Yoga Injuries – WTF?

Meditation rocks

I have been lucky enough to practice yoga daily since we opened. The first 30 days of yoga were tough, my body hurt and I was constantly sore. The muscles and a little flexibility has slowly come back. A recent “doctors” visit confirmed my blood pressure is lower and I have dropped 16 pounds! All good news? No, some old injuries have showed up and even a couple of new ones.

It started with a sore lower back, evolved into a strained right rotator cuff in my shoulder and showed up as a strained left bicep. All of this in the pursuit of enlightenment, abs and a little inner peace??? YES! Was I trying to hard? Not being patient? Not being “mindful?” How could doing something that feels so right, be so wrong?

The sore lower back was easy. I started modifying my upward dog to be a baby cobra, then easing into upward dog as my body loosened up. I really focused on my hamstrings in forward fold and at the end of practice, I am careful to keep my shoulders firmly planted on my mat as I do twists creating a nice release in my lower back. Basically, I added a heavy dose of “mindfulness” to my practice, bringing awareness to the poses that could relieve the pressure in my lower back.

The right rotator cuff was a lot harder. I hurt it waving goodbye to somebody after class (if I don’t wave to you don’t be insulted)! The sharp pain scared me, partly because I could feel it shooting into my shoulder and partly because we do a lot of chaturangas and the high plank to low plank to upward dog requires strong shoulders. The first thing I did is rub some China Gel into it. Bringing awareness to an injury is the first critical step to starting the healing process. The China Gel and spritzes of BioFreeze provided temporary relief, but the pain was not going away.

I scheduled a massage with Bill here at the studio, followed by another 2 days later and another 3 days after that. It hurt like hell. Each massage focused solely on releasing the muscles running around my right shoulder and down my entire back to my upper right thigh. It took 2 weeks, but the pain is gone! My body needed more than just me being mindful in my practice, it need some expert attention and fascia release. Am I being more mindful, hell yeah!

True story, I have been nursing a sharp pain in my left bicep for over 6 weeks. Why? Because it only hurts when I transition from crow pose to chaturanga. The jump back results in a sharp pain and my arm collapses in an attempt to protect the bicep. I can flex the muscle and feel no pain, but if I dig in I can find a sore spot. Not “just” a sore spot, a really f%#king sore spot. I mentioned it to Bill in passing as I got ready for a nice long relaxing massage. Did I get that massage? Of course not. Bill found the spot and I could feel my bicep separating and rolling as he found where the muscle was locked up and released it. Shit. Did I mention that there was nothing relaxing at all about this massage?

Do injuries happen in yoga? Hell yeah, but injuries also happen coughing, walking down the street and watching tv. Our bodies are critical, they carry your brain around and empower you to make a difference in this world. The crunchy sound your knee makes, the aching in your back and the pain in your throwing arm…you don’t have to live with that! If your brakes were squeaking on your car would you keep driving until your car didn’t stop or would you take your car in and get it looked at? Sometimes it is simple stretching, other times it is a full on cleanse or a series of massages. Our bodies are self-healing and a little nudge in the right direction goes a long way.

It turns out that it is a lot easier to take care of other people than it is to take care of myself. Part of my growing edge is taking care of myself better. For me this is getting on my mat every day, reading the labels of the food I eat and drinking more water. I haven’t been practicing “rest” as prescribed by Bill, I have been practicing mindfulness and consistency. My daily yoga practice will heal my injuries as meditation will heal my mind. My commitment to the studio, my family and you – is to keep this body and mind in shape and running strong. Who and What are you committed to?

Flowers in October

Tough Mudder – Just Say Yes!

Two weeks ago Saturday, I ran the Tough Mudder.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a military type obstacle course about 10 miles long and set up in Tahoe at Northstar. It’s sponsored by the Wounded Warrior Project and its “something that I have always wanted to do.”  Yes, I did it.  The whole thing, every obstacle.  My regular yoga practice had my 43 year old body well prepared for the challenge.  Enough on that.  What was really amazing about that whole experience was something way bigger than the “feather in my hat.” 

I ran the Mudder with an acquaintance, Stephanie.  I have known Steph for years and have always thought how amazing she is.  A fellow RN, runner, amazing mom, fantastic wife and world traveler. She is the gal who decides to go to Vietnam and literally packs a back pack and goes.  I love that!  She was always one of those gals whom I have always said, “I would love to get to know her better.” 

From there the universe did its thing.  I put my intentions out and the response was a FB message one random day from Stephanie asking if I wanted to run the Mudder.  Of course I said “yes!!” Fast forward 4 months and Stephanie and I ran the Mudder.  A perfect combination.  We inspired each other, we cheered each other on, we laughed and we finished, cold, wet and dirty.  Stephanie is no longer my acquaintance she like a sister.  I know that she will always have my back and I hers.  I know what she’s made of and what she can handle and how.  What a gift.  What a blessing.

