First in Person Class Wednesday May 5th at Redlands

First In Person Class.

I got chills up my arms typing the headline above. We are doing our FIRST in-person class Wednesday May 5th, 2021…outdoors on the Redlands Campus. Class will start at 9am. Probably. Araceli is teaching, so when I say class will end at 10am, plan accordingly.

We are doing this for the next 4 weeks as an experiment!

How do you get signed in for class? The App. 

Wait, I am not using the Marin Yoga App? Amy will help you get set-up tonight or Wednesday morning. You can email her at amy@marinpoweryoga.com and get support!

We set up the class for 20 spots and will see how the space fills in. If you can walk or bike to class, please do that. It is an easy way to love living here. 

Will the class be available online? We are trying to record it and upload it on Wednesday mid afternoon. The future is hybrid.

This is a NEW ADVENTURE for us. Please forgive the late notice and any technical issues! 

Why the Redlands Campus? This is an AMAZING resource in San Anselmo and a sacred location where education happens. We want you to know this school is a resource to you and that starts with us collaborating!

These classes are a fundraiser for the Canal Alliance. Right???

I hope to see you Wednesday. We will have weekend classes coming soon, details are still being finalized with Town. If you can’t make it to class or want to donate in a way that is tax deductible, please join our Fundraising Team page and make your contribution here: https://donate.canalalliance.org/team/356484

This is the start of an amazing Spring into Summer. Do this With Us!!!

Yin Residency with Wendy

Love Your Self.

We are kicking off our first Residency of the year with Wendy and Yin at the end of this week. Why? Self-Love People. We are easing into the year with love and devotion for your best teacher, YOU. As the rain alternates between a gentle pitter patter and the wind slamming doors, I feel the cold nip of winter reminding me this is exactly where I am supposed to be, healing and getting better.

Why aren’t we doing a 30 day challenge or a juice cleanse? Because that is so last year. Seriously, you do not need to deprive yourself of bread or meat or rest or wine or force yourself to do chaturangas for 30 days in a row to prove how strong you are. You Are Enough.

I know it doesn’t feel that way. 

Write the next chapter of your life with us; share the soggy trails, epic climbs, burpees, handstands and deep stretches, these are the many paths we are taking to building a healthy community with you.

The Plan

  1. Marin Yoga – Our Mobile Application. This is the new front door to our community. It is free for everyone and provides a complimentary class each day. Our Residency programs will happen on the App in real time each month. This is the secret to your success, we are building positive habits with trackers and communication, we are adding in goal setting this month. 
  2. Marin Power Yoga – Our Paid Portal. This is where our series will be OnDemand along with our full library of classes. We are asking you to be a paid Member for the power of choice, you can do any of our classes any time. You can access this from our mobile app!
  3. Meditation – We are building an incredible meditation program. Why? Because this is the way to mental freedom. You can start with one of our Series, or join in during one of our upcoming Residencies. Aren’t you tired of saying you don’t meditate? 

We have some strange technical issues, like having two different sign-ins for the front end and the back end. Why? Because we are experimenting with technology and living on the edge of what is easy and what is possible. This will get easier and look better this year.

We moved to a private platform because your data is created by the actions you take and it should be yours! If you can’t afford another subscription, we have you covered with an incredible free service, our paid members make this possible!

I’ve been walking the trails looking for clarity and asking myself questions. I know this year is full of potential and we have the opportunity to make huge shifts in our personal and professional lives. Make a series of small consistent steps with us, let’s create this story together. Start with Yin and Wendy, get set-up in the app and ready, more information coming this week.

Peace & Love

PS- Get our new app, sign up as “I Am New” with invite code: thankyou  

Links here:



Our app will help you develop positive habits! Track your health and do yoga, meditation and bootcamp classes with us and improve your life one day at a time. Increase your strength, optimize your health and create happiness in your life with us!

