Practice

Are you looking for secrets to success in 2018? Is there a magic pill or change in diet or mantra that will give you everything you want in 2018? Probably not.

The secret to success at Marin Power Yoga is Consistent Practice!!! Look at our classes and the schedule and commit to a consistent practice, whether it is meditation, TRX, TKO, BootCamp, Power Yoga, Gentle Yoga or Yin Yoga. You can do any combination of classes, do them regularly! You will see our teachers work hard to show up regularly to their classes, they do this because their growth is tied to consistency also. When our teachers show up regularly to their classes, they become better teachers. Our teachers are students, their habits for success are what they have learned by experience. We ask our teachers to lead by example, so that you know we are living our truth!

Why do we have so many choices? Because we like to do a lot of different activities. We added TKO (kick boxing) in because we love Cardio! Our TRX and BootCamp classes bring pure Strength, Dance brings Cardio and Joy into our workouts…Yoga is the balance where we find, Strength, Flexibility and Stability! Try all of our classes, design a schedule you can keep to 85% of the time and show up to class…we will take care of the rest!

Yoga Teacher Training starts January 22 2018

Our 2018, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training starts January 22, 2018! Yes, you will be certified with Yoga Alliance, but more importantly you will be qualified and capable of teaching Power Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Yin Yoga classes!!!

Why do Yoga Teacher Training? Because it is a great way to learn more about yourself. Yes, you will learn about the physical practice, the philosophical and mystical practice, anatomy, sequencing, alignment and teaching methodology. That is the structure we use to deepen our relationship with our self. By the end of the training, you will be able to teach private classes, small group classes and have the skills to build those classes into large classes!

If you are interested in finding out more, the application is on the front page of the Marin Power Yoga website at – you can also message me at

SugarFoot is Ready For The Holidays

SugarFoot is ready for the Holidays in San Anselmo, Are You? Cruising thru town, the shops are open and San Anselmo is a living representation of small town America. From holiday cheer to creative presents…you will see workshops and clothing at Neve & Hawk to women’s clothing at SideKicks and TumbleWeed and Kismet to something race at Chadwicks and men’s gifts at Utility Goods or little stocking stuffers at Fig Garden and Jewels at Embellish and treats for the dogs at Dogville.

It is so tempting to embed yourself on your couch with a glass of wine and a cozy fire…save that for the 24th! The restaurants are open and filled with energy! Our local food scene in Marin has taken a huge step into primetime foodie heaven with amazing choices from Valenti to Pizzalina to Cucina to LaApparte to Ensalata to MadCap to MHBB and appetizing rewards for those who venture to Picco or Gia in Larkspur to El Paseo in Mill Valley. Even the more normal fair of Taco Janes or Creekside will bring you warm smiles and cold drinks!

We love being in San Anselmo and our retail shop is a great place to ask questions about Yoga, TRX, TKO, BootCamp or find a new pair of Leggings or Yoga Pants! We have t-shirts for littles and “yoga joes” to tanks and yoga mats for adults. More importantly, we have a space for you to be you. Stop in and say hello on your adventures around town…wave hello to your neighbor and sing a happy holidaze to all you see!


NEW – Annual Membership

For the first time ever we are launching an Annual Membership! The price is $840 per Adult Membership and is good for all of 2018. Your annual Membership comes with 2 hours of BodyWork and a complimentary MPY Shirt of your choice! This deal must be paid for in Cash or Check and can be arranged with – Amy can also work out deals for your Juniors or put together a package for an Adult/Junior that works for you!

Why are we doing packages? Our end of year costs and start of January are extraordinary, from facility and equipment upgrades to state filings and taxes. Your annual Membership reduces our costs and helps us to transition thru the season with ease. We created this package to be mutually beneficial, if you have different or better ideas we want to know!

*You want some Yoga Joes that you see in the picture below? Come to The Shop located at 611 San Anselmo Ave in the center of San Anselmo. We have 3 different sets of Yoga Joes with different poses!

Yoga and Running

By Laura Richard

At first, yoga and running may not seem to have much in common; one consists of a variety of poses that take place on a mat as part of a personal practice, the other is a single repetitive motion across space often with some kind of competitive objective. And yet, for me, as an experienced ultra-marathoner they have become mutually constitutive. Actually, that’s not entirely true: While I can’t imagine logging consistent, injury-free miles without some kind of regular yoga, I CAN see myself in a flourishing yoga practice with no running at all.

Many runners “resort” to yoga as a physical solution to loosen chronically tight hips and hamstrings. And while overall muscular and joint flexibility bring enormous benefits for maintaining all-over mechanical health, for me, there are other arguably more valuable aspects of a regular yoga practice, especially for those who run on trails. Most obviously, the lunge asanas help develop the strength-to-weight power ratio crucial for hill climbing and descending. But almost as important, is core stability and balance: you need strong abdominals and spinal support for the full body moves and reflexes that technical single-track running demands—especially downhill. And this is developed not just through planks, but also in the many balance poses that recruit all of the smaller muscles and require your full, relaxed attention. After all, moving smoothly over rough, varied, and unpredictable terrain—and being able to catch yourself mid-fall after the inevitable trips and toe-grabs—is every bit essential to finishing a race as aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

And whether you are holding a bound Low Lunge or Dancer, or trying to get through a rough patch in a trail race, breath and focus are key. Cultivating awareness and control over our inhales and exhales can help to transcend physical discomfort and maintain positivity. Just as it seems counterintuitive to relax, breathe, and push up when we feel we are falling out of a pose, so too can lightness best serve our running. Even on the toughest stretches of trail, practicing landing gently, quietly, and quickly reduces the pounding and brings mental levity—it’s the running equivalent of how we want to live our lives on this earth: with as much spiritual joy and as little physical impact as possible.

With gratitude,


Photo Credit: Nate Dunn

*Laura Richard is a Mom, Professor, Runner, Yogi. She lives and plays in Marin California.