AYP, same thing. “Something I have always wanted to do”. Working on this project I am gifted regularly in some way shape or form.  It started with the gift of family togetherness as Sean, Skylar and I committed to do this.  From there it grew to include my extended family at MPY and then the local community and now moving into the international community. 

Most recently, I was introduced to two amazing women who wanted to donate their time to help with this project.  I met June and Cheri at Lincoln Park and while we drank wine we fired out ideas about upcoming events and what we can do to raise money for AYP.  While I was sitting there I knew, once again that I had made friends for life. Again, how blessed I am. 

Thank you Stephanie, June and Cheri and welcome to my life!  Thank you universe for giving me what I ask for!!!!

Sat Nam Yogis!


Jen Mudder

Meet The Artist – Tonya Leitz

Amongst the big changes at Marin Power Yoga, our first Art Show! We have up an incredible series from Tonya Leitz, a member of our yoga community, resident of San Anselmo, mother of 2 of our awesome yogi kids and an incredible artist!

We met Tonya here at the yoga studio, she has a great practice and can often be seen biking to the studio or to pick up her kids at Wade Thomas. Looking at Facebook one day we saw her art and immediately said, “Wow!” From richly layered backgrounds to vibrant colors and “pop like” people, Tonya’s paintings have an emotional edge that does not back down.

We have been “living” with the art for a week now and it continues to grow on us. The colors lit up the studio, reflecting the enthusiastic energy we have for our community and yoga practice. The details in the paintings slowly grow on you, whether it is the green in Johnny’s eyes or the angular arm of one of the Bitches. Tonya’s art is meant to be lived with, enjoyed and talked about!


We are selling Tonya’s art for the next 3 weeks, with 25% of the proceeds going to YES (our local arts and music organization supporting the elementary and middle schools here in Ross Valley. When you buy a piece you help foster the education of the next generation of artists and bring your walls to life! Paintings range from $100 to $1,200 and come in a variety of sizes. Stop by Marin Power Yoga and check out the amazing art from Tonya Leitz!



From Tonya

My name is Tonya Leitz. I’m originally from Boston but I’ve been living with my family in West Marin for the past three years. I use mostly acrylic paint, acrylic spray, charcoal and ink on canvas and board. My eye was formally trained at the New England School of Photography and the Art Institute of Boston but as long as I can remember, I’ve been an artist. This latest series is about my people. The people I know, the people I see, and the vibrant colors and energy that surround us.

Fascia – Stretching and Your Yoga Practice

Often times while practicing, one comes to places from which movement is restricted. Restriction precedes pain in the area and it’s surrounding tissue, which develops a sandy, crunchy texture. Stretching doesn’t seem to help or it may even make the situation worse. Over time, the area impacted increases and begins to go numb and both one’s practice and one’s life become less than enjoyable, depressing our mood and our desire to practice.

Such conditions are common in our bodies. Muscles, organs and bones are surrounded by and encased in a network of tissue known as “fascia.” In the most generalized and simplistic of terms the fascia can be thought of as an unbroken web of elastic tissue that protects the bodily tissues from crushing, hyperextension and tearing. This tissue has it’s own consciousness and decision-making process and it is often the cause for continuing muscle pain or joint tension, which remains and increases until the fascia decides (or is convinced) that to release is safe for the area and allows full movement again.

Over time, if unaddressed, the fascia accumulates adhesions of metabolic waste products such as lactic acid, uric acid and nitrogenous wastes. These wastes form the crunchiness of the muscles, and cause increasing tension as they accrue due to their sharp edges and acidic nature. That pain causes the body to tense further to compartmentalize the pain resulting in tenser musculature that stretching irritates (by causing the wastes to abrade the muscle tissues and burn them) creating a negative feedback loop that wears down the body and depletes one of the energy that your yoga practice provides!

How can you change this? A deep tissue massage will clear energy pathways, empowering your body to heal and recover faster. Massage is often treated as a luxury, an indulgence and a special treat. Massage is critical for maintaining the balance in your body, reducing your chance of injury and recovering from past injuries. Simply put, you don’t have to live in pain, schedule a massage with me today!

The entire universe conspired to help me find you

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” Paulo Coelho

Recognizing where you are and seeing the connection to your entire life is a significant part of being happy. Too many people drift thru life looking for happiness in a hundred different places, when it is already there. Whether it is a person, an animal or even Marin Power Yoga, it is time to stop treating this moment like it is an accident. We are all here together, for this brief moment in time. You can keep searching or you can indulge in this experience and dive deep.

