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Shiitake and Sesame Buckwheat

From Kia Sanford: A great recipe to support your Detox Cleanse!

Sesame and Shiitake Buckwheat
1 cup toasted buckwheat
2 Tbs white or hulled sesame seeds
1 cup dried shiitake or other dried mushrooms* 21/2 cups boiling water plus 1⁄2 tsp sea salt
1 Tbs toasted sesame oil

Place buckwheat, and sesame seeds in pot over medium heat and dry toast for 2 to 3 minutes, or until seeds begin to pop.

*Remove pot from heat and very carefully add boiling salted water and dried shiitake mushrooms.
Place pot back over low heat, bring to simmer and cover. Cook for 20 minutes turn off heat and leave covered for 10 more minutes. Fluff with fork and drizzle with toasted sesame oil and serve. Or cool and use for salads.

***Exercise extreme caution when adding the boiling water to the hot pot.
Remove the pot from the heat, and add the water quite slowly until all sputtering has stopped.

*You can substitute dried porcini, morel, chanterelle, or any other exotic dried mushroom for the shiitake mushrooms.
Spice options: Add 1 tsp fenugreek, cumin, mustard and/or fennel seeds during toasting process.
Serves 4

Cucumber Mint Salad

Kia passed this simple recipe along to us. There is a link to buy the book below if you are looking for a new cookbook!

Cucumber Mint Lime Salad

from Grub by Anna Lappe and Bryant Terry

3 medium cucumbers peeled and thinly sliced 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1/3 cup chopped fresh mint
coarse sea salt

freshly ground white pepper

In a large bowl combine the cucumbers, lime juice, and mint. With clean hands, toss well for 1 minute. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt and white pepper to taste, Toss for an additional minute. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or up to 2 hours. Taste and add more salt and/or pepper if needed.

grub cook book

The Reset Cleanse with Kia Sanford Starts Today!

The 40 Day Yoga Challenge is On! We are starting our cleanse Today!!!

Kia Sanford is kicking off the Cleanse at our meeting tonight. What do you need to know?

This is the link for the General Recommendations for Detox Cleanse. Read the PDF, print it if you want. This document has all the info to support you moving forward with the Cleanse!

Here is the Link to buy supplements for you smoothies. Buying thru Kia gets you a 20% discount! You have to register thru the site, but you will figure it out!!! If you want to order thru the phone, tell them you are working with Kia Sanford so you get the 20% discount! The number is 1-800-654-4432.

If you want supplements and can’t wait for mail order, these are some suggestions from Kia:

  • Metabolic Detox Complete (vanilla is best) by Metabolic Maintenance (#MET32), or PaleoCleanse by Designs for Health (Available at Gathering Thyme)
  • Renewal Greens by Innate (#I40111), or Vitamineral Green by HealthForce (Available at Gathering Thyme)
  • PaleoFiber by Designs for Health (#PAL21), or Triple Fiber by ReNew Life (Available at Gathering Thyme)

What else? Stay Strong! Share recipes with us in our Group on Facebook here.

Martin Luther King Day 2014

“I believe the day will come when all God’s children, from bass black to treble white, will be significant on the Constitution’s keyboard.” Martin Luther King

Every time I see this quote on the monument honoring MLK at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco, I feel the power of these simple words. I feel the connection between music, freedom and joy. For a moment, I embrace being one of God’s children. Hoping, even praying that day will come.

It is hard to avoid the overwhelming treble whiteness of the yoga world in America. From our little studio in San Anselmo, to the Yoga Journal Conference or Wanderlust – yoga is very white. Around the world, yoga is being practiced everywhere. From the work Africa Yoga Project is doing in Nairobi to India to Asia, people get on their mat and flow. It doesn’t matter what color you are or where your ancestors came from, all that matters is you show up and try.

Yoga means unity. We all come from the same matter and we all return to matter in the end. We are connected despite the attempts by the media and world leaders to separate us. When we come together and practice, stepping forward into Warrior I, we step forward for all people everywhere. Martin Luther King embodied the spirit of yoga, he lived passionately and fought with his words and ideas, not his fists. When you get on your mat today, dedicate your practice to equality and peace. Dedicate yourself to love.

Martin Luther King Picture Quote

Spiritual Sundays!

Brene Brown on Spirituality

“Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning and purpose to our lives.”― Brené Brown

8am with Eric, 9:30am – Live African Percussion and Yoga with Wendy W. Noon vinyasa flow with special guest teacher Stephanie Phelan imported from LA via Oregon and 4:30pm Yin with Helaine! SUndays rock at MPY!

