Test Hokas for Running

Runners! Wednesday June 6, 2018, at 6:30pm you can test some Hokas, run with a crew and enjoy some brews!!! SFRC is hosting in Mill Valley, you can view a map of the run on their Strava page for the event listed below!


Weekend Plans

Weekend Plans. Araceli Santos Bieber teaching Power Yoga this morning with Nance assisting and Gavin mixing live! Note: we have a reduced schedule Monday for the holiday, we are only open for morning classes.

Child’s Pose!

Child’s Pose! Yoga is different for everybody, people with tight hips will struggle while others will relax deeply into this pose. This pose is easily adaptable to your body and a way to soften into your yoga practice!

Start by showing up

Yoga is a combination of strength and flexibility! Start with what you have today, show up consistently and witness the changes. Put your class times into your calendar, set yourself up for success!

You Can Do It

Walking home, I thought this was a crazy bag lady…then I realized she was picking up plastic and garbage on the median. She was taking personal action to create change. I was inspired to pick up 3 pieces of trash and walk the extra 50ft to throw it in the garbage can. This is what it looks like to take our yoga off the mat and into the world. This is what it is like to be a good neighbor!

This week, try to pick up one piece of trash each day. If you are type A, pick up 5 pieces of trash each day. Change starts with us, lets’s make our streets cleaner for everyone. If you are motivated, post a picture of you or your people and challenge your friends to take action!

Yoga is for

Yoga is for Every Body! Some come for the strength, some for flexibility, some for weight loss, some for physical healing, some for emotional healing and some for personal change! The secret is simple, show up consistently!!!

Yoga – Start Now

Yoga builds strength and flexibility, equally important, both take consistency and practice! Start Now, with the strength you have today and the flexibility you want tomorrow!

Mothers Day Instagram Contest

Anyone on Instagram and has a mini??? Find me at @gracelingyu and see my last post! If you participate everyday then you will get put into a lottery for a chance at a $100 shop card from Athleta! 2 winners will be chosen! ❤️


Rules below:

Join us for a pre-Mother’s Day #MommyAndMini2018 Yoga Challenge May 1-12! At the end of the challenge, we will announce 2 sets of winners to each receive a $100 shop card from our sponsor Athleta! Follow these steps to participate:

1) Set your profile to public so we can see your Instagram page.

2) Follow Hosts @gracelingyu and @pilinanice, and Sponsor @athleta.

3) Repost this Flyer on your Instagram page and tag some mommies who have minis and might want to join in too!

4) Post everyday and make sure to tag #MommyAndMini2018 @gracelingyu and @pilinanice in your text so we can see your photos!

5) Be creative, and most of all, have fun with your minis!!!

We will take turns posting the pose each day, starting with @gracelingyu on Day 1, then @pilinanice on Day 2, etc. If you are a planner and prefer to take all the photos this weekend, then here’s your cheat sheet!

May 1: Seated Meditation

May 2: Downward Facing Dog

May 3: Plank

May 4: Twist

May 5: Hip Opener

May 6: Forward Fold

May 7: Warrior

May 8: Standing Balance

May 9: Arm Balance

May 10: Backbend

May 11: Inversion

May 12: Yogis Choice


Full Moon Yin Sunday April 29th!

Full Moon Yin! Tonight! Sunday! 8:30pm with Jamie teaching and Gabe playing live! We are going Long Slow and Deep into our Legs and Hips…create magic with us and let gravity heal your body mind and soul!!!

Power Yoga on Friday

Power Yoga with Wendy! We build strength and stretch your mind, body and soul in one class! Twist your way into the weekend with us!!!

Gentle Yoga For You

Gentle Yoga is a great way to find your strength, get the poses into your body and increase your flexibility! Bend, Twist and Squeeze your way to better health!

Below is a picture of Grace Yu teaching Gentle Yoga at Marin Power Yoga in San Anselmo in the middle of Marin County!

Rise and Shine!

Power Yoga with Araceli teaching, Nance assisting and Gavin DJing Live! Saturday morning at 8am is awesome in San Anselmo! Wake Up with us!

Kids Meditation and Handstands with a Guest

Kids Meditation and Handstands had a special guest in Ryuten Paul Rosenblum this morning. When Paul is not in San Anselmo, he is leading Zen Meditation programs in Germany and Austria. We are better for the work we do together!

Saturday – a great day to ease into Yoga!

Our Saturdays get CRAZY! We start at 8am for Rise and Shine Power Yoga, followed by 9:30am Rock and Flow Power Yoga. Both of these classes are heated to 88 degrees and will challenge you physically. At 11am we have Gentle Yoga, the temperature is 80 degrees and the practice is slower without the Chaturanga. At 4:30pm we finish the day with Power Yoga! All of these classes are All Level, it can be your first class or your thousandth class! Feel Stronger, Feel Better, Get Healthier With Us!

Ease Back In

Grace teaching Gentle Yoga at Marin Power Yoga over Spring Break! This is a great class to move slowly, build strength and ease into flexibility.

Spring Break!

Spring Break with Lynne teaching Gentle Yoga! We have 100 classes this week between Power Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga, TRX, Cardio Kick Boxing and BootCamp!

Growing Toward The Light

The Fitness room is returning to natural light over the next week, expect incremental changes! We are also starting to integrate Kettle Bells and Battle Ropes into some classes!

We are rooting down to GROW!

TRX at Marin Power Yoga

Our TRX classes are a great compliment to Yoga! The alignment is similar to yoga and you strengthen the same muscles you need for yoga! As an added bonus there is more cardio! TRX is a great way to recover from an injury, cross-train and lose weight!

Cardio Kick Boxing

TKO at Marin Power Yoga is a mix of Cardio, Strength and Mindfulness!!! With over 12 classes a week, TKO is the perfect compliment to TRX and Yoga! Punching and Kicking is a mix of Alignment, Coordination, Speed and POWER!!!

The Pulse – this Saturday!

This Saturday night, March 31, 2018, come try THE PULSE with Tiana Baumsteiger – Movement with Yin Yoga and Meditation from 830pm-10pm!

50 minutes of calisthenics, plyometrics, barre and yoga inspired movements, done to music!!! Then relax and recover with 30 minutes of yin and a 10 minute meditation.

Come try something new! Included with your Membership or a regular drop-in!

Teacher Training Graduation

Congratulations!!! We are sending out into the world 6 new teachers, prepared with the tools to create change in themselves and everyone they come into contact with!!! Grace, Wendy and Araceli have been working with this crew for the last 2 months. It takes a lot of personal work, team work, study, reflection and practice to thrive like these women have.

Yes, they will make mistakes and yes they will have bad hair days and yes they will have days when nothing seems to work. They are humans, children, parents, students and teachers! When you see them teaching community classes over the next few weeks, get in and support their growth! This is LOVE IN ACTION!