Your yoga practice is moving, growing and expanding. Just when you start to feel comfortable, like you are handling this beast, you will discover a new pose or sequence that will really land in your body. We are building muscle and increasing our flexibility each time we practice. You are preparing for the unknown, the inevitable and this moment right now. It takes a lot of preparation to deliver to your expectations. Get on your mat and make sure you are ready. We are here for you!

Paulo Coelho Quote Love

Loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Lao Tzu

As long as I can remember I have known that “Love Is The Answer.” This simple answer is only relevant to the question it is answering. If you are looking for love, start with the mirror. Loving the person in the mirror will give you the strength to grow and travel on your path. Loving yourself deeply will give you the courage to love someone else, spreading both strength and courage.

However this quote shows up for you, let it into your life. Look at your personal relationships and acknowledge what is working and what needs work. Sharing Love in your Life, creates Strength and Courage. Be a Creator!

Lao Tzu Quote Love Deeply

Ask all from yourself – Rumi

“Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” Rumi – This is a simple statement that plays out in our lives regularly. It comes in the form of the word “no” and negative phrasing. “I can’t do a headstand.” “I am overwhelmed with work and can’t do that.” “I do not have time to practice 5 x a week.”

What if you already know everything? What if you really can do anything you set your heart to? What if we define failure as not trying? How we define success is often the most important step in any project we take on. It is the way we evaluate and how we know when we are “done.” What I am really proposing, is that we define success as the level of commitment we make. Did I commit my energy fully to that or did I attempt to do that with one foot on land safe and dry?

Your commitment to your family, job, life, yoga practice and community is what creates success. It starts with you, today – now. Ask more of yourself than anybody else…then shine with all of the knowledge and experience within and share your talents with the world!

Rumi Quote Ask All From Yourself

Reggae Yoga Jam at Marin Power Yoga!

yes foundation party - Reggae Yoga Jam


Register on Facebook here:

Friday September 27, 2013 – World Premier & Trunk Show of the latest yoga clothing and casual wear from Athleta – Meet the Designers, see the hottest new clothing and shop! Nancy and her team live in San Anselmo, have kids at Wade Thomas and practice at Marin Power Yoga!! 10% of proceeds will be donated to YES!

Art show from Tonya Leitz! Tonya is an incredible artist and mother of 2 kids at Wade Thomas, 25% of each sale will be donated to YES!

Yoga Jam from 6-7pm – Co-Taught by Sean Silvera & Jennifer Silvera – Move It & Groove it with Skankin’ Beats and Deep Bass Lines – It is time to get IRIE!!!
Reception from 7-9pm. Wine! Delicious Snacks provided by Marin Coffee Roasters!
This is a donation based event!!!
Dress Up to Get Down!

Are you getting the idea that this is a family affair? We are coming together to celebrate the arts, education and technology!

One Night. One Practice. One Love!!!

What Are You Ready To Learn?

“We learn through experience and experiencing, and no one teaches us anything. If the environment permits it, anyone can learn whatever he chooses to learn; and if the individual permits it, the environment will teach him everything it has to teach.” Viola Spolin

This has been a re-occurring thought for me recently. We learn by experience. It is something Eric and I have always done and Marin Power Yoga is a GREAT example of how we learn. We are small enough to develop new good habits and nimble enough to shed the habits that do not serve the community. Every day, the studio and the community open our minds and fill it with knowledge. Whether it is how to run the business, improve the schedule or clean the bathroom – we approach each task with arms wide open to embrace the opportunity.

Why am I sharing this with you? It is my wish for you and your yoga practice. We are creating a space for you to explore yoga. Whether you come for the physical “workout” or for the mental “space” or for the company…just show up. Walk thru the door and learn by experience. Deepen your relationship with your body and you will experience stronger connections with every person you are with – from your family to co-workers to friends.

I spend a lot of time at the studio. Why? Because I have a lot to learn. Every day I am experiencing this with you. I am on my mat, practicing what we preach. Doing the work. Growing. What do you have to do? Just show up. 

Picture Quote

First Steps

Don't Tell me the Sky's the limitI have come to the conclusion that I think too much.  So much so that it often debilitates me.  In fact as I am sitting down to write this blog, I said to Sean “I need a process.” He laughed because he knows how I am.  I often have fantastic ideas but never get around to starting them or even worse, I start and don’t finish.  There I said it.  When this was brought to my attention recently I retaliated with a horrible statement that I won’t even write.  That’s because what we resist persists.

