Move to Release

I’m sure you have all heard the term, ‘I workout because it’s cheaper than therapy’. Ain’t that the truth?

After a workout you feel better. It doesn’t matter what kind of workout it is, just as long as there’s movement. When you move, things shift. Energy begins to flow and pump through your body and creates a pulse that emanates from your being. With this movement comes sensation and awareness.

Have you ever broken down during a workout? Whether it’s cried, screamed or laughed? Movement is the cause and your reaction is the affect. Our bodies store our emotions. Physical, mental and emotional traumas get stuck inside us. Our skin is like a capsule, keeping all of that bottled up nicely for us. If we don’t get them out, they will cause major issues; muscle tension, clouded judgement, even disease, to name a few. Have you ever broken down the word ‘disease’? DIS-EASE: a body not at ease. 

We need to take better care of ourselves on every level. When you workout, of course do it for the physical change and strength, but take it a step further. Do it to release your traumas. Scream, cry, laugh LET IT OUT!!! You will feel so much better and your mind, body and soul will thank you.

I will leave you with this…..

“Tears, movement, and sound are part of your emotional digestive system. They help release blocked energy in your body. Moving through pain by feeling your way through it is ‘the pain that ends the pain'”. -unknown



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