Love and Celebrate Yourself! February 7 2014

Save The Date! Friday – February 7, 2014 – Love and Celebrate Yourself!!! Yoga Jam – We are gonna get on down to get on up! Team taught Yoga Jam from 6-7 pm and a reception from 7-9pm! It’s a family affair! The kids club will be hanging!

This will be a fundraiser for Africa Yoga Project and a celebration of our 40 Day Yoga Challenge! Yes, we know there will be 3 days of the Challenge left, but we want to PARTY!!! There will be shirts for sale, jewelry, amazing art from Cayen Robertson, pizza and drinks! Come together as a community and dedicate your practice to LOVE!

RSVP on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/621206894612940/

Zora Neal Hurston Picture Quote

“Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” – Zora Neale Hurston

Inversions Workshop at Marin Power Yoga with Wendy Saturday January 18 2014

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” Paulo Coelho

Inversions Workshop with Wendy and Alex this Saturday from 9:30 – 11:30am at Marin Power Yoga! You will learn tips and tricks from the pros! You will get a new pose, deepen a pose and this counts towards our 40 Day Yoga Challenge! Members are free and regular drop-in for guests! Kids yoga club is happening at the same time with Emah!
Start your Saturday off with us!!!

Paulo Coelho Picture Quote

We Are All Connected – Yoga

“So that when I look up at the night sky, and I know that yes we are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the universe is in us. When I reflect on that fact, I look up- many people feel small, cause their small and the universe is big. But I feel big because my atoms came from those stars.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson Picture QuoteWatching an awesome video with this quote within it from Neil, I felt the magnificence and weight of his words move thru my body. I felt the joy I feel in yoga when I feel my body reacting to the messages from my brain. It may be the slight rotation of my thigh in triangle pose enabling my chest to expand. It may be the sinking of my chest into the mat in Savasana. It is this connection to myself, my body, my thoughts and my breath that extends out into my family, friends, neighbors, members of MPY and the universe.

Looking up at this moon 2 nights ago, I felt big. Partly because I could appreciate the awesomeness of it and partly because it signals the expansion of daylight in our lives. While I do not get caught up in signs or zodiac symbols – I do enjoy when others find or explain meaning in these symbols. With all of the craziness of 2014 starting, our 40 Day Challenge in full swing and life intervening…it was really nice to enjoy something as simple as the moon rising. The light filtering the darkness of the night. The small amount of space I fill in this world and the huge potential impact I can have, simply by living consciously.

I am biased, Neil is one of my favorite graduates of my high school, The Bronx High School of Science. He represents the intelligence we all have the potential for. He embraces Science and explains the world and how it works in terms that I can understand and relate to. He reminds me that it is my choice to see myself as small compared to the universe or big because of connection to it. When I get on my mat and do my yoga practice, I feel that connection with myself, I know in my heart we are all part of the same living breathing mass we refer to as the Earth. That, and my hips feel better.

Getting Ready for the Cleanse!

Our Cleanse starts Monday January 20, 2014! Information you need for the Cleanse is HERE and HERE. Download the Documents and Read Them!!! You don’t have to print them but you can if you want! We are starting Phase 1 Today!

Kia Sanford is leading the Cleanse. Her information is below, she is available for private appointments if you want to discuss personal issues or are ready to take greater control of your eating habits. This cleanse is free for Members and participants in the 40 Day Yoga Challenge! Private appointments are booked and paid for thru Kia!!!

What are we doing this week? Transitioning into the cleanse!!! Think of this as an opportunity to ease your way in and start to transition your eating and drinking. The most important thing you must do is drink LOTS of WATER. We are flushing out toxins and fat as we sweat in yoga and staying hydrated will keep your energy up.

What else do you need to know? If you want to order any supplements for smoothies etc. you can get them at a 20% discount thru Kia. You must order them by January 15th for them to arrive by the time your cleanse starts. The supplements are not mandatory, they are a dietary option! The info on ordering is in the second document and the link to order is on Kia’s website. Somes additional info is below her contact information.

Kia Sanford MS – Kailo Counseling & Nutrition and The “Get R.E.A.L” Program
San Anselmo & Greenbrae CA and all over the virtual world

415.813.6183 office phone
541.821.3618 cell phone



From Kia:

Ordering ReSet Supplies

You may want to split an order with another participant if you don’t plan to continue to use a smoothie beyond Phase 2.