One of the things I have often talked about wanting to do, is to go to Africa with the AYP.  When I mentioned this a couple of years ago, my fantastic husband in his very militant forthright fashion replied  “make it happen.”  Fast forward to now.  With the opening of Marin Power Yoga and the presence of  such amazing people in my life, I am making it happen.   Yes, I need support.  But that’s okay because that is why we have community.  We are doing this together.  When I stood in the room teaching the AYP jam, for a moment it felt surreal.  I am making it happen!  We are making it happen!
Again, this is only the beginning, there is much more that needs to be done.  However, instead  of perceiving it as work, I am choosing to call it fun.  Something that I want to do.  A choice.  An opportunity to create community while we work together to make the world a better place.  I can’t even  begin to think of something that would rather do.
We have created an initial goal of raising $10,000 to support Africa Yoga Project! There are a few easy ways you can help me! Stop in to MPY and buy a Sweatshirt or a T-Shirt! The sweatshirts are $45 and the T’s are $30…the proceeds are donated to AYP!!! Check out the bracelets at the front desk, they are awesome and the proceeds are donated to AYP! If you wish to donate online here is the link:
Thank you all for helping make this happen!
Meditating Buddah

Why Kids? Why Yoga? Why Now?

As we do a gut check here at MPY, we are going back to Basics. More People Doing More Yoga. This is what drives us every single day. We have seen the positive results in our bodies and minds from doing yoga and we are committed to creating that opportunity within our local community.

Kids Yoga at Marin Power YogaKids are the most interesting members of our community and the most under served. They get what we are up to on a most basic level, we are having fun. Kids come into the studio and pop up into handstand or more like flop around trying to do handstand!!! They bring a playfulness to the practice that we should all emulate. They experiment and explore. Most importantly, they connect to their bodies and find moments of peace in meditation. We want to give them tools to grow with, beyond a methodology for change.

The strengthening and lengthening of their muscles will reduce injuries in the sports they play and give them fine muscle control that will improve performance. As their practice develops their confidence will grow along with their connection to our community. When life challenges them, we want them to have the physical and mental skills to rise to the occasion. Most of all, we want them to have fun and teach the adults how to have fun again.

Kids yoga may be the most important program we launch at Marin Power Yoga. Kids Yoga starts this week with 2 classes a week from 4:30-5:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursday for K-5th Grade. Kids can get unlimited monthly memberships for $50/month. Get your kid in the studio and watch them blossom!!!

Africa Yoga Jam – Create!

Africa Yoga Project Jam

This Friday, August 30th from 6-9 pm we are celebrating the end of our 30 Day Yoga Challenge with a Donation Based fundraising class for the Africa Yoga Project! This is what you need to know:

Theme: This is an 80s Jam! Bring out the leg warmers and tease your hair BIG!  We have an 80s playlist ready to rock!

Shop: Lululemon is hosting a Trunk Show! Stock up on some new yoga clothing and a portion of proceeds will benefit the Africa Yoga Project!!! They will be in our New Space from 5-9pm!

Practice: Fast Paced Up Tempo Yoga Jam! From 6-7pm we are practicing for Africa Yoga Project!

Celebrate: We are getting a keg of delicious Lagunitas beer, light snacks & YOU! Drink and be merry with us from 7-9 pm.

Help: Write Checks, Stuff Cash in a Box, Bring Spare Change and Hit the Credit Card. We are coming together and extending the reach of our community to Africa.

The Light In Me Sees The Light In You. Namaste!

Number Facts:

  • 350 Free outreach yoga classes a week!
  • Reach over 6000 people a week through yoga!
  • Employ over 72 yoga teachers in Kenya. Their salary allows them to take care of themselves and 6 to 8 family members.
  •  210 yoga teachers trained through Africa Yoga Project teacher trainings giving them the opportunity to find employment by teaching yoga!

Check out these videos below to see more about AYP:

And this one:



Changes at Marin Power Yoga

Change Comes From Within.

This simple statement is the truth, for you, me and Marin Power Yoga. Here is a list of the changes happening within Marin Power Yoga:

  1. Mandi Bateman is no longer teaching at MPY. We wish her the best in her future endeavors and appreciate her time with us at the studio.
  2. Yoga Jam fundraiser for the Africa Yoga Project is on Friday August 30th from 6-7 pm with a reception afterwards! Join us for this 80s themed event co-taught by Jennifer and Sean Silvera! Get your spandex and bring on the BIG HAIR!
  3. We are expanding next door September 1st! We will have a smaller studio upstairs with kid’s classes and personal training as well as small group interval training, massage room downstairs and retail!
  4. We have a Special Labor Day Weekend Schedule – a few Classes are canceled. Sunday September 1st the 4:30 Basics class is cancelled, and Monday September 2nd we are only teaching one class at 9:00 am. Happy Labor Day!!!
  5. We are starting a massage room with Shel and Bill – They are AMAZING! From Deep Tissue to Swedish, they will work out the knots and bring your body to complete relaxation. Members always get a discount – pricing is $75 for an hour and $115 for an hour and half! Non-Member pricing is $85/125.
  6. Kids classes for children from kindergarten to 5th grade are starting September 10th in the “Tree House.” Classes will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-5:30 pm! Starting September 1st Kids 12 and under are $50 a month for unlimited yoga!
  7. Wendy Rodgers will be doing Personal Training and Interval Training starting in September. Wendy was a Tri-Athlete who will take you to your competitive edge safely! Member Pricing is $75 for an hour and Non-Member pricing is $85. We are still figuring out how the small group training will work!
  8. New Vinyasa Flow classes are going on the schedule from 4:30-5:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursdays. If you want them on more days, tell us!!!
  9. Thursday September 12th from 7:30-8:30 pm – Special Donation Based class to fight Leukemia! Hosted by Ashley and David Pilon!
  10. Sunday’s 4:30-5:30 is now a Power Yoga Basics Class! Alex will be breaking down poses and the class will be slower with more detail. This is a great way to improve your understanding of the poses and really land them in your body!
  11. Look for Carly Columbres on the schedule! She is a Baptiste trained teacher who has completed Level 1, 2 and 3!
  12. Look for Libby Murphy on the schedule! She is one of our Cleveland Yoga friends who normally teaches in San Francisco at Aha and The Pad!
  13. Intermediate Classes and Yin are on the way!



The Last Day of The Cleanse – Going Out In Style!

The cleanse has been an amazing experience! From discovering new foods to eat, making new recipes, experimenting with different ways of cooking foods to reading labels more carefully and being conscious of what we are eating. It has been great to hear what people are eating – from nuts and dried fruit as a snack, to smoothie recipes and tips on the best way to make popcorn healthy.

Before the cleanse started, my neighbor, friend and member of the community Robyn (who was a registered dietician) – asked me why we were doing the cleanse. The answer seemed obvious, reset the body and get ready for the Fall. I am sure there are health benefits to cutting sugar, alcohol, caffeine, animal products and gluten out of our diet for 7 days. Is this the biggest benefit? No. Almost everybody has one thing on the cleanse they feel is impossible to drop from their daily diet. The reminder that we can accomplish anything we want is strong and present in my life right now. This is easy to forget between the to do list and distant memories of past failures.

As we finish the last day of the cleanse, I am grateful for the community here in San Anselmo. The people who are playing with us on and off the mat. I love that we can challenge ourselves and remember that we are not defined by the past, but rather the journey we are choosing to be on is what defines us. Whether you had an “accidental” beer or piece of sushi, what we all walk away from this week is the possibility of mindfulness and choice. Plant this seed today, January 2014 – 40 Day Yoga Challenge with a 21 Day Cleanse. YES!

Flower Exotic LifeLive An Exotic Life!


Microwave Popcorn on the Cleanse – Hell Yeah!

Mari C. told me she has been making Popcorn in her microwave during the cleanse. What??? Microwave popcorn has to be wrong in so many ways. Not only is it cleanse friendly, it is the mix of healthy salty crunch I have been craving!

Following Mari’s directions, I put some regular popcorn kernels on a brown lunch bag, folded the top 3 times, sealing it with my nail so it was super tight and put in my microwave for 3 minutes. I stopped it with 7 seconds to go, dumped it in a bowl and put on some Himalayan Pink Salt.

The result was delicious! A great modification might be to drizzle coconut oil or even just cook it in coconut oil!!!




Green juice

Green juice recipe:

I don’t really measure anything out, I just grab handfuls, pinches and splashes!

Here it is:

A handful of Kale
A handful of fresh spinich
Half a cucumber
A big pinch of fresh parsley
Half a lime peel and all
Small box or bottle of coconut water

Vitamix it all up and guzzle!


Day 3 of the Cleanse – Juice and EAT!

Ganesh is Fresh Red Juice


Amy picked me up this delicious fresh juice from Whole Foods in San Rafael. It is a #2 and it is Red as Red gets. It is not too sweet, light and refreshing! I can definitely taste hints of celery…this juice went down quickly!

Day 3 of the Cleanse is about enjoying the habits and patterns that are developing. Most of the caffeine withdrawal should be over and your body should be done with the initial shock. We are drinking lots of water (peeing a lot) and trying new recipes. Last night’s dinner of Brown Rice and Black Beans over raw spinach (the spinach gets lightly steamed by the hot rice) was easy to make, light on the wallet and provided leftovers for today! It takes more planning and is strangely stressful, but being mindful of what we are eating this week is forcing me to look at labels and ingredients again. This is a great habit!!!

