Jamie Ginsberg

Indoor Classes!

Our studio is in full ReBirth! We are running 6am and 9am Tuesday-Friday and 9:30am on Saturday and Sunday!

Yes, this is our start. We will add in afternoon/evening classes for those who can’t wake up for 6am!

What are the rules?

1) Monthly Members Only.

2) Fully Vaccinated (2 weeks past).

3) Register for classes in advance.

What else do you need to know?

Please bring your own Water and Mat. We have blocks and straps for using/borrowing.

In November we are clearing the Mat Wall and setting it up for Monthly Members.

Yes, please get Jamie your vaccination proof, it gets marked on your account!

Thanks for working through the details with us!

Breaking News – Indoor Classes!

We are breaking down our OnDemand set-up and fixing up the studio for ReBirth. We are starting with 6am and 9am classes Tuesday-Friday and our 9:30am classes on Saturday and Sunday. Closed on Mondays so we can find balance. The schedule is getting worked out right now…

Monthly Members Only.

You must be 2 weeks past your 2nd dose, or fully vaccinated, to enter the building.

We are starting with a limited schedule and a mix of yoga and mindful fitness.

The rules are strict for a reason, we are building a healthy community together!

Yes, we are officially Marin Weird.

Float Like A Butterfly

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee. Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali. Damn. The elegance and simplicity of these words describe the beauty of the yoga poses, the asanas. Even as I’ve shed some weight the last 2 years, I still see myself as the big boy, in fact, I don’t have to look in the mirror to feel that way, you know what I mean? I am consciously trying to live lighter, find a little more float under my feet as I climb the mountain and a little more lift in my hips as I downward dog. Just news, but, it’s possible.

Seriously, I am actually feeling “easier” or some float in situations outside of the physical realm. I’m telling you, that if you “lighten up,” it will extend throughout your entire life.

Try Easier.



Olivia and I went driving Saturday to work on her parking skills, get some hours on the road and remember how beautiful Northern California is. As we wound our way back through West Marin, between passing Cows and Hawks hunting we spotted Silver Shave parked in Woodacre. Aloha Hawaii.

The picture above is where I am in life these days. I can make some good choices like saying no to ice-cream or a cheese burger because of the cholesterol in it. When I ordered the shaved ice, my eyes glazed over as I saw the words GIGANTIC. I listened and nodded as I was told “it’s really big,” in my head the slowly echoing gigantic sounded like a pop song by Lorde. Giant phallic symbol of my joyful struggle.

I let all of the negative thoughts about diabetes and sugar and natural vs chemical and floated like a hummingbird enjoying every frozen drop of deliciousness, welcome to the good life.

Sting Like A Bee.

OnDemand Mondays! Our OnDemand system is loaded with GREAT classes and amazing pricing that reflects your absolute disdain for online learning! For $10 a month or $108 for the year you can have access to great classes whenever you want them. That’s my heavy right hand punch. My left hand jab is you can fart and nobody knows.

My yoga practice has been a challenge of try really hard and soften and create ease in the struggle. This is how we do it. Strength and Flexibility.


You can handle the challenges this week brings you. Notice your balance of floating and stinging, breathe into the balance and intentionally work with your self. You Can Do It.

Peace and Love,


PS – The OnDemand system is amazing. We added a lot of great classes in September.

PPS – Think about Muhammad Ali refusing to fight in the Vietnam War, the simple honesty of being unwilling to kill people for financial benefit to “the economy,” choosing to lose his freedom rather than kill innocent people. Float. Sting.

PPPS – Don’t Eat The Homies. I’m losing weight by walking more, drinking more water and eating food that doesn’t have cholesterol. Drop the cholesterol, save your own life. People, that’s free and will save you money in eating (mushrooms and veggies and beans cost less than beef or fish or chicken per pound).

You Are Strong.

