Change is Good…Right?

The only constant in life is change. Whether we feel it’s good or bad, it’s all in how we perceive it. 

Change can be liberating. It can lift baggage and weight from our shoulders. The freedom that can come from change is invigorating. It’s euphoric. Creating space for new pathways for us to journey down. New adventures are always fun!

However, change can be scary. It can alter our emotions, cause rifts in our thinking and create painful marks on our hearts. Anxiety gets heightened, panic goes up and if we don’t get a hold on it, it can turn into depression. Being able to recognize what is happening in the body and the mind during change can be the difference between a long internal battle, or a short struggle.

How I have overcome my anxieties and depression (which can be a roller coaster) has been through the practice of yoga. Specifically through the moving meditation (asanas) and the breath work (pranayama). Every movement is a reminder to breathe deep. To reconnect with myself. To notice what is happening inside of me and to be ok with it. Creating change and space in the body to allow the journey to unfold. When I practice yoga I will sometimes “hit” a break-through; a pose, a deeper engaged breath or even a new thought. This is the change I seek. A new path has unfolded for me.

So if you struggle from anxiety, depression or any obstacles, know you are not alone. Step onto your mat, take a deep breath, envision the path before you and embrace the change. 



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