Elevate your fitness with our Team approach to Strength Training! Whether it is training for a triathlon or simply trying to get rid of that remaining “baby weight,” we are bringing a combination of plyometrics, weight training and cardio into one class. You are going to work hard and play hard as Wendy, Grace, Amy, Laine, Araceli, Jenny, Jordan, Nance, Keith and Natalie lead you thru a physically challenging workout that will get you looking as good in a bikini as you feel.

TRX Training:

Using our own body weight as well as suspension straps, we will work and play together for an hour of interval training. Incorporating bursts of cardio with strength training to get a total body workout in just an hour. Class sizes are limited to 16 people maximum and are free for Members and $20 drop in for Non-Members. We have over 20 classes a week!!! Sign-up in advance is suggested to reserve your spot!


45 mins of high intensity cardio and boxing with a heavy bag in an intimate setting designed for 20 students. This class will raise your heart rate, build endurance and fire up your metabolism to keep it burning all day long. Each class will have high intensity body movements, boxing and strong core emphasis!! Get ready to sweat, have fun and build your strongest self!


Bodyweight strength exercises combined with blasts of cardio and core work, packed into a sweaty 45 minute class designed to bring out the power, focus and strength of a warrior, as well as the patience, wisdom, and determination of one.

Classes are free for Members and $20 for Non-Members.

*The TRX classes are limited to 16 people and TKO and BootCamp are limited to 20 people. Reservations can be done 2 weeks in advance, Cancellation policy is 12 hours notice. If there is a waiting list for your spot or we find a replacement, there will be no charge!

TRX at Marin Power Yoga

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