OnDemand Mondays are a thing! Seriously, Monday was always the lowest attendance day with most of you forcing yourselves in for one of the last 3 classes of the day if you managed to drag yourself in. OnDemand makes it possible for you to put the time you want to go to class on your calendar and take “whatever class you want.” I suggest starting with a Series like the Mat Pilates which will build your little muscles and is mostly laying down on the ground and squeezing, you can do it and you will be stronger. 

Mindful Fitness.

This. We slowed down a lot over the last 2 years and there are some incredible changes. Our fitness classes are about connecting your mind, body and soul to create internal strength and balance. Move your body intentionally to increase your power. This is the work.


I’m down to a size 34 pants. I could not wear these in May, they are now comfortable, ok, actually loose on me. In January, I was wearing my size 36 pants and they were a little tight. This is not a humble brag, this is a secret revealed.

No Cholesterol.

There are little bits in this aioli or that burrito and it’s ok. I’m really aiming for 10 or less mg of Cholesterol per day. I call this No Cholesterol. It makes me feel better about it, seriously.

“You can’t out train your diet.” Wendy Barney used to say this and I HATED it. I always wanted to eat a Bacon Blue Cheese Burger, Fries and a Shake, on any day. Not any more. I feel better not eating cholesterol. Literally every single day, I feel better. I’ve also dropped 100 points in my cholesterol level an am at a 2.0 ratio and working my way to even. Nerds, this is good.

You Can Do It.

It seemed impossible for me to pass over Mt. Tam from CowGirl Creamery or some Pt. Reyes Blue or some Toma or even the shredded cheddar that got sprinkled everywhere. It was shockingly easy. I feel better eating “mostly vegan.” Feeling good is addictive. So is the power of choice. Am I right?

I want to share with you some of the secrets I’ve discovered, like drinking water, walking and eating foods without cholesterol will change your body and increase your happiness. It is that simple.

I am doing the work. Mindful fitness twice a week, power yoga 4 times a week, yin a few nights a week. I’m committed to getting my steps up and drinking more water, trying every single day to live in the moment. If I can do it, you can do it also.

Practice. Patience. Perseverance. 

PS -The picture above is from our Cacao Ceremony on Friday night at the University of Redlands Marin campus. Save The Date – our next Cacao Ceremony is on Friday October 22, 2021.

PPS- YES, we are doing classes all week at 9am and on the weekends at 9:30am, mix of yoga and fitness classes to mix into your life. One Day At A Time. Get Stronger With Us.

Running To Stand Still

Build With Us.

People. I am breathing deeply, practicing regularly and eating cleanly. I’d love to tell you I feel better than ever and just do x, y and burn a little bit of z and you will be as young and beautiful as I am…but, you already know the truth. We do the work for the love of the work, not the results. And, I have a hairy face?

Seriously, I have the tingle of nerves moving, not butterflies, occasional trepidation, as we walk forward through the late afternoon fog. I remind myself that yoga builds strong ankles, knowing each step forward requires a gentle balancing of the weight of my body across each foot as the risk of moving forward is weighed against sinking into the deep. This is why we practice.

Two years ago Gavin and I hiked along the Mountain Theater and around the radio towers, over the intergalactic space rocks and beyond the hippie swing; we brainstormed the base of what has become MPY OnDemand. Yes, it took us a year longer than planned and while we can not explain what has happened, we have an incredible OnDemand platform to keep you growing and healthy when you want to work out or meditate at home. This is an incredible platform we are continuing to grow and evolve, it was a pre-pandemic luxury that will be a post pandemic necessity. It’s not “done,” and yet I am proud of what we have built over the last year! If you are motivated, buy an annual subscription and help us grow!

This isn’t an accident.

What about In-Person Classes? When will the Studio OPEN? 

I move between the shame of us being closed and the care and attention required to create safe situations for us to grow together in. It’s a rollercoaster every single day. 

We are keeping outdoor options through Halloween as long as the weather cooperates with us. I am hoping for better air quality and monitoring the data on Marin, as long as it is safe to be outside, we are keeping this option available!

