Beating The Amazon Effect

“All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood.” Ranier Maria Rilke

Yes, you can go out on a Tuesday night. Defying the odds, I went out on Tuesday night to the 2nd monthly open mic at Split Rock in Fairfax and heard Laura Seligsohn, Elaine Blakely and Kimi Keating playing guitar and singing, had a Boylan’s root beer and caught up with Devon from Sugar in San Anselmo. The women sang beautifully haunting songs and I was a mix of proud of them for being so brave and happy to witness them in their natural element. When we were “kids” this would have been ordinary, except we would have gone out at 11pm instead of already being home and in bed at 9pm. Why was this an amazing night? The Amazon Effect.

We live at an incredible moment in history, technology is making it possible for us to “live our best lives,” without ever leaving your house, from binge watching streaming shows to uber eating. This is the rat trap. The rat race is on, we have been convinced we will never have enough and we must continue to earn the most money per hour for as many hours a week possible. The trap, is your house. Get Out Of The Trap. Your best life starts the moment you walk to town, take a class with a neighbor or friend, hike up baldy or bike up Tam or bathe in the redwoods or simply read a book at Stinson. The way we defeat the Amazon Effect is we live and play with each other, be more social.

Yoga Teacher Training starts Monday! This is an exciting time of year for us as Wendy, Grace and Araceli share their knowledge and skills and mentor a group of teachers in training. These students will quickly be assisting in classes and you will see them practicing together in the back of the room. This program is designed to create a small and significant shift in your life with a small group of people and an opportunity to create new friendships and know people deeply. I am excited for them and encourage you to check out the application on the front of our website if you are interested in more information and applying.

We are starting our first Evryman grouped by Michael Lipson and Hunter Cressman at MPY on the 2nd and 4th Mondays, providing a unique opportunity for men to gather, meditate, talk and grow together. This starts Monday January 27th as a 6 part series, in the upstairs room on the right side, gathering at 6:45pm and starting promptly at 7pm, ending at 9:30pm. Men doing the work!

I posted a message in our FB group yesterday about driving and parking more carefully, especially in Town. I remind us all that our kids learn how to drive by watching us and that we are all responsible to each other. Our neighbors on the block have children that play in their driveways, please turn around slowly and carefully on Tunstead. Note that there is always another parking space and we will always welcome you to class late. The risks of speeding or parking illegally hurts the whole community actively, please slow down and be an example instead of a warning.

Before I get off my soap box, I encourage you to hug the people you care for, give your mate and/or children more kisses and live the life you want. As Devon and I discussed last night, the future is not promised nor guaranteed for any of us. This beautiful life is supposed to be messy and if you are making mistakes you are doing it right. See on your mat.

“All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood.” Ranier Maria Rilke

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  1. Wow! I had no idea about this article (until now!). Thanks so much for including me in it! I am so happy that I could help to contribute to countering “The Amazon Effect”!

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