Recommended Detox Support Smoothie Blend:

Metabolic Detox Complete (vanilla) by Metabolic Maintenance – 21 servings (#MET32) Renewal Greens by Innate Formulas – 30 servings (#I40111)
PaleoFiber (unflavored) by Designs for Health – 60 servings (#PAL21)

There are other options but these are my current favorites. There is a chocolate version of the Metabolic Detox Complete (#ME680) but I find it doesn’t give you the flexibility for varying flavors like the vanilla version does. If you would like to choose an alternative blend of powders or potions, please run them by me first. There is a LOT of garbage out there and I want you to stay healthy and not waste your hard earned funds.

You are not required to purchase supplements through me. This service is supplied as a convenience and always at at least 20% below retail cost.

To order supplements to be delivered to your door please do either of the following:

1 – Online:
Log onto my website at www.kailocounseling.com and click on the drop down menu labeled “Services & Pricing” then on the “click here” text. You will see a new window open inside the Kailo Counseling frame for my distributor, Emerson Ecologics. You will need to create an account. In the places where it asks for a practitioner fill in my name. It will ask you for a zip code, enter 97520. It will also ask you for an access code which is “2order”. Once your account is created, click on “Virtual Dispensary” and you will be taken to the list of supplements that I recommend. You can also search by the codes given to you with your protocol. When you log on again in the future, all you will have to do is enter your chosen user name and password. It is Highly recommended that you compare product codes and not just product names with the ones on your list to be sure you get the appropriate items since often there will be variations of the same supplement available and specific ones have been chosen for you for a reason. On the next screen you will be able to change the quantities of each item if you want more than one. You will receive a 20% discount off retail price at the end of the order process, don’t worry if you see different prices initially.

2 – Over the Phone:
Have your product codes and credit card information handy before you call Emerson Ecologics customer service 800-654-4432. The folks at the other end are extremely helpful but they will need to know you are a client of Kia Sanford MS in order for you to obtain the 20% discount, so don’t forget to tell them right at the beginning of your call.

carrots nutrition

Like a lotus flower that grows out of the mud and blossoms above the muddy water surface, we can rise above our defilements and sufferings of life. -Buddhist value

vyp1 I spent the last three days learning how to ease some of the pains of our battle hardened veterans returning from over ten years of war fighting.  The joining of two parts of my life, Yoga and my military background is something I never would have thought possible.  The excitement I feel about the idea of being able to help my brothers in arms is overwhelming. PTSD has been around much longer then we had a name for it.  Looking back at my childhood I can recognize the effects of PTSD in my grandfather.

When I was a kid I remember my uncle telling me that he was on the beaches during the Normandy invasion of WWII.  When I was in the Marine Corp I often thought how strange it was for my grandpa to be on the beach during “D” day because he was in the Navy, not the army or Marine corp.  I later found out that my grandfather was amongst the first Navy SEALs or “frogmen” as they were called back then.  Gramps had been camped out on “Utah” beach three days prior to “D” day setting up the landing.  He was a hardcore “operator.”  He never spoke about his service until I came off of deployment after the Gulf War.  He opened up to me for the first time, telling me how horrible the invasion was and all the lives he saw wasted and how nothing went as planned.

I felt, and heard his pain and it struck me hard.  I now understand his detachment from us, his lifelong struggle with alcoholism and his choice to move out to the middle of the desert after he retired.  I lost a strong relationship with my grandfather because there was no effective treatment for PTSD back then. The good news is that “the yoga works!”  There is help!

My teacher Dr. Daniel Libby says “all we want to do is, help them breath, help them become mindful through meditation, help them move and help them sleep.”  Things that the trauma of war and the effects PTSD prevent them from doing.  Simple things that we all do automatically have been stolen from our veterans by the messy experience of war. The VA is doing remarkable work but getting the vets into treatment is the key to getting them back on track to a healthy, happy life.  I’m hoping I can help.  I am so grateful to be able to be of service and will continue my training with the Veterans Yoga Project and help out at any opportunity that arises. Semper Fi!

Dreams Create Possibilities

Gloria Steinem Picture QuoteWithout leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. Gloria Steinem

Often times we preach to be in the present moment, let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. Sometimes being in the present moment entails dreaming, creating possibilities that may only exist in your imagination. Sometimes this shows up in our physical yoga practice. It may be as subtle as pulling back on your hip in Warrior I or trying Crow pose for the first time or splitting your legs in Headstand. What starts off as impossible is created by the work you do today, providing fuel for future possibilities.

We always joke and say the hardest part of yoga is showing up. Whether it is planning it into your day, balancing a busy family life or having to work – figure out how to show up. When you get on your mat you create the possibility of magic in your life, you create a deeper connection with yourself and you create the possibility of sharing that light with others. We have an amazing day for you at MPY – come in, feed your soul and create fuel for your dreams.

