Black Solidarity

From Your Email:
People. Between freaking out about how close the protestors are and viewing videos of the protests happening around the country and seeing the videos of the police taking tactical action, I am somewhere between heart broken and angry. While our country heaves under the strain of Corona, we are forced to take action, to choose a side and stand up for what we believe in.

Power To The Peaceful. One of my favorite statements from Michael Franti and maybe something we can aspire to as the coming days and weeks unfold. I encourage you to watch his video, Same As It Ever Washttps://youtu.be/-rJbvVX2ADQ – The words and video could have been made this week, but it was made 6 years. Turn it up and feel the goose bumps on your arms as the truth washes over you. We have come a long way and we still have so far to go. I have been a Michael Franti fan since the 90s, he has gotten me through some tough times and danced with me into the good times, music can bring us together. Let it.

Black Solidarity – Come Together To Support Black People. Seriously. It might be that easy. This has been happening our entire lives, since I was a child in the 70s, I have witnessed protests and marches demanding equality for Black people, demanding justice. I don’t go to protests anymore, I am afraid of large groups and what the police or national guard will do. I know we are supposed to do things we are afraid of, move past it, I can’t. I don’t trust our government enough to participate in peaceful protests and I can’t see past the risk of being beaten by a police officer on a horse or tear gassed. I understand the risks are low, but you also understand that my fears are rational. Can you imagine being a Black Man today? I can not.

We are all made of the same stuff, the same mutated cells that change our height or hair also change our skin color. That said, we are all different people, with our own understandings of the planet we live on and our purpose for being alive right now. Struggle through the uncomfortable conversations with us, share your knowledge and experiences and concerns and fears. Help us all to see and hear each other. Especially Black people. Try saying it out loud, Black Lives Matter. Create the reality we need with your words.

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Power To The Peaceful,

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