More Information coming about In-Person and In-Studio options for September-December this week!!! 

I hate teasers. For Real. We are still working out ideas for the Fall and if you have great ideas, or even crap ideas you need to tell someone, message me! We have solid options OnDemand and reasonable for outside. Bring your thunder!!! What have you got?

If you need to shift your day, put on Running To Stand, by U2 and let the music move you.

Peace and Love,

PS – Women Don’t Owe You Shit. Discuss.

Running To Stand Still by U2.
And so she woke up
Woke up from where she was lyin’ still
Said I gotta do something
About where we’re goin’
Step on a steam train
Step out of the driving rain maybe
Run from the darkness in the night
Singing ooh la, ah la la la de day
Ah la la la de day
Ah la la la de day
Sweet the sin, bitter the taste in my mouth
I see seven towers, but I only see one way out
You gotta cry without weeping, talk without speaking
Scream without raising your voice
You know I took the poison, from the poison stream
Then I floated out of here, singing
Ah la la la de day
Ah la la la de day
Ah la la la de day
She walks through the streets
With her eyes painted red
Under a black belly of cloud in the rain
In through a doorway
She brings me white golden pearls
Stolen from the sea
She is ragin’, she is ragin’
And the storm blows up in her eyes
She will suffer the needle chill
She’s running to stand still

Sunday Is Your Day

Yoga In The Park with Vicky teaching this morning and Keenan playing live. We are in Creek Park on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-10:30am and we are at The University of Redlands Marin Campus in San Anselmo on Wednesday and Friday from 9-10am outdoors! All information for classes is in the app.

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation.

You Can Do It. 
We are moving through an amazing transition in real time, unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetimes. If you only want the information, our weekly live schedule includes the ability to register for livestreams and in-person classes. You can sign up through our new platform using our Marin Power Yoga mobile app or even directly through the website on the schedule page. We have a Cacao ceremony this Saturday night, August 7th, this is a separate event to register and pay for, you are invited to participate in an amazing group meditation and ceremony, and to mark time with us.

People. I am currently thinking a lot about meta cognition and neurodiversity. Why? Because I am 48 and my brain is different than it was in 1988, I believe this is an opportunity for me, traditionally mis-interpreted by society. Most of us were undiagnosed as kids, or rather misdiagnosed as intelligent because we had skills at reading or remembering or processing information. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve recognized that remembering vaults of information is a basic level of intelligence, mostly a barrier to entry in most fields, designed to eliminate people who aren’t very interested in the subject. Memorization is simply a technical competence, like changing the oil in a car or replacing a hip or even a valve on your heart, this does not take intelligence, it is a skill that can be practiced and attained. Think about that and put it in perspective…memorization is not a sign of intelligence.

Beyond all of my “evidence,” when I was a lawyer, even if I remembered the law perfectly, I’d still research and compare recent case law. Quick as always, lawyers point out their real value is in logic and analysis, memory is just a “basic skill” for doing the job. Whether you hand write or transcribe or type or say outloud, the many techniques to remember things have little to do with our ability to think and create. Please hear me, our ability to memorize information is not a sign of our intelligence.

Why is this so important? I am working with the hypothesis that our brain functionality evolves and if we continue to learn and challenge ourselves to think our brain will grow. 

This has to be said, you are not thinking when you do a crossword puzzle, you are retrieving information from a vault in your head. This is not intelligence, it is a reflection of past intelligence. What am I saying?

It is intimidating and humbling to take on learning something new. It may also be the most important decision of our lives. The changing brain is an incredibly beautiful opportunity to use all of your knowledge and experience to explore a new field and develop unknown potential.

Why is this so important? A vein of Chinese medicine says “use it or lose it,” I believe this is true with our brains. We can all point to a picture on the internet, laugh at some darwinian example of modern humans (I like to use Love Island as an example, but you can pick any reality show for easy low hanging fruit) and know in your heart that your life needs more, this generation is about experiencing rather than witnessing. Lebron and Nike had a campaign “We Are all Witnesses,” to Lebron’s greatness. That was a decade ago. Today, spread your arms wide, put your head back and yell as loud as you can, experience your life and feel how amazing your body is…”We Are All Experiences.”