Meditations and Mantras Workshop Saturday January 11 2014

Meditations and Mantras with Laura Noss Sutphen this Saturday January 11, 2014. Get tips from a pro! Secrets revealed!

Here is a sample Urban Meditation from Laura:


Set a timer for 5 minutes (or longer).

Find a quiet place to lay down.

Fill your body with awareness, noticing every part from the tips of your toes to the tip of your head. Feel the weight of your body anchoring you.

Mentally scan your body one area at a time. Notice where you are holding tension, and release it. Notice where you are fluid, and breathe into it.

Check in on your mind. Do you have a running commentary? What is it saying? Instead of judging, just be present and notice the thoughts

Notice the relationship between your breath, body and thoughts, feeling and becoming aware of all these dimensions. Rest in this awareness.

Meditation workshopMarin Power Yoga is located at 141 Tunstead Avenue, San Anselmo, California 94960.

Kids Yoga Club on Saturday and Sunday Returns This Weekend!!!

Starting this weekend (January 11) we will be running our Yoga Kids Club on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the second class of the day! This means for the next few Saturdays Kids Club will run from 9:30-11:30 am during our Workshops. On Sundays Kids Club will run from 9:30-10:45 am during Wendy’s class. When our Saturday classes return at 9:30am, Kids club will run 9:30-10:45am on Saturdays.

Emah will lead the kids thru some light yoga, they will play games, dance and in general have a GREAT time. Drop the kids off and get on your yoga mat!!!

What does our Yoga Kids Club cost? For our Kid Members this program is included with membership! Otherwise, it is the normal kids drop-in of $15. Our monthly kids yoga membership is $50 for kids thru and including age 12!

Emah’s parents come to Marin Power Yoga and we are thrilled to have her on our team! If you have any questions about whether this is a good program for your kids or want any other information, please email jamie@marinpoweryoga.com – Your weekends just got a lot better!!!

Emma Kids Club

Sundays at 9:30am – Now with Live music!

Our Sunday 9:30am class is now being taught by Wendy Wilkinson and will include Live African music. Wendy is merging her love of African Dance, music and culture with her passion for yoga.

Are you ready for African Drumming and Yoga??? This week features Ben Issac – he plays many different African instruments and performs with many Dance & Drum groups near and far. Ben plays locally with Rhythm Addicts, Makaru, Tom Finch Group and more…

40 Day Yoga Challenge Starts – Details

40 Day Yoga ChallengeOur 40 Day Yoga Challenge is on! Over 44 people signed in to kick us off! There is still time to put your name on the wall!!!

Why do the Challenge? Because you can! If you have questions ask us!!! This is designed to create an amazing 2014. Thru our daily yoga practice we will increase our flexibility while toning our muscles and even rediscovering ones we have forgotten we have!

Check out all of the details of the 40 Day Yoga Challenge below:
This program is FREE, you only pay for your yoga!
Practice every day, we credit you for home practice and other studios!
Miss a day? Do a Double!!! Cultivate Strength, Flexibility, Improved Health & Joy with our Community!
Monday Nights – Weekly meetings 7:05-8:05pm – We have awesome programming created for these meetings, these will make your 40 Day Challenge!!!
Weekend Workshops! These are all optional and an easy way to get in a double!

Jan 4 – Alignment To Prevent Injuries (Jen & Sean)

Jan 11 – Meditations & Mantras (Laura)

Jan 18 – Inversions – Upside Down! (Wendy)

Jan 25 – Pranyama – Cultivating Energy Thru Breathwork (Eric)

Feb  1 – Chakra & Element Awakening (Helaine & Marina)

Feb 8 – Yin-Tensive (Helaine)

***Workshops will be free for Members and normal drop-in for Guests!
January 21st-28th we will be cleansing led by local nutritionist Kia Sanford. This will get kicked off at the Monday night meeting!

Yinasa – 2 New classes starting in 2014

What is new in 2014?

2 new Yin based classes – Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10:45-11:45 am! These classes will have a light yoga flow and deep stretching with zero chaturangas!

Yin is a great way to treat your body gently while increasing your flexibility. We are lucky to have Helaine on board teaching these classes and are thrilled to share them with you in 2014!

What else? Yoga Therapy! Whether it is a private session or a small group of 2-3, You can book a series of 4 sessions with Helaine. If your body wants or needs more guidance and individual attention, Helaine will be there every step of the way. The sessions are paid for in advance and cost $300 for a 4 pack. They are booked at a mutually convenient time and can be done in either studio!

