Jenny Garanina

MPY The Shop

MPY shop coming in clutch with all our yoga and fitness needs! The Shop is located at 611 San Anselmo Avenue in the center of Town. We carry everything from accessories to technical fitness and yoga clothing, hello yoga pants!

Friday lineup!

Friday lineup:

6 AM power yoga w/ Lynn

6 AM TRX w/ Araceli

7:30 AM Power w/ Jenny G.

8:30 AM Bootcamp w/ Araceli

9 AM Power yoga w/ Wendy

9:30 AM TRX w/ Grace

10:45 AM Power sculpt w/ Nance

10:45 AM Gentle yoga w/ Grace

12 TKO w/ Nance

12 Power yoga w/ Wendy

12 Pilates w /Jen

4:30 PM Power yoga w/ Jenny G.

4:30 PM TRX w/ Danuta

6 PM Kettlebell w/ Kelsey

6 PM Power yoga w/ Jenny G.

Benefits of TKO?

High intensity aerobic cardio boxing on bags in an intimate setting designed for 20 students. This class will raise your heart rate, build endurance and fire up your metabolism to keep you burning calories all day long.