If you are noticing changes in your brain, I am really interested in what is happening, please message me and tell me about it. I’m looking for examples and want to know what you do and how things go over the next few years. If you can navigate your ego and the finances, I encourage you to challenge yourself to learn new information, beyond the way you’ve studied in the past. If you can participate in structured education, you will accelerate the benefits of challenging your brain to learn. If it is difficult and seems impossible, you are probably on the right path. If you have heard yourself say “it was easier to learn things when I was your age,” or some other similar statement, think about how crazy that actually sounds and reframe it as “I’ve learned so much over the last decade, I am ready to learn anything.” Your Thoughts Are Important.

I’m sending you my strength to try new things, my belief in your abilities and some love to improve your week. This week outdoors yoga is at the University of Redlands Marin Campus in San Anselmo on Wednesday and Friday from 9:30-10:30am or Yoga In The Park at Creek Park from 9-10am on Saturday and Sunday. You are invited to the cacao ceremony, it is an amazing way to soften your life and bring the magic back in. Believe.


PS- You MUST know this. Positive. Constructive. This is what we are doing. Building. Good. Better. Great. You Can Do This. 

The Schedule This Week

We are transitioning this week!! Our LiveStream classes now happen through our Mobile App! That means we have a class every day Live Stream and we have 4 in person classes outside!!! That feels really BIG!!!

We have a new stand alone OnDemand membership…we are going to continue to evolve this as a stand alone $10 a month subscription product, with great series and classes for your home practice.

Yes, this Summer and the next few weeks will be NEW…that is an opportunity for fresh growth and different experiences!

Adding Clarity and Direction!

I got to class early today to set up our video streaming and recording (started late, colors washed out, buzzing in mic…livestream worked, progress)…Geneva Terrace at the University Of Redlands Marin Campus is beautiful. Seriously, I know I am stating the obvious. This is a great place to find your inspiration, motivation and even perspiration.

We are adding services, launching new software and making it easier to get to class and connect into your community.

1) Marin Power Yoga – our mobile software and web access brings you in person classes and access to live streams from class! Daily messages from Araceli and easy access to the schedule.

2) MPY OnDemand is your home studio for yoga and fitness with short classes, tutorials, series and meditations! Coming soon – podcasts for people who only want audio!

3) Sacred Programming. Create magic with us! Next event is August 7th…Cacao Ceremony.

If you have trouble setting up a new account or getting the intro deal, reach out to amy@marinpoweryoga.com for support!

New Software

Our new software from FitDegree launched this week! Our Mobile App, Marin Power Yoga is live in the Apple store and in Google Play. Register for a new account and get access to our intro deal, view the schedule and sign up for LiveStreams or In Person outdoor classes. This will be what we use when the studio opens to book classes inside the studio and for private classes as well as access to our OnDemand classes. Grow With Us!


Starting over? No. We have so much experience and knowledge from the past, we have to use that! This isn’t about opening up the doors, moping the floors and saying we are open. This is about looking at the past carefully and making sure we create intentionally an amazing space in real life and online that is educational and empowering!

We are integrating in new software, today. There are some nice features around connecting to friends and being able to invite them to class (yes, I have already invited Gavin and Amy to classes this week, you know I love this). More practically the software let’s us manage our class schedule and makes it easy for you to register for classes and have a membership.

You’ve changed. I know. Right? We had to increase our prices, we are close to industry standard now and while that may be surprising, we will continue to work with people who reach out needing financial assistance. We created a new online Membership for our people wherever you are in the digital universe, this will include our live streams and OnDemand videos. As we open for hybrid classes, the online videos will remain available for all full memberships!

