Adding Clarity and Direction!

I got to class early today to set up our video streaming and recording (started late, colors washed out, buzzing in mic…livestream worked, progress)…Geneva Terrace at the University Of Redlands Marin Campus is beautiful. Seriously, I know I am stating the obvious. This is a great place to find your inspiration, motivation and even perspiration.

We are adding services, launching new software and making it easier to get to class and connect into your community.

1) Marin Power Yoga – our mobile software and web access brings you in person classes and access to live streams from class! Daily messages from Araceli and easy access to the schedule.

2) MPY OnDemand is your home studio for yoga and fitness with short classes, tutorials, series and meditations! Coming soon – podcasts for people who only want audio!

3) Sacred Programming. Create magic with us! Next event is August 7th…Cacao Ceremony.

If you have trouble setting up a new account or getting the intro deal, reach out to amy@marinpoweryoga.com for support!

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