What’s next??? Practice Practice Practice! Get on your yoga mat and notice any differences. Are you sweating faster? Do you feel light headed. Now is the time to sweat out the old and cleanse in the new!!! You will get stronger and stronger each day, all you have to do is show up.

Allison Black’s Daily Juice (Cleanse Survival Tool)!

Beet Juice - Cleanse Standard!

Allison Black has been known to make some juice! In fact she is drinking the juice below for 21 days straight!

Allison Black’s Daily Juice

1 lemon

1 apple

1 raw beet

2 stalks celery

3 carrots

1/2 bunch cilantro

Dandelion (if I have it handy)

Juice it and drink it!!!

Yum yum.

*Protip: We are loving our juice cold!!! You can fill up a glass jar and chill it for later!

Glass Jar of Juice

Green Juice – Make Your Own!

Wendy R kicked off the cleanse with this great sounding recipe below:

Green Juice

Ingredients (1 serving/2 cups)

1 cup almond milk
1 ripe banana peeled + frozen
2 handfuls organic spinach or kale
1 tbsp chia seeds OR 1 tbsp ground flax
1 tbsp nut butter
1-3 Ice Cubes

Blend it until you get the consistency you want!!!

3 Tips for the first day of the 7 Day Cleanse!

We are starting our 7 Day Cleanse TODAY! Juice is one of the best ways to add refreshing energy into your day during the cleanse. From Smoothies to Green Juice your body will appreciate the calories and the flavor. If you don’t have time to make your juice at home or just want to try something new, here are 3 places you can get delicious fresh juice!

  1. The Good Earth – They have fresh juice in grab and go glass jars or if you have a few minutes get the freshest juice possible at the juice bar! This isn’t cheap but you know your fruits and veggies will be GMO free and the flavors will be strong!
  2. Whole Foods – Whether it is kombucha, coconut water or fresh juice, the whole foods in San Rafael is a great place to recharge with liquids. They make excellent smoothies and you can pick up plenty of fruits and veggies while you are there!
  3. Urban Remedy – Located next to the Wooden Duck as you come from San Rafael to San Anselmo, there juices are made the same day and they have a nice selection of juices to pick from. This is a great place to stock up on a few juices so you have goto emergency juice in your fridge!

This cleanse and your daily yoga practice will light up your body! Drink lots of water and indulge in fresh juice!!!

Thomas Edison Quote

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas Edison

Thrilled To Be Practicing Yoga In San Anselmo – Celebrating 3 Months

We opened 3 months ago in San Anselmo, across the street from Haney Orthodontics and next door to Rock Flower Paper. We are thrilled to be here in town! We have seen our Members getting stronger, increasing flexibility and in general elevating our lives with their presence!!! Make no mistake, we love being here and want to share the joy of practicing yoga with you!

If you have not been in, come check us out! Your first class is on us!!! We want you doing yoga 5-7 times a week, why? Because the more you practice, the happier you will be. It really is that simple. Practice 3 times a week and you will maintain your life as it is now. Practice 5 times a week and you will slowly roll back the clock on your life. You will physically feel better, your brain will give you a break and your joints and muscles will loosen. I can not promise you a fountain of youth, but I can promise you a better quality of life.

Marin Power Yoga in San Anselmo

You Are Magnificent.


There is no mirror that will tell you the truth. Next time you look in the mirror, acknowledge the “little” things you do every day, smile at yourself and repeat out loud “You Are Magnificent.” This is the truth. Get out of your own way and shine. Be the magnificent person you are. It starts with your yoga practice. Show up, roll out your mat and take child’s pose. The rest will be magic.
You Are MagnificentDiscover your magnificence at Marin Power Yoga in San Anselmo, California. We are locate at 135 Tunstead Avenue, across the street from the library and Haney Orthodontics.


Meditation Workshop Sunday in San Anselmo

Take Me To A Higher Ground! – Meditation Workshop this Sunday August 11th from 9:30 to 11am (yes, the flyer says 11:30 but it will end at 11). You will obtain simple and effective techniques to support a daily meditation practice and participate in a guided meditation with Laura. If you are in our 30 day yoga challenge, this definitely counts as your yoga practice for the day!!! Bring an open mind and leave feeling relaxed and renewed.

Meditation Workshop in San AnselmoMarin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead Avenue, across from the library in San Anselmo. This workshop is complimentary with your membership!!!

There are no bad dogs, just bad owners

Every so often, I play a Deepak Chopra recording in my class that in short says, give to others what you want to receive.  If you want love, give love.  If you want happiness give happiness.  You get the point.  The thing that Dr. Chopra leaves out, is that if you’re an ass people will be an ass to you!

A recent trip to the Department of motor vehicles solidified this theory for me.  The DMV had made an error in registering an off highway vehicle of mine and after two visits to them they finally told me I would need to trailer the vehicle in so that they could verify it.   Admittedly, I had already written a story in my head how this was not going to work out and the end to this DMV nightmare would never come.