Another big change is a difference between auto-pay and a one month membership. Your auto-pays help us to have a business, plan classes and staff…your membership is so important to the health of the community we have kept the price lower by $30 per month. Yes, we want you to be auto-pay members!!!

There is more information coming, we are trying to be better communicators and share more information transparently!

First in Person Class Wednesday May 5th at Redlands

First In Person Class.

I got chills up my arms typing the headline above. We are doing our FIRST in-person class Wednesday May 5th, 2021…outdoors on the Redlands Campus. Class will start at 9am. Probably. Araceli is teaching, so when I say class will end at 10am, plan accordingly.

We are doing this for the next 4 weeks as an experiment!

How do you get signed in for class? The App. 

Wait, I am not using the Marin Yoga App? Amy will help you get set-up tonight or Wednesday morning. You can email her at amy@marinpoweryoga.com and get support!

We set up the class for 20 spots and will see how the space fills in. If you can walk or bike to class, please do that. It is an easy way to love living here. 

Will the class be available online? We are trying to record it and upload it on Wednesday mid afternoon. The future is hybrid.

This is a NEW ADVENTURE for us. Please forgive the late notice and any technical issues! 

Why the Redlands Campus? This is an AMAZING resource in San Anselmo and a sacred location where education happens. We want you to know this school is a resource to you and that starts with us collaborating!

These classes are a fundraiser for the Canal Alliance. Right???

I hope to see you Wednesday. We will have weekend classes coming soon, details are still being finalized with Town. If you can’t make it to class or want to donate in a way that is tax deductible, please join our Fundraising Team page and make your contribution here: https://donate.canalalliance.org/team/356484

This is the start of an amazing Spring into Summer. Do this With Us!!!

Yin Residency with Wendy

Love Your Self.

We are kicking off our first Residency of the year with Wendy and Yin at the end of this week. Why? Self-Love People. We are easing into the year with love and devotion for your best teacher, YOU. As the rain alternates between a gentle pitter patter and the wind slamming doors, I feel the cold nip of winter reminding me this is exactly where I am supposed to be, healing and getting better.

Why aren’t we doing a 30 day challenge or a juice cleanse? Because that is so last year. Seriously, you do not need to deprive yourself of bread or meat or rest or wine or force yourself to do chaturangas for 30 days in a row to prove how strong you are. You Are Enough.

I know it doesn’t feel that way. 

Write the next chapter of your life with us; share the soggy trails, epic climbs, burpees, handstands and deep stretches, these are the many paths we are taking to building a healthy community with you.

The Plan

  1. Marin Yoga – Our Mobile Application. This is the new front door to our community. It is free for everyone and provides a complimentary class each day. Our Residency programs will happen on the App in real time each month. This is the secret to your success, we are building positive habits with trackers and communication, we are adding in goal setting this month. 
  2. Marin Power Yoga – Our Paid Portal. This is where our series will be OnDemand along with our full library of classes. We are asking you to be a paid Member for the power of choice, you can do any of our classes any time. You can access this from our mobile app!
  3. Meditation – We are building an incredible meditation program. Why? Because this is the way to mental freedom. You can start with one of our Series, or join in during one of our upcoming Residencies. Aren’t you tired of saying you don’t meditate? 

We have some strange technical issues, like having two different sign-ins for the front end and the back end. Why? Because we are experimenting with technology and living on the edge of what is easy and what is possible. This will get easier and look better this year.

We moved to a private platform because your data is created by the actions you take and it should be yours! If you can’t afford another subscription, we have you covered with an incredible free service, our paid members make this possible!

I’ve been walking the trails looking for clarity and asking myself questions. I know this year is full of potential and we have the opportunity to make huge shifts in our personal and professional lives. Make a series of small consistent steps with us, let’s create this story together. Start with Yin and Wendy, get set-up in the app and ready, more information coming this week.

Peace & Love

PS- Get our new app, sign up as “I Am New” with invite code: thankyou  

Links here:



Our app will help you develop positive habits! Track your health and do yoga, meditation and bootcamp classes with us and improve your life one day at a time. Increase your strength, optimize your health and create happiness in your life with us!

