Beach day


We are headed to Drake’s Beach this morning, we are gathering at 10am today July, 18, 2020, class at 10:30 that will be yoga and bootcamp or you can just lay on the beach and watch the waves wash up against the shore. We will social distance and be safe! Yes, bring anyone in your family who wants to hang out at the beach! Note the awesome water color from our neighbor and friend Christina Minutoli, yes, she wants you to share the image and message!

While we are there, we may rename the beach! This is our time to rise up against the oppression of the patriarchy, elect qualified women leaders, fight for Black Lives until we have equality, provide care for the people who need it and food for those who are hungry. Our beaches, roads, statutes should reflect our common values of love and family. To be clear, we are not protesting today. We are gathering to enjoy a day at the beach, together (yet 6′ apart).

If you have been having a rough time or even notice you are in a terrible mood. Consider the power of your mind. After all of these years taking the ferry, I was surprised to find out the statute between the launch and San Quentin is a Statute of Sir Francis Drake. Seriously, every time I have passed it I have admired it thinking, “Joan of Arc was such a badd ass.” Part of me wants to laugh and part of me wants to cry at my own naiveness and the beauty of perspective. Why would you see the statue as SFD when you can see it as Joan of Arc??? Seriously, good luck, you can’t unsee Joan once you have seen her. My bigger point, you understand, you have the power to see things differently.

I know parents are freaked out about the school year, kids are freaked out they still live with us and because we don’t have a national testing program we all should be freaked out we have no idea what is happening with the spread of this pandemic. So…let’s go to the beach. Watch the waves come in, remember how tiny we are and how amazing nature is. Allow the sun and cool breeze to invigorate our souls and free our minds from the questions which have no easy answers. Salt water, Vitamin D, Movement. Hello Saturday.

Drake’s beach is about an hour away and there is no cellular service. Simply attempting to meet us this morning is a small act of faith. We will be off to the right side in the protection of the cliffs, about 100 or 200′ from the parking lot. Bring whatever you need at the beach including drinks and snacks, layers because we live in California, sunscreen etc. Please Note: we are going to a public beach and you are expected to have a mask in the parking lot and observe all social distancing norms.

Most of you will not come meet us today, I know that. I want you to know you are invited, you are always welcome whenever we gather and I equally understand when you aren’t there. This is summer.

Sunshine, Sand and Waves,

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