Closed Saturday due to Air Quality in Marin

People we are closed today (Saturday) until the air quality is just “unhealthy,” instead of “very unhealthy.” We will take it day by day, our current take is 150 is a reasonable air quality index to open again. If you have any suggestions for an accurate or best way to evaluate this, please share it with us! Stay indoors and stay hydrated today!!! Thank you for being patient and figuring this out with us.

Pop up Jewelry at The Shop Friday November 16th!

Pop-up Shop! Come check out the jewelry of Kate Cecilie Haarvei Spillane this Friday November 16, 2018! 10-2pm at TheShop! Your Host is Wendy Wilkinson who will be at TheShop helping you to find the right gift for yourself or a girlfriend! We are raising funds for Breast Cancer Support (20% of all Bra Sales are donated to To Celebrate Life providing funding and support for Bay Area women with Breast Cancer).

We are having a series of Pop-ups over the next few weeks to Shop with a Teacher and support To Celebrate Life! You can bring a check to donate or even cash or just Shop for a Cause with us!!!

Fire Fundraiser BootCamp Friday!

Breaking News. Save The Date! This Friday at 6pm! Fire Fundraiser BootCamp for Tiffany Singer’s Dad, Gary Gray, lost his home to the Camp Fire raging in Butte County, California. Gary’s passions are fishing and gardening. He lost his boat, fishing equipment, beautiful Maple trees and his home.

Please join us this Friday, November 16th, 6-7:15p at Marin Power Yoga for a booty kicking Bootcamp taught by the amazing, Jenny Garanina. There is a suggested donation of $20 but any amount is very much appreciated. Everyone is welcome.

If you aren’t able to attend or want to donate online, please do so below.

Thank you from the depths of our Hearts!

Tiffany Singer & Gary Gray
Class is on our Schedule and will happen in place of the usual 6pm yoga class!

Kids Yoga Club

Kids Yoga with Kelsey this morning! Our Kids Yoga Club is on Thursday from 4:30-5:30pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-10:45am. Your Kids, learning new tricks and having fun at Marin Power Yoga in San Anselmo!

Saturday Mornings

We start early on Saturday morning with Core20 at 7:30am followed by TRX at 8am with Jenny and Power Yoga at 8am with Araceli!

If you sleep in we have a Power Yoga class at 9:30am and a TKO class at 9:30am as well as a Kids Yoga Club at 9:30am! We do Gentle Yoga t 11am and Power Yoga at 4:30pm on Saturday! Make Your Day Amazing!!!

Kids Yoga Club

Kids Yoga Club at Marin Power Yoga with Kelsey! Classes are Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-10:45am, on Thursdays class is from 4:30-5:30pm. There are adult classes at the same time!!!

TRX for Strength!

TRX is a great way to build strength to support your yoga practice! The alignment of TRX is similar to Yoga and the muscles you develop (hello core) will benefit your Yoga Practice! Danuta teaching!

San Anselmo Tonight

The view of Imagination Park in the center of San Anselmo tonight.

The Shop is located next to Imagination Park at 611 San Anselmo Ave. San Anselmo, CA 94960. San Anselmo is located between Ross, San Rafael and Fairfax!

Yoga at Marin Power Yoga

Everything we do at Marin Power Yoga is designed to support your health and happiness! We believe in Power Yoga, we also offer 70 other classes from Gentle Yoga to a deep stretch in Yin Yoga to TRX and Cardio KickBoxing and BootCamp classes! Find a class, start showing up regularly, experience a positive change in your life!!!

Below is a picture of our Yoga Room, this is where the magic happens!!!

Stop Drop and Dance Pop-Up this Friday!

Breaking down the choreography for Thriller in Stop Drop and Dance today with Grace Yu!!! There is a pop-up Stop Drop and Dance this Friday October 26, 2018 from 6-7pm!!! Sign up in the mobile app or message me and we will reserve your spot in class (or your kid/mom/dad/sibling/friend).

MadCap – Do the Tasting Menu!

We did the Tasting Menu at MadCap in San Anselmo Saturday night and it was truly spectacular. This is an expensive decadent experience and worth every penny!

Why do the Tasting menu? It is tough to give up control, let the chef decide how you will eat. Each plate that came out was a surprise, building in depth of flavor and richness to a zenith. The reward for giving up control??? Joy. From discovering flavors to being forced into “the now,” the present moment in your eating experience. Between figuring out what is on your plate to the willingness to try something you would not have ordered. Sometimes, when you let go, you start to fly.

I paired 3 delicious wines from the tasting menu and enjoyed 2 hours of eating and talking with Amy and Olivia. Take a peek at some of the pictures below from the ribeye to the chicken to the rabbit tortellini, soup and lobster shots. I committed to eating rather than taking photos, but I had to take a few!!!

Power Yoga with Wendy

Some days all of the work is thinking about questions. Wendy Wilkinson teaching Power Yoga at MPY in San Anselmo!

Power Yoga is an all level practice, everybody has a first class! It is easy to modify the poses to make them more accessible or to make them more challenging. Whether it is your first yoga class or your 10,000th yoga class, Power Yoga is a great way to feel your body while challenging your mind to grow!!!

Marin Power Yoga is locates in San Anselmo between Ross, San Rafael and Fairfax. Our studio is at 141 Tunstead Avenue, across the street from the library. Our Shop is located at 611 San Anselmo Avenue between Tam Realty and the BookSmith. Our Shop has a great selection of fitness clothing from leggings and yoga pants to tanks and sport bras!

Kids Yoga Club!

Kids Yoga Club with meditation and handstand work! Ok, there was skipping and dancing and tales of poop and farts as well…because, Sunday.

We are shifting our Kids Yoga in a new direction! Class is more casual with “free play” and optional activities. We are loosening up the structure and increasing the fun while keeping the balance of learning yoga poses, mudras and mantras.

Dance Your Way To Happiness!

We do not keep this a secret! Dancing is the fastest way to happiness! Whether you are dancing at “The Club” or in your bedroom or at Marin Power Yoga, dancing is something people have always done!!!

If you are ready to invigorate your life with new energy, come to Stop Drop and Dance! Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-10:30am with Grace Yu! Below is a picture of us “working thru” our Halloween tradition…Thriller!