While our studio is temporarily closed, we’ve created an online community to stay healthy mentally and physically – just a little farther apart. We’re hosting live streaming classes and quickly building a library of on-demand workouts to bring you vital energy and a dose of sanity when you need it most. 

There are two ways you can enjoy Marin Power Yoga right now: 

  1. A La Carte. Pick and choose as you wish from live classes streamed on the MPY Twitch page, or from a library of all our classes to date.

  2. A Guided Path. Sign up for MPY’s newest growth path, The Journey. Designed specifically to shepherd us all through the unique struggle we’re all facing together right now, The Journey consists of a mix of Power Yoga, Boot Camp, Gentle Yoga, Yin, and Mat Pilates – between one and three classes each day.* Join any day – we are all in this together! 

*If you have any problems creating a new account or logging in, message Jamie: jamie@marinpoweryoga.com

There are two ways you can support Marin Power Yoga right now: 

  1. Suspended reality. For the duration of studio closure, we’ve automatically suspended payment on your monthly membership. However, if you would like to donate your monthly dues to support us through this time, we’d be grateful. Just message Amy: amy@marinpoweryoga.com 

  2. Pay it forward. We are funding the creation of online content by pre-selling Membership and Programs we will deliver this year online! If you have the ability to buy a few programs, you are investing in keeping our classes available to the entire community during this period. Or if you just want to help financially in whatever way you can, click here to contribute.

THIS IS FREE – Please Sign Up for The Journey in the upper right corner. Start a new account if you haven’t joined in on The Journey. Sometimes the activation code hasn’t worked and sometimes the confirmation code hasn’t worked. Message jamie@marinpoweryoga.com and I will get you onboarded! You can join any day and start The Journey with us. Today is Day 1, we are starting slow, still working on getting our content loaded. There are different classes each day of The Journey, challenge yourself into trying them all or go back to an earlier day and do a class again!

Join us on Twitch for Live classes! https://www.twitch.tv/marinpoweryoga/

Change is Happening!

*The Struggle is real, thank you for being in the fight with us.

Marin Power Yoga is a growing yoga studio located in San Anselmo in the heart of Marin California! We are building a community of people who want to continue to evolve, build stronger healthier bodies, create internal peace and external energy.