Series Launch

This is INCREDIBLE! People we are transitioning to “The New World,” and I am so excited for it! Check out our SERIES on our portal. You can do these OnDemand, your schedule and our classes! This is the Game Plan for starting 2021, we are going to build these SERIES, each month through our App, they will live on our portal so you can do them when you want. In January, we tied together our SERIES in our coaching platform…we are doing the work to get there, grow with us!!! Where is the portal? https://online.marinpoweryoga.com #marin #yoga #meditation #bootcamp #matpilates

Kick Start Pilates Day 6

Kick Start Your Day and Your Life.

People. This rollercoaster of a year is relentless, kind of like Mat Pilates with Megan. Nothing is really happening and I am shaking on the ground. Right? Why let this year leave you in a puddle on the floor when Megan will do that in the first 5 minutes of class? Mat Pilates is brutally hard.

I used to joke that Pilates was for “old ladies,” it was expensive and exclusive, only accessible to the retired women and dancers. That might have been true, but it is not the truth. The TRUTH is Mat Pilates is so difficult the only people who do it are older women, proven tough by time, the survivors who are so strong it takes the toughest core workout to break them…and now me. Seriously, if you step outside today and listen carefully, underneath the gentle whispering and rustling of leaves and in between the tweeting of birds, you might hear my cries echoing in the canyons “I love Mat Pilates.” Why? Because I feel longer and leaner and it is only Day 6, but this is not why I am writing to you today.

I know the next few weeks are going to be challenging for us all. As you panic about buying presents or not buying presents, please remember, you have so much love inside of you to share…your words or a zoom call or a hug from 10′ away is more than enough. As I read those words, multiple times, I know how challenging it is and how soon I will fail and let the season of “not enough” take over.

So, I am asking you for help. Please join me in supporting the Canal District. Our family is joining in support of the Wood/Breen/Nissen Family efforts to support our neighbors. See the message below and join me in helping. Together, we can do anything.


Support those families hardest hit by COVID-19 in our community! Our family will be collecting the following items until December 20th. Please leave items in the bins in our driveway. Gift cards should be brought to the front porch (Please knock!).

❄️27 San Rafael Ave, San Anselmo❄️

Gift card drive for the holidays
During the holiday season, gift cards provide people with the flexibility and autonomy to make the purchases they need most to support their family’s health, stability, and celebration.

Of particular value are gift cards from Visa or MasterCard, which can be redeemed at most stores. Gift cards for Target or Safeway are also appreciated as these stores are located near the Canal where many families live. Gift cards in increments of $25 up to $100 are most useful.

Canal Alliance is currently seeking donations of certain items that are in high demand in the Canal community. They are currently accepting these items:

❄️ Adult & Child Masks
❄️ Hand Sanitizer
❄️ Diapers & Baby Wipes
❄️ Formula
❄️ Gloves
❄️ Packs of Toilet Paper
❄️ Basic Hygiene Products (Soap, Deodorant, Toothpaste)
❄️ Feminine Hygiene Products

Donate school supplies for first-generation, college-bound students
Support students and their educational goals by donating school supplies.

Donate directly on our fundraising page:

Feel free to contact us at (415) 306-3990 or Rebecca.breen@gmail.com with any questions!

The Wood Nissen Breen Family

New Sign

Slowing evolving into our new shape. The sign from the shop is now up at the studio! Each step is strangely significant. This logo started our commitment to meditating more with our goal of spreading love, giving it away to create more. One of the stranger positive outcomes of this year is our meditations! Our meditation series is exactly what you need to transition to 2021!!! Look around at the back end of our portal and you will see our transformation happening in real time over the next few weeks as our Series balance out with our “regular programming.” https://online.marinpoweryoga.com for our OnDemand Portal! Mat Pilates Kick Start launches Friday!!! #marin #sananselmo #yoga #meditation #pilates

Your Turn

Now It’s Your Turn.People. Before I started writing you this morning, I deleted 30 emails trying to sell me stuff. It is almost laughable to try and reach you today, but there is something so important about today, that simply writing you is an act of hope. The last 10 day of Gratitude Practice has been enlightening, challenging and easy, is that even possible? 

