Gentle Yoga – Starting Slow

Gentle Yoga is the way to restart your yoga practice or find a slow way into yoga. We take out the chaturanga, hold the poses longer, offer a modification down to make the pose more accessible and limit the temperature to 80 degrees (maybe a perfect day in Marin).

Check the schedule for all of your options!

M-W-F 10:45am

T-Th 7:30am

W 7:15pm

Saturday 11am

Start now, you can do this!!!

New Boxing Gloves at The Shop!

We’ve got new and improved globes for a stronger and faster you! These gloves have more padding and we switched the padding to be gel padding for increased protection for your knuckles. These gloves are 14 oz and designed to maximize the effectiveness of your workout! $60 and available at the shop today!

TheShop is located at 611 San Anselmo Ave next to Tam Realty and BookSmith and across the street from Dogville.

Bring The Love

I don’t send out enough MPY email…below is the most recent email.
We have so much happening between Teacher Training (info on  front page of website, starts in January) to Annual Memberships (talk with Nance or email to Amazing Clothes at TheShop to New Teachers at MPY like Jen, Marianne and Megan (see the gorgeous rainbow picture above or click display images so you can). Really, we need to talk about Love.

What? Seriously. Walking thru Town, you will see Change Is Happening. Shops are closing, Cucina is opening a Bar, the new restaurant buildout is evolving, Creekside has over 30 beers rotating on tap and in general the shops are beautifully decorated and stocked for the holidays. All of that is just news. What is real? Love.

I turned 46 this week. I understand this is great, I defied the odds once again and am still here doing the best I can. I see all of the creases, gray hair and soft spots even as my eyes struggle to see things I used to see clearly. This year has been tougher and filled with slow recovery from injuries. I am walking slower and watching carefully where I step, experience is a great teacher. Love is a better teacher.

What can I do better than ever before? Love. I start with myself, from basic manscaping to eating well and hydrating. The Love with which we treat ourselves is the foundation of what we can give to others. This takes time and attention we all deserve and is strangely harder than loving others. When we see the order of operations on a plane telling us to give ourselves oxygen before the kids, I always have to think thru this logic and remember, when we take care of ourselves we have the ability to take care of others. Right?

We have exciting changes coming in 2019 and we have a few weeks of partying and working out and yoga to finish off the year. Drive Sober and Drive Slower. Be kind to your neighbor, your relatives, your friends and family. Treat them all with Love. Treat yourself with Love. Bring The Love. Also, Bring The Chocolate. See you at The Studio or TheShop soon.
Peace and Love,

Rilke Quote "The Purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things."

“The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things.” Rilke

Power Yoga for Lunch

Power Yoga for lunch! Wendy teaching on Monday. Our noon Power Yoga classes are heated to 80 degrees, this makes them our “coolest” yoga class on the schedule! Normally our Power Yoga classes are 88 degrees, except for noon and Sunday at 6pm, those are 80 degrees.


Saturday Morning! Araceli Santos Bieber teaching Power Yoga with Nance Leombruno and Marianne Mullen assisting and Gavin Bieber DJing!

I am at TheShop today if you want to come in and discuss an Annual Membership for 2019, Yoga Teacher Training, Fitness Clothing or who had the best burger in Marin or even Mueller’s indictment strategy. Other topics are possible, that’s what I am thinking about.

Friday Night Fundraiser Dance!

If you are ready to SWEAT, DANCE, and have a GREAT Friday night…We are hosting a fundraiser for YES! Stop Drop and Dance with Grace Yu !!! You MUST get tickets thru the YES website. Your money supports kids getting an arts education!!! We are bringing the glow in the dark bracelets and turning on the black lights!!! Come Dancing with your friends!!!

Friday December 7, 2018 from 5:45-7pm!

Get tickets here:

About last weekend

That moment when you remember you were a weekend warrior (2). Gabe playing live with Wendy teaching Power Yoga on Sunday!

Weekends are all about you (and your family and friends), make space for your mental and physical strength. Sunday Service!

Cute Shirts

We have cute shirts at the shop from Spiritual Gangster! The Shop is located at 612 San Anselmo Avenue, next to Tam Realty and Whyte’s BookSmith.

Whether you want a top to practice in or a cute sport bra to run in, we are open 7 days a week until we close Xmas eve!!!

TRX – Find Your Strength!

TRX is the fastest way to Find Your Strength! It is the same alignment as Yoga without all the stretching! Build your strength, create new positive habits. Twice a week is great, 3x a week is enough! Mix in Yoga or TKO or ride a bike or run or dance to balance out your growth!

Nance is teaching TRX on Sunday morning below!