As I pulled into the verification slot, the lady in the vehicle ahead of me was pacing and told me she had been waiting for one of these “idiots” for 30 mins and no one had helped her.  I decided I should wait on line inside and see if I could talk to someone to make sure I don’t need additional paperwork that I didn’t know about.  There wasn’t a smile in the building, but I tried my hardest to single handedly bring the mood  out of the “hum drum” with being as nice as possible to everyone I came into contact with.  I heard arguments, heavy sighs and there was even one woman that was on the edge of tears.  It really looked more like a psych ward then the dmv.  Every single person I saw was pissed off, and brought that to the counter with them when it was their turn.  That anger was met mostly with negativity and a lack of wanting to accomplish anything by the clerks.  A total, “I don’t give a buck” attitude.

If we took a moment and thought about how when people treat their new puppies poorly it always equals a really bad dog.  And if for a minute we use that same rationale with DMV clerks we might be able to figure out why they are the way they are.  Anger in,  anger out.  We are all products of our environment.  That’s why Deepak’s theory works.  The DMV environment is filled with lots of angry pissed off people and one could argue the chicken or the egg question but, it is what it is and maybe we’re a little bit responsible for it.

After my morning long wait, an employee came out and barked at me saying, he couldn’t help me today because the vehicle needed to be on the ground and not in the back of my truck for him to read the serial numbers that where now at eye level.   I would have to come back another day with ramps to remove the vehicle so that he could verify it. I tried my hardest to look into his eyes and say, “thank you I’ll come back”, but he refused to make eye contact with me.  He reminded me of a beaten angry dog.   I’m going to bring him back a chew toy tomorrow and a whole bunch of new tennis balls.

Yoga Alignment Workshop Saturday in San Anselmo

Align to the Divine – an Alignment Workshop with Jennifer and Sean Silvera! Get into the details of poses, ask questions, get to where the poses feel and look great. Free for Members and participants in our 30 Day Yoga Challenge! Saturday August 3rd from 1:30 – 3:30.
Sign up here:

yoga alignment workshop in San Anselmo

Marin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead Avenue in San Anselmo California 94960.

Marin Power Yoga 30 Day Challenge Starts in August!

Marin Power Yoga 30 Day Challenge!
Are you ready to get stronger, more flexible and even lose a little baby fat in August? Take the Marin Power Yoga 30 Day Challenge!!! Starting August 1st!!! This program is free with your membership! We will be doing 30 yoga classes in 30 days, 4 amazing workshops and a cleanse. Sign up online and end the summer looking and feeling great!
August 3rdAlign To The Divine – Alignment Workshop –  Get the alignment for the poses we do EVERY single class into your body. For the first hour and a half we will dig into the nuances of how your body moves in and out of poses, this is a great opportunity to dive into your practice and land the alignment in your body. This workshop will be taught by Jennifer and Sean Silvera!!!
August 10thTake Me To a Higher Ground –  Meditation Workshop – We will start by teaching core meditation techniques you can take with you into your life and end with a guided meditation. Be prepared to elevate! This workshop will be taught by Laura Noss Stuphen!
August 17thIt Ain’t Easy Being Green – Nutrition Workshop – Discuss incorporating more greens into your life as we embark on a 7 Day Green and Fruit Cleanse! Clean out that Blender, you are going to need it!
August 24thFloat Like a Butterfly – Arm Balancing Workshop –  This workshop will put all of the strength you have built up in the 30 Day Challenge to work! Whether it is Side Crow or 8 Limbed Sage, Come Prepared to land a new pose in your practice!
August 30th – Celebrate with us the completion with a Special Yoga JamsFundraiser for The Africa Yoga ProjectFriday Night Jams! 7:3–9:00 PM – This is a donation based class that will light up your weekend and your life!

*All workshops are from 1:30-3:30 on Saturdays. They are complimentary to participants in the 30 Day Challenge or $30 if you are not in the Challenge. The Challenge itself is free, the Yoga you pay for with your membership!
Marin Power Yoga 30 Day ChallenegeThis program is hosted by Marin Power Yoga in San Anselmo California. We are located at 135 Tunstead Avenue across the street from the Library!

Right here, right now!

beer art

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past year.  Lots of change with family, work and personal relationships.  Those are all things that happen outside the body though right?  The things that everyone sees and most of the people around you notice if they are paying attention.  The biggest thing that happened to me this year happened inside my body, my mind and my soul.  When friends noticed it they would ask a few darting questions and look at me like I lost my hair to chemotherapy. 

