5x5x5 Challenge


Take the 5x5x5 Challenge below (also in your email). We have an amazing schedule up on Twitch, streaming Live to you from our homes. The classes are free, ad supported, you can also subscribe and get rid of the ads and MPY gets a small piece of revenue there. If you want to help us, get your friends and family working out with you on our Twitch channel. There are instructions on our blog on how to subscribe for free using your amazon prime account. We have a great mix of classes each day with great teachers, you can take one or all, with access to 2 weeks of archives if you prefer a different time or class.

This is a MASSIVE experiment for all of us. We are going to figure out how to create a daily MPY experience on our Twitch Channel. So far, we are filling in classes and teachers, check out the schedule, we are posting it up daily on Instagram and FaceBook and we are putting out a weekly schedule each Sunday night and evidently in email on Monday night. Seriously, week 3 of Shelter in Place is on and we are all somewhere between new routines, appreciating how quiet things are and going bat shit crazy.

I don’t want to share the trivial struggles of us right now, there are real pandemic problems happening across our country and we all have a contribution to make. Did I say country? Our little Town is at risk. You can help save it. Seriously, use some of your time to research how you can give to the givers right now. This week we have a 5x5x5 Challenge for you. Can you do 5 classes on our Twitch channel, buy 5 gift certificates for shops in San Anselmo and 5 buy gift certificates for restaurants in San Anselmo? Are you in? This is a critical week in our collective existence, let’s make this shift together. Here are some online resources:



We are getting ready with you, masks and all. You can laugh at my t-shirt mask in the photo below, legit mask is in the works. The point is, start with whatever you have and improve. This is what we are going to do together, get better.
Peace, Masks, Gloves and 6′

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