I’ve struggled for the last few years with the idea of mentorship, what does it mean and why do you have ask someone to be your mentor, or maybe it is how do you ask someone to be your mentor, or really it is the fear of rejection or is it humbling to ask or why isn’t it clear to me? During this Gratitude Practice, I realized I was thanking all of my chosen teachers, my mentors. This simple word, chosen. ENLIGHTENING People. My struggle with asking for help is too close to asking someone to be my mentor. While someone “mentors you,” they can not say, “Jamie I am your mentor.” The student always chooses the teacher, even as the teacher chooses the lessons. We’ve all made a lot of mistakes in choosing teachers and mentors along the way. Part of my commitment to myself is do more of what is working. In this case, it is thanking my teachers.

Yesterday, in amongst the bills and advertisements to sell and buy, a shiny silver package, sparkling with my name on it arrived in the mail. I laughed, opening the package from Pauline, it is a signed copy of her new book, Pivot change isn’t coming, it’s here. Of course I bought the book when it was released, I wanted to support her launch and in reality we were testing a new idea for how we engage online for MPY that was so radically different, I needed to check in with Pauline and share with her what I was seeing and how we were pivoting in this.

Our 3rd pivot was looking to be so “hard,” was it even possible. Hah! Pauline’s other title is “The Queen of Possibility.”  In her book, she calls this waking up to possibility or “you don’t know what you don’t know,” on the other side of our perceived limitations, is opportunity for growth. In September and October we worked towards our possibility with a little encouragement from her book, we rolled out the beta testing that is evolving with our new platform, we took the first steps towards “The New World.” Thank You Pauline for always listening to what I am trying to do and helping me stay on the path!

Today, I encourage you all to acknowledge one of your Teachers and thank them. We have been posting thank you videos to Teachers in our FB Group for the last 10 days, planting seeds for all of us. Do it on the phone, over FaceTime, on FB in our Group or on Instagram or whisper it or do it like Rocky and yell it out your window (Adriennnnnnee). Share Your Gratitude. When we use our voice or words or creative outlet to thank our teachers, we create a ripple of positive energy in our whole community. Turn that ripple into a wave with us. 


PS: This is your short cut to get started with our new app.
Download it, sign in as “I Am New,” with invite code: thankyou
The Apple Mobile App is Here.

The Android Mobile App is Here

Our app will help you develop positive habits, track your health, do yoga, meditate, do bootcamp and improve your life one day at a time. Increase your strength and flexibility, optimize your health and create happiness in your life with us!

Trailer for our App!

Get our new app, sign up as “I Am New” with invite code: thankyou  

Links here:



Our app will help you develop positive habits! Track your health and do yoga, meditation and bootcamp classes with us and improve your life one day at a time. Increase your strength, optimize your health and create happiness in your life with us!

Thank You Teachers!

Thank You!

I have so much to be thankful for today, from my warm seat in the morning sun that I write to you from, to the brief conversation with my daughter who turns 15 today. This is a practice and each day is more rewarding. 

As I lay under the covers this morning, my left hand dangling in the cool morning breeze, resting gently on Bazzi as she snored. I thought about how much I have struggled to learn, how hard it has been to understand simple concepts and the challenges between technology and my brain and life. At the edge of depression, I leaned over, inhaled slowly and deeply fresh air, and allowed the energy of gratitude to carry me back home. 

I am grateful today for all of the school teachers in our community who are researching safety protocols and learning about exponential growth of air borne viruses while mastering a new digital platform…all of this while caring immensely about our kids and thinking about how they can support the mental, physical and emotional health of their students. It is a lot. 

Thank You Teachers for continuing to learn and inspire us with your pursuit of knowledge and growth. Thank you for adapting the material to how my brain works, for project based learning opportunities and creative presentations. Thank you for staying after class or showing up early to class to explain to me, again in a different way, so that I could find a little bit more of my potential.