This year I said good bye to a very close old friend.  There was no argument, no big occurrence, and no sentinel event.  No group therapy or finger pointing.  No agreement was made to visit each other from time to time or anything like that, it was just a simple break, and after a year, this is the only sort of recognition I’ve really given to the whole thing.  Kind of heartless on my behalf I guess. 

I have always consumed more than my fair share of alcohol and I do admit that I have been a bit too far down the rabbit hole on more than…… well let’s just say on occasion.   I always justified my drinking with being Irish or the fact that I spent a number of years as a brewer for a commercial microbrewery.  I loved the craft of making beer.  I loved everything about it. I can recognizing varieties of malts, hops and sometimes even yeast strains by just a smell and a sip.   I explain the whole thing as having a love affair with beer and a sexy threesome with alcohol.

All was going well.  But as I deepened into my Yoga practice, being out of my body and “buzzed” felt less and less right for me.  I was preaching the necessity of “presence” and being, “right here, right now” in my 6:30 pm class, only to go home to send my mind off to “never never land” by downing a few pints of my favorite high octane IPA.  So for me it was time to make a change and figure it all out to see if things started to feel right. 

Things did start to feel right.  I began to feel more authentic, not only in my teaching but in my practice on and off the mat.  More of “me” has come out in the last year than ever before.  The parts of me that where having such a good time recognizing hop varieties, weren’t recognizing much of anything else, and there is so much more.  Unfortunately for me, my body chemistry is not built to be able to do both, so I did need to make a choice.   The people who know me best, have recognized that I’m not as animated, rambunctious or “crazy” as I once was.  That’s ok.  That wasn’t always me. It was a mask I wore to make you like me because I was afraid you wouldn’t, and the booze helped me keep that mask on tight.

So I guess maybe I developed an allergy to the stuff.  Most people don’t, but I did.  Looking back now for the first time and reflecting on what I found was really unexpected.  First was some depression over the loss of an identity that I had, related to drinking.  Next was the realization that things just where not as bright, fun or colorful.  Booze made my highs higher but rarely my lows lower.  A deeper look helped me realize that I was drinking to squelch or numb everything from very dark memories of things I can’t always keep out of my mind, to the stress of running a business.  The problem with that, is that you can’t numb the bad things without numbing all the beautiful things too, and I really want to feel it all.  The pains of making a wrong decision to the joy of holding my wife and daughter in my arms.  That is what living authentically really means to me.  Feeling it all, and expressing that in my teaching and in my life.   From here on out I’ll look forward to finding my “buzz” in this beautiful life itself.  For me, that is “Being Right here, Right now”.

Sean Silvera

Hello How are you? Great Thank You and You?

“Hello, How are you?” This common place greeting is often ignored or simply smiled at. As if the question has an implied answer of, “Great and you?” When you greet people or are greeted this way, are you listening for a response? Do you even want a response? Do you give a real response or an automatic reply?

How we greet people and even simply walk down the street is an indicator of where we are in our lives. Are you keeping your head up and connecting with people? Are you open to seeing people and acknowledging their existence? Some days, we get out on the trails and hike or bike by ourselves, other days we go with a friend and catch up, clear thru what is going on in our lives.

Part of what I love about Marin and San Anselmo specifically is the possibility of connection I see every where I go. We live, work and play in a friendly community where people gather regularly and where you will see your neighbors and friends in the local restaurants such as Comforts or Cucina or a coffee shop like Marin Roasters or out for a drink at Marinitas, Lincoln Park, La Loggia or even Pizzalina. Do you duck your head and pretend you are not there? No, we keep our heads up, make eye contact and acknowledge people. We create the neighborhood and energy around us every where we go.

Whether you are in your car, on your bike or simply walking – make this week an experiment. Smile at people, say hello and be the positive force you want to experience. If you see me, stop and tell me how you are doing!
I left my heart in san franciscoIf you have “left your heart in San Francisco,” come find it in San Anselmo.


Yoga 101 – Free Beginners Workshop Saturday July 6th 2013 in San Anselmo

Beginners Yoga Workshop – Ignite Your Practice!
Taught by Sean Silvera and Jamie Ginsberg
Saturday July 6, 2013 1:30-3:30pm
Cost: Free!

This workshop will cover basic poses in our vinyasa yoga practice, from High Plank to Warrior 1 to Chair Pose to Up Dog. We will break down the poses, focus in on alignment and answer your questions! Diving deeper into a few core poses we will reduce your risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of your yoga practice!
*We will do a short Vinyasa Flow, mixed Asana and Discussion.

Basic Yoga Workshop San Anselmo CaliforniaMarin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead Ave. in San Anselmo California 94960. San Anselmo is located near Kentfield, Ross, San Rafael and Fairfax in the heart of Marin County..