Holiday Schedule and 40 Day Yoga Program – Newsletter


“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” Eleanor Roosevelt

As we shift into the holidays we are reducing a few classes and getting ready for an awesome 2014. We have an active Kids Yoga schedule starting Monday Dec 23rd, check the schedule for details, note we will have SANTA here taking yoga pictures with the kids on Monday during their 9:00am class!!! Yoga with Santa…what???

Keep an eye on the schedule as we move into January, we will have new classes getting added, awesome workshops every weekend in January and a 40 Day Yoga Challenge starting January 2, 2014 and ending February 11, 2014! We are grateful for your participation and appreciate the efforts you make to get to class, bring your friends & family and share your lives with us!

Check out all of the details of the 40 Day Yoga Challenge below:
This program is FREE, you only pay for your yoga!
Practice every day, we credit you for home practice and other studios!
Miss a day? Do a Double!!! Cultivate Strength, Flexibility, Improved Health & Joy with our Community!
Monday Nights – Weekly meetings 7:05-8:05pm – We have awesome programming created for these meetings, these will make your 40 Day Challenge!!!
Weekend Workshops! These are all optional and an easy way to get in a double!

Jan 4 – Alignment To Prevent Injuries (Jen & Sean)

Jan 11 – Meditations & Mantras (Laura)

Jan 18 – Inversions – Upside Down! (Eric)

Jan 25 – Pranyama – Cultivating Energy Thru Breathwork (Eric)

Feb  1 – Chakra & Element Awakening (Helaine & Marina)

Feb 8 – Yin-Tensive (Helaine)

***Workshops will be free for Members and normal drop-in for Guests!
January 21st-28th we will be cleansing led by local nutritionist Kia Sanford. This will get kicked off at the Monday night meeting!

Kids Yoga Holiday Schedule

9:00am – Dec 23, 24, 26, 27
9:00am – Dec 30, 31
9:00am – Jan 2, 3
Strong Healthy Kids Rock!

Holiday Schedule
Dec. 24th – Classes end at 1pm.
Dec 25th – 9:00-10:15am ONLY.
Dec 26th – 6 am cancelled.
Dec. 31st – Classes end at 1pm.
Jan 1st – 6am cancelled.

Shining Bright In The Night

Picture Quote Moon Khalil Gibran

“We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side.” Kahlil Gibran

Looking up at the full moon these last few nights I can’t help but be in awe of the hugeness of it all. As we passed into a full moon, it started rising during the day and as I biked home from yoga at 7:10am I could see it setting. The bigness of it all resonated with me this month. Maybe it is the season, maybe it was the cold weather keeping the sky so clear or maybe it is just me appreciating the moment.

Part of my commitment to myself and our community is appreciating small moments. More than simply recognizing the moment is worthy, consciously acknowledging the awesomeness of it.  This can happen in the middle of a yoga class when all of a sudden you realize you haven’t been present and you dive into the practice with renewed energy, it can also happen sitting in traffic when you notice the view is incredible and you find a way to stop cursing, turn up the music and enjoy being exactly where you are. This is the practice.

How it shows up for each of us is different, but it does show up for us. Interpretation. We can look at the moon on any given night and only see the dark side. The dark side will always be there, it is part of our human nature. We can choose to bring more of the positive energy into everything we do. When you look up at the moon tonight, you decide what you want to see and make a deliberate decision as to how you interpret what you see. Whatever you do, acknowledge that moment and celebrate it!

Celebrating Life

Maya Angelou Picture Quote

How can you celebrate life with me? Meet me at MPY as I teach the 6am, take Eric’s class with me at 9am at MPY, buy a T-Shirt supporting AYP here http://marinpoweryoga.com/ayp-fundraiser/ – Or join me in donating to AYP thru the Silvera Fundraising Page herehttp://marinpoweryoga.com/ayp-fundraiser/ – I appreciate the amazingness of life right now, health is good, family wonderful, I get to practice yoga every day and love working. This is going to be an EPIC year!!!

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” This quote by Maya Angelou is in many ways about right now.

Thanksgiving is Upon Us

Gratitude Brene Brown

Thanksgiving is upon us! In the past, that has never really meant anything to me other than turkey and stuffing. This year I have made the decision to make this holiday all about gratitude. I have made this Thanksgiving a celebration of all things that I am thankful for. As I am writing this, I am thinking well no kidding isn’t that what it has always been about? Perhaps in theory it has but not in reality, for me anyway. Rather, Thanksgiving has been about “having to cook” and “having to eat.”

That said, how amazing it is to sit and really think about all of the things that we have to be grateful for. I am not simply talking about our homes in Marin or our cars or our new Lulus. I am talking about the fragrance of the flowers, the taste of chocolate on our lips, the smile from a stranger, the warmth of a blanket. The list can go on and on if we allow it. If we really allow ourselves to be present to those “stolen moments” as I call them, the world can really be a perfect place. The challenge then is to be present for these moments and not to let them slip by un-noticed. That is where the practice of yoga comes in.