I know it is Monday and you have probably deleted 20 junk emails already. If you only close your eyes for a few seconds and picture a teacher in your head and send them your energy, you will have created value from this message. This is a Gratitude Practice because it is messy and each time you do it the benefits grow in unique ways. Practice with us.


PS – Yes, please post a video in our Community Group on FB expressing your Gratitude to your School Teachers! Why? Gratitude magnifies when you give it away!!! 

PPS – Get set-up in our new mobile app:

  1. Go to our Launch Site at https://marinyoga.co
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  5. Notifications On – You will get a message from Araceli each morning!
  6. Join the Leader Board! We are tracking Steps Weekly!
  7. Create Positive Habits with Us!!!

Growth Starts Inside

Growth Starts Inside.

I am getting a Masters in Science in Organizational Leadership at Redlands University, newly located in San Anselmo, can you imagine a better year to be thinking about how and what we do? We had one class in person before the pandemic kicked in and we went online, the structure of being in a program has progressed my learning intentionally and kept me motivated when my spirit has felt broken. Has the reading and studying helped? Does a bear poop in the woods? We have a new app and potentially a game changing shift for our community because of the learning I have been doing, as the Beastie Boys said, “here’s a little story, I’ve got to tell…”

I’ve struggled for years with coaching, the lines blur too easily with therapy and life coaches never seem to be successful business people but they want to hear about my business. Do I sound like a typical smart ass New Yorker yet? Jaded. Total hater. We covered coaching a few classes ago, over some light reading I sat with my struggle, trying to understand my revulsion…to being helped. Worse than not asking for directions, worse than Monty Python’s Black Knight, was I actively going to fight getting helped or coached? To exacerbate the issue, we got into feedback and praise, what do you mean we only give positive feedback? 

Yes, I struggled with the questions and my resistance. Is there anything wrong with getting help? Would I prefer to “be me” unchanged, or am I going to do the work to “be a better version of me.” Coaching is exclusive, like pilates, only available to the wealthy when it should be available to…those who need it. My experience of studying and experimenting proved to me that we all need coaching and we respond better with positive feedback. I am still struggling to re-train my brain, to look for positive feedback opportunities and not only be coachable but to be coached. Understanding the solution was great, but did we even have a problem?

You think you are alone suffering to do online yoga and fitness? NO. In Business Analytics, I looked at the data and wrestled with the idea of how should we use data and how do measure our ability as an “Analytical Competitor?” People, if you have seen The Social Dilemma, you know my reasons for concern, our identity creates data which is monetized by companies, otherwise described as “they sell our information.” Acknowledging the dislike so many people have for the social networks and lack of psychological trust in sharing publicly, I looked for a way to make our relationship private yet include the benefits of community. Your data is private on our new platform, your activity is not shared and we don’t do notifications to monetize you or your activity. We are using the data to create a stronger connection with each other, we typically call this building community/

Welcome to MPY Online 3.0, right? We started with a learning management system and realized the limitations, we implemented 2.0 on the Vimeo platform and we have a world class live streaming and OnDemand platform for our classes. Our Mobile app is a coaching platform that plugs into Vimeo, this is a new front end or entrance way to our world. There are automatic and manual trackers to “coach” you into positive habits, Araceli sends out a message each day, connecting you in to our energy for the day. There are links on the main page to a class of the day and we will be leading programs to inspire your life through the app. We are making changes every week as we adjust to the times we are living in.

There is some strange stuff (yes, everybody is new to the mobile app, it is a separate account) as we work with technology to integrate multiple platforms and figure out what we are doing. Seriously, we are learning with you, growing into this. We are “creating a new business model,” and figuring this out in realtime. Everybody can get the app and take a daily class with us for FREE. This fulfills our purpose of bringing yoga and meditation to everybody who needs it, while democratizing coaching and making it available as a benefit. People who have paid memberships with our Vimeo portal can do any class and get the power of choice in classes. I know, it’s a lot. We are figuring this out.