Series Launch

This is INCREDIBLE! People we are transitioning to “The New World,” and I am so excited for it! Check out our SERIES on our portal. You can do these OnDemand, your schedule and our classes! This is the Game Plan for starting 2021, we are going to build these SERIES, each month through our App, they will live on our portal so you can do them when you want. In January, we tied together our SERIES in our coaching platform…we are doing the work to get there, grow with us!!! Where is the portal? https://online.marinpoweryoga.com #marin #yoga #meditation #bootcamp #matpilates

Kick Start Pilates Day 6

Kick Start Your Day and Your Life.

People. This rollercoaster of a year is relentless, kind of like Mat Pilates with Megan. Nothing is really happening and I am shaking on the ground. Right? Why let this year leave you in a puddle on the floor when Megan will do that in the first 5 minutes of class? Mat Pilates is brutally hard.

I used to joke that Pilates was for “old ladies,” it was expensive and exclusive, only accessible to the retired women and dancers. That might have been true, but it is not the truth. The TRUTH is Mat Pilates is so difficult the only people who do it are older women, proven tough by time, the survivors who are so strong it takes the toughest core workout to break them…and now me. Seriously, if you step outside today and listen carefully, underneath the gentle whispering and rustling of leaves and in between the tweeting of birds, you might hear my cries echoing in the canyons “I love Mat Pilates.” Why? Because I feel longer and leaner and it is only Day 6, but this is not why I am writing to you today.

I know the next few weeks are going to be challenging for us all. As you panic about buying presents or not buying presents, please remember, you have so much love inside of you to share…your words or a zoom call or a hug from 10′ away is more than enough. As I read those words, multiple times, I know how challenging it is and how soon I will fail and let the season of “not enough” take over.

So, I am asking you for help. Please join me in supporting the Canal District. Our family is joining in support of the Wood/Breen/Nissen Family efforts to support our neighbors. See the message below and join me in helping. Together, we can do anything.


Support those families hardest hit by COVID-19 in our community! Our family will be collecting the following items until December 20th. Please leave items in the bins in our driveway. Gift cards should be brought to the front porch (Please knock!).

❄️27 San Rafael Ave, San Anselmo❄️

Gift card drive for the holidays
During the holiday season, gift cards provide people with the flexibility and autonomy to make the purchases they need most to support their family’s health, stability, and celebration.

Of particular value are gift cards from Visa or MasterCard, which can be redeemed at most stores. Gift cards for Target or Safeway are also appreciated as these stores are located near the Canal where many families live. Gift cards in increments of $25 up to $100 are most useful.

Canal Alliance is currently seeking donations of certain items that are in high demand in the Canal community. They are currently accepting these items:

❄️ Adult & Child Masks
❄️ Hand Sanitizer
❄️ Diapers & Baby Wipes
❄️ Formula
❄️ Gloves
❄️ Packs of Toilet Paper
❄️ Basic Hygiene Products (Soap, Deodorant, Toothpaste)
❄️ Feminine Hygiene Products

Donate school supplies for first-generation, college-bound students
Support students and their educational goals by donating school supplies.

Donate directly on our fundraising page:

Feel free to contact us at (415) 306-3990 or Rebecca.breen@gmail.com with any questions!

The Wood Nissen Breen Family

New Sign

Slowing evolving into our new shape. The sign from the shop is now up at the studio! Each step is strangely significant. This logo started our commitment to meditating more with our goal of spreading love, giving it away to create more. One of the stranger positive outcomes of this year is our meditations! Our meditation series is exactly what you need to transition to 2021!!! Look around at the back end of our portal and you will see our transformation happening in real time over the next few weeks as our Series balance out with our “regular programming.” https://online.marinpoweryoga.com for our OnDemand Portal! Mat Pilates Kick Start launches Friday!!! #marin #sananselmo #yoga #meditation #pilates