The 8am Push

Saturday morning at 8am is a GREAT time to be awake! Alonna teaching in the Fitness room and Araceli’s teaching Power Yoga with Nance assisting and Gavin Hardkiss DJing! Join us today, join us in Town tonight at TheShop we will be open until 7pm for the XMas Tree lighting (starts at 5pm)!

Saturday Rainbows

Good Morning San Anselmo! Looking down the avenue towards Marin Power Yoga TheShop saw a massive rainbow, hinting at a double rainbow this morning. It is a beautiful morning, keep your head up and see the magic around you!!! We are open all day at TheShop with a pop-up from 3-7pm tonight! Come by before or after the Xmas tree lighting!

TheShop is located at 611 San Anselmo Avenue, just 2 blocks from the studio, with a great selection of yoga pants and sports bras from lululemon, ALO, Beyond Yoga, Hyde Yoga, Teeki, Noli, Electric and Rose, Liquido and GoldSheep!

Saturday Pop-Up Shop

We are staying open late Saturday. Amy Ginsberg will be at TheShop from 3-7pm with Kate Cecilie Haarvei Spillane – Jewelry Trunk Show! Find presents for your family and friends, maybe a pair of leggings or top for yourself!!! The XMas tree lighting is happening downtown, most of the shops and restaurants will be open! Enjoy your town!!!

The Shop is located at 611 San Anselmo Avenue, San Anselmo Ca 94960

Fall down 9 times get up 10

People, we all fall down. It is the getting back up that defines who you are and what you become.

The wind knocked over the Xmas tree last night, that doesn’t mean Christmas is over or the tree lighting will not happen on December 1st from 5-6:30pm. It means it will be different, we will have to care more, lift the tree back up and fix the branches and add some lights and bring the magic back to the holidays. Pick your self up, let’s do this!

The shop has lululemon mats

If you are ready for a new yoga mat, come check out the colors we have at TheShop! Most of the mats are $78, some are $68. All of the lulu mats are reversible and you will not slip on them!

Pro Tip: use a permanent marker (sharpie) to make your mat distinctive and easily recognizable. Whether it is your name or a pattern or your family symbol or your phone number, make it easy for your mat to find you when it is lost!

Fundraiser for Yes – Let’s Dance!

We are hosting a fundraiser for YES! Come Dance with us!!! You MUST get tickets thru the attached link. Your money supports kids getting an arts education!!! We are bringing the glow in the dark bracelets and turning on the black lights!!! Come Dancing with your friends!!! Friday December 7, 2018 from 5:45-7pm!

Kids Yoga Club – Weekends in Marin!

Kids Yoga at Marin Power Yoga in San Anselmo! We learn the basics from yoga poses to meditation to chanting and mudras! Our kids get stronger, learn new tools and have fun!!!

We have class on Saturday and Sunday morning from 9:30-10:45am (Thursday is 4:30-5:30pm). There are adult classes at the same time for you!

Pro-Tip: Show up 5 minutes early so your kids can get settled in for class.

Sunday is a Great Day to Start Again

Sunday Morning at Marin Power Yoga! Amy Ginsberg teaching power yoga and Alonna Cox teaching TRX!!!

We have classes starting at 8am! We take a break in the afternoon and finish the day with a Yin class at 4:30pm and a Power Yoga class at 6pm on Sunday night!!! Check the schedule, sign up in advance for class!

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday! We will have Araceli Santos Bieber at the shop on Saturday from 4-7pm reading cards and we are hosting a Pop-Up with Wakan Regalia! Come socialize, shop the avenue, see your friends and neighbors and enjoy our amazingly cute town!

Thanks are for Giving!

Thank You. This has been a strangely difficult year to feel this. From resentment to bitterness to anger to sadness, the human experience has been very real this year. Today, I am feeling gratitude for health and happiness personally, for my family and our community. I know that each day is uniquely amazing and I do not take them for granted.

Thank you to Gabe for showing up this morning, to all of our Members and Guests who have taken class thru the year…and our Teachers and Staff who show up for their classes and constantly work on improving their skills and sharing their knowledge and growth with us. Keep your heads up people and your hearts open, your ability to forgive and your capacity to love is greater than ever before, let’s make the end of this year spectacular!

Thanks Giving

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you celebrate the holiday in any way possible for you! We appreciate you and send you our positive energy! Jennifer Noryko teaching BootCamp this morning! we are closed for the rest of the day and open Friday with a limited schedule, sign up in advance for classes!

Thanksgiving Morning!

Thanksgiving morning Power Yoga at 8am with Jamie teaching and Gabe playing live music! We have a limited morning Friday and a regular schedule this weekend. Check the schedule and sign up for classes in advance. If a class is cancelled it will be grated out on the schedule.