The opportunity for us to slow down and observe all things around us. What a freaking gift! Soon, instead of complaining about the little things we are simply in awe of even smaller things and soon after that we no longer needs lavish gifts and meals to feel grateful. Soon, a perfect day is something as simple as coffee in bed and walking the dog not necessarily margaritas on a beach in Mexico. Soon a perfect yoga practice is not rocking a handstand but simply feeling your breath move your body.

In summary, I implore you to find as many “stolen moments” as you can and relish in them. Smile when you are experiencing them, maybe even give a shout out or do a spin. Pay homage to all that you are grateful for and maybe you will see the stressors, that can be associated with this time of the year, be replaced with the magic of the season.

Sat Nam Yogis and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

“I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.”
-Brene Brown

Holiday Schedule at Marin Power Yoga

This week we are mixing it up!!!

Kids Yoga – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00am – 10:15am with Jamie! Tuesday 4:30pm -5:30pm with Holly Go Lightly!!!

Thanksgiving! – Thursday 6am – 7am Rise & Shine with Sean and our Community Practice from 9:00am-10:15am co-taught by Eric & Marina. The Kids Yoga class will be rocking in the Tree House with Jamie during the 9:00am class! These are the only classes we are doing on Thanksgiving!!!

Friday – The 6-7pm is cancelled, instead we are having a special Yin & Yang class co-taught by Sean and Helaine from 4:30pm-5:45pm!

Bring your Friends & Family, celebrate with us!!!

Rilke Quote

“This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love: the more they give, the more they possess.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Join us on Facebook

There are a couple of places to find us on Facebook!

1) Definitely like our Page, we post up to the minute info and cool photos like the one below here: https://www.facebook.com/marinpoweryoga

2) We have a Group where you can post questions or information or simply meet members of the community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MPYCOMMUNITY/

3) Friend Eric and Jamie – hell yeah we want to be connected to you! You can FB Message us questions, problems etc. We prefer this over voicemail or email!!!

There is not try - Yoda Quote

“Do or do not…there is no try.” Yoda

Connecting To What Matters

We have been open for exactly 6 months today and I am lit up with energy. We have taught over 700 amazing yoga classes and slowly but surely our community is growing! Recently our staff did a leadership program led by Teo and Oli from EXLI, we discussed in depth our values and how our values show up in our lives. Underneath the discussion, I found myself thinking about MPY and wondering if our values are showing up in classes, programming and our business.

For the most part, I was blown away to see that the teachers and team making MPY possible are reflecting our group values in everything we do. As I dug deeper, I found myself struggling with the question of when to say no and when to say yes. It is simply to easy to say YES and rarely do I find myself saying NO. The easy obvious answer was simply say NO more often. I resent easy answers, I felt some resistance and sat with the issue for a few days.

What came up for me is that I really need to become conscious of what I am saying YES to. For the last week I have been practicing by evaluating everything that requires a YES or NO. I am not passing judgment, nor am I simply saying NO. Rather I am bringing awareness to my decision making and looking at what the outcome is. I don’t have any real answers here, just questioning and acknowledging the strength that comes from increased awareness.

Every now and then you have to Connect To What Really Matters…YOURSELF. The relationship we develop with ourself is what enables us to connect to others. The sunset is one of those magical times in our day when we see all of life around us shift, reminding us that we can change as well. As we dive deeper into ourselves, we create the change that ripples across the universe. See you on your mat!

West Coast Stephen Covey Quote

You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage—pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically, to say “no” to other things. And the way you do that is by having a bigger “yes” burning inside. The enemy of the “best” is often the “good.”
― Stephen Covey

Perseverance – The Ability to Survive and Thrive!

Reflect - Perseverance

Perseverance. This simple word has been showing up a lot for me lately. It shows up on the mat when I am struggling to hold Warrior 2, it shows up on the scale as I try and lose weight (slowly at 1 lb a week on great weeks), it shows up biking up Mt. Tam as my legs say quit and I want to get to Lake Lagunitas and Bon Tempe, it shows up in our business as we slowly mature and strive to become a sustainable community.

Perseverance. I was never a particularly good swimmer, but I knew how to show up and practice. Whether it was 6 am on a Saturday morning or double practices over spring break, showing up was the only way I knew how to improve and compete. This is partly what drives me to practice daily at Marin Power Yoga. I can see poses, strength and flexibility that appear to be far out of my reach. Thru the twisting and shaking my mind settles in on one word. Perseverance. Just keep showing up and the tiny improvements, the soreness, falling over and misses will slowly become big shifts.

