Better Communication Weekly

Technically, it has been a great week, the kids had less school, Monday afternoon at Drake’s beach (see the photo above), with a reminder on Service and Gratitude for our Veterans. What could make it better? An AMAZING SWEATY weekend. 

TONIGHT! Pop-Up Stop Drop and Dance with Grace from 6-7pm at the Studio! SWEAT the week out with an hour of cardio dance! Whether you start late or head home for a shower and dinner, you are also invited to the Papermill in Forest Knolls to hear Stickys, a band loaded with MPY Members such as Eric Schroder and Connor Stock and Julian Kwasneski!!! Join me for a drink and a good time!

Sunday is our 1st All Member Meeting, bring your ideas, complaints and energy to the studio Sunday night at 7:30pm. We will start with a meditation, agree to an agenda and put some of our collective brain power to work. At the worst you will get to hang out with me, at the best we will solve some problems and create some ideas! We are better because you are with us! Below is a photo I took walking thru the Mission last weekend, even if the dream seems unreachable or blocked by a fence, remember it is under construction and can be created into a reality, or maybe simply remembering your dream is enough.

Last but not least, the MPY Shop constantly surprises with what an amazing selection of fitness pants we have. I struggle with the excess and waste of shopping and my own superficial retail therapy finding yet another t-shirt I must have or the pair of pants that look as good as they feel. I struggle with encouraging you to buy more stuff, when we know all we need for happiness is within us or attainable in an hour hike up Baldy. That said, Kelsey and Amy have stocked the shop with super cute things “you have to have.” I think I need to struggle less and go with the flow more! 

Peace and Love,

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