Perseverance. The drive to be a better human is filled with potholes and set backs. There are “haters” who are always waiting for us to fail. They show up as friends, family, competitors, strangers and neigh sayers. Every time I get on my mat I take one small step towards kindness, compassion, strength, flexibility, emotional vulnerability and improved health. Perseverance. Every time you show up, you inspire me to keep going, to make it up the hill, to drop my seat a little lower in chair pose and to make Marin Power Yoga a little more awesome for our community.

Perseverance. We start with survival and we slowly shift into thriving. Keep your head up and your eyes on the prize, at the top of the hill is an amazing view worth seeing.

The plastic Buddha in the corner of the studio doesnt mean shit


I’m not pissed, I just don’t get it.  You are the first teacher I ever took a class from and you inspired me, lit me up and made me come back for more.  You changed the way I think, act and operate in this world.  You planted a seed of growth and that seed took off.  I followed your teachers and went to the same schools that you did.  I followed your path because I saw something in you I wanted to be.

When I found my voice you let me teach your students.  I loved it.  I wanted more.  More was not available at your studio and opportunity knocked at Marin Power Yoga.

I understand business and the effect of competition.  In my “day job” new contractors are born every day and many of my past employees have become my peers.  I welcome it because it forces me to up my game and stay present to my clients and their needs.

The stance that some studios have taken against prior teachers is confusing, and in my eyes unacceptable.  How do we all grow as teachers if we are not allowed to practice in studios that we previously taught in?  We need the interaction with everyone’s classes to keep all of our teaching fresh for our students.  It’s our students that are important and our ability to enable them to grow with us is what counts.  Not allowing the interaction between teachers and studios throughout the yoga community is counterproductive, and detrimental to the studios, teachers and students.   It’s fear based, and if anyone taught me about fighting fears, about action and outcome it was you.

All teachers are welcome, and encouraged to practice with us at MPY.  It’s good for our students to see powerful yogi’s in our classes.  You’re invited! I would love to see you!

Friend of the Devil – One-Legged King Pigeon Pose

Half pigeon. Truly a “Friend Of The Devil.” This is currently my favorite space in the day, that moment when my leg muscles relax moving into sensation deep in my hip until even the feeling is comfortable. When effort looks and feels like ease. When David Grisman plays his mandolin, he looks effortless as the notes float into the air, his fingers almost magically dancing across the strings. Find that play, that release in half-pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana).


We Are One

“We are one.” I heard that from a dear friend of mine from Kenya while we skyping recently.  We were discussing community and “onesness” and what brings us together as opposed to falling victim of separateness and what tears us apart.  I’m all about community!  I have many communities.  My yoga community, my nursing community, my cycling community and the list goes on!  Of course there are my family and amazing friends community on top of that!

What I love most is bringing all of those communities together.  What makes that even better is communities coming together for a cause and eating, drinking and doing yoga!!!!  Sounds like freaking Valhalla!  So lets do it!!  We can start on Thursday 10/24 at Lincoln Park with my amazing friends Jen Ashby, Steve Simmons and Holly Bragman from 5-9. We can eat amazing food and drink tons of amazing wine and 10% of the proceeds from the night will generously be donated by the aforementioned to Africa Yoga Project.  Then you can go home and rest only to come back to Marin Power Yoga the next day for our Africa Yoga Project Halloween Jam at Marin Power Yoga and sweat it out while Sean and I teach a class followed by yet again more eating and celebrating!!!  Come one come all!  We are one!  Lets play and have fun like one!!!!


Yoga Injuries – WTF?

Meditation rocks

I have been lucky enough to practice yoga daily since we opened. The first 30 days of yoga were tough, my body hurt and I was constantly sore. The muscles and a little flexibility has slowly come back. A recent “doctors” visit confirmed my blood pressure is lower and I have dropped 16 pounds! All good news? No, some old injuries have showed up and even a couple of new ones.

It started with a sore lower back, evolved into a strained right rotator cuff in my shoulder and showed up as a strained left bicep. All of this in the pursuit of enlightenment, abs and a little inner peace??? YES! Was I trying to hard? Not being patient? Not being “mindful?” How could doing something that feels so right, be so wrong?

The sore lower back was easy. I started modifying my upward dog to be a baby cobra, then easing into upward dog as my body loosened up. I really focused on my hamstrings in forward fold and at the end of practice, I am careful to keep my shoulders firmly planted on my mat as I do twists creating a nice release in my lower back. Basically, I added a heavy dose of “mindfulness” to my practice, bringing awareness to the poses that could relieve the pressure in my lower back.

The right rotator cuff was a lot harder. I hurt it waving goodbye to somebody after class (if I don’t wave to you don’t be insulted)! The sharp pain scared me, partly because I could feel it shooting into my shoulder and partly because we do a lot of chaturangas and the high plank to low plank to upward dog requires strong shoulders. The first thing I did is rub some China Gel into it. Bringing awareness to an injury is the first critical step to starting the healing process. The China Gel and spritzes of BioFreeze provided temporary relief, but the pain was not going away.

I scheduled a massage with Bill here at the studio, followed by another 2 days later and another 3 days after that. It hurt like hell. Each massage focused solely on releasing the muscles running around my right shoulder and down my entire back to my upper right thigh. It took 2 weeks, but the pain is gone! My body needed more than just me being mindful in my practice, it need some expert attention and fascia release. Am I being more mindful, hell yeah!

True story, I have been nursing a sharp pain in my left bicep for over 6 weeks. Why? Because it only hurts when I transition from crow pose to chaturanga. The jump back results in a sharp pain and my arm collapses in an attempt to protect the bicep. I can flex the muscle and feel no pain, but if I dig in I can find a sore spot. Not “just” a sore spot, a really f%#king sore spot. I mentioned it to Bill in passing as I got ready for a nice long relaxing massage. Did I get that massage? Of course not. Bill found the spot and I could feel my bicep separating and rolling as he found where the muscle was locked up and released it. Shit. Did I mention that there was nothing relaxing at all about this massage?

Do injuries happen in yoga? Hell yeah, but injuries also happen coughing, walking down the street and watching tv. Our bodies are critical, they carry your brain around and empower you to make a difference in this world. The crunchy sound your knee makes, the aching in your back and the pain in your throwing arm…you don’t have to live with that! If your brakes were squeaking on your car would you keep driving until your car didn’t stop or would you take your car in and get it looked at? Sometimes it is simple stretching, other times it is a full on cleanse or a series of massages. Our bodies are self-healing and a little nudge in the right direction goes a long way.

It turns out that it is a lot easier to take care of other people than it is to take care of myself. Part of my growing edge is taking care of myself better. For me this is getting on my mat every day, reading the labels of the food I eat and drinking more water. I haven’t been practicing “rest” as prescribed by Bill, I have been practicing mindfulness and consistency. My daily yoga practice will heal my injuries as meditation will heal my mind. My commitment to the studio, my family and you – is to keep this body and mind in shape and running strong. Who and What are you committed to?

Flowers in October

Tough Mudder – Just Say Yes!

Two weeks ago Saturday, I ran the Tough Mudder.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a military type obstacle course about 10 miles long and set up in Tahoe at Northstar. It’s sponsored by the Wounded Warrior Project and its “something that I have always wanted to do.”  Yes, I did it.  The whole thing, every obstacle.  My regular yoga practice had my 43 year old body well prepared for the challenge.  Enough on that.  What was really amazing about that whole experience was something way bigger than the “feather in my hat.” 

I ran the Mudder with an acquaintance, Stephanie.  I have known Steph for years and have always thought how amazing she is.  A fellow RN, runner, amazing mom, fantastic wife and world traveler. She is the gal who decides to go to Vietnam and literally packs a back pack and goes.  I love that!  She was always one of those gals whom I have always said, “I would love to get to know her better.” 

From there the universe did its thing.  I put my intentions out and the response was a FB message one random day from Stephanie asking if I wanted to run the Mudder.  Of course I said “yes!!” Fast forward 4 months and Stephanie and I ran the Mudder.  A perfect combination.  We inspired each other, we cheered each other on, we laughed and we finished, cold, wet and dirty.  Stephanie is no longer my acquaintance she like a sister.  I know that she will always have my back and I hers.  I know what she’s made of and what she can handle and how.  What a gift.  What a blessing.

AYP, same thing. “Something I have always wanted to do”. Working on this project I am gifted regularly in some way shape or form.  It started with the gift of family togetherness as Sean, Skylar and I committed to do this.  From there it grew to include my extended family at MPY and then the local community and now moving into the international community. 

Most recently, I was introduced to two amazing women who wanted to donate their time to help with this project.  I met June and Cheri at Lincoln Park and while we drank wine we fired out ideas about upcoming events and what we can do to raise money for AYP.  While I was sitting there I knew, once again that I had made friends for life. Again, how blessed I am. 

Thank you Stephanie, June and Cheri and welcome to my life!  Thank you universe for giving me what I ask for!!!!

Sat Nam Yogis!


Jen Mudder