I have always shared with you everything that I can about what we are doing at MPY, there is something about the raw honesty in our communications that is awkward, yet completely natural. I want you to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. If you see a better way or have advice for me, send it to me. I am doing the work to be a better Human and Leader, your feedback and ideas are critical to my growth and the success of our community. Thank you for making this leap with us, trying new things and continuing to progress and grow in your body, mind and spirit. 

Knowledge Is Power,

PS – Did you know I have been “mostly vegan” the last 18 months? High cholesterol convinced me to change my eating. If you have questions or need help, I am here for you. I haven’t had a new blood test, my goal is to get to 140 combined, a 70-70 split. Let’s Do This!

PPS – Get set-up in our new mobile app:

  1. Go to our Launch Site at https://marinyoga.co
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  3. Sign up as “I Am New” with Invite Code: thankyou
  4. Sync your connected device, like Apple Health for the Apple Watch or your Strava or Garmin or FitBit.
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  7. Create Positive Habits with Us!!!

Get the new App!!!

Get our NEW mobile app! This is free and a subtle yet HUGE shift for us! Why? We know none of us signed up for a pandemic nor an online life, we are putting in place the tools for success. It starts with tracking automatically and manually basic health indicators, like steps and whether you meditated or did class. We want to play a new role in your life, “inspire you.” We are going to motivate you daily with a short message from us. Not selling you anything, just sharing where we are in this. This is a private platform! That means no ads and no fake activity, this isn’t about your attention, this is about your intention!!!

We also have links to classes, from meditation to yoga and bootcamp. The class of the day is free, if you want “all access,” we want you as a premium member. This might sound crazy, we are giving alway 90% of the benefits for free!!! Why? Because our mission is to build a healthy local community. Let’s do this together! #marin #sananselmo #yoga #mindfulness join as “I Am New” with invite code: thankyou at https://marinyoga.co

Pivot Hard with Jamie and Ariane

Catch up on Current events with Jamie and Ariane as they discuss https://marinyoga.co – sign up as “I Am New” with invite code: thankyou

See the note from Shannon Mahoney: Just listened…Jamie Foresta Ginsberg & MPY appreciate you all for continuing to spread the word about Allies (www.aotbc.com) The AOTBC community is growing each week and so is our awareness of why we all need to lean in. A little bit goes a long way, together, is SO true. Thanks to a few successful events, we are getting ready to release our 4th grant ($5K) to a local, Black owned small business and very close to the 5th – which I’m confident we will hit before year end. When we release the grants, we are including a letter that lists the first name and last initial of EVERYONE that has donated to make these grants possible. These grants, while small, are meaningful and helping to back a shift in our community towards inclusiveness that has been lacking. I am with you on national change needing to happen, and find where we can improve things first is ground up and in our backyard. So much to do and it brings a feeling of hope seeing people engaged on many levels, when there are so many lanes of inequity to tackle. xo

Jamie launches Gratitude Practice

Free 10 Day Gratitude Practice for Teachers starts Tuesday. Get logged in to our new Marin Yoga app as I Am New with invite code: thankyou

Thanking our school teachers for learning to teach in new ways and for caring for all of our kids and students. THANK YOU!


#yoga #meditation #gratitude #mindfulness

Our app will help you develop positive habits! Track your health and do yoga, meditation and bootcamp classes with us and improve your life one day at a time. Increase your strength, optimize your health and create happiness in your life with us!

Wendy launches 10 Day Gratitude Practice on MarinYoga

Free 10 Day Gratitude Practice for Teachers starts Tuesday. Get logged in to our new Marin Yoga app as I Am New with invite code: thankyou 

Thanking our school teachers for learning to teach in new ways and for caring for all of our kids and students. THANK YOU! 

#yoga #meditation #gratitude #mindfulness https://marinyoga.co

Our app will help you develop positive habits! Track your health and do yoga, meditation and bootcamp classes with us and improve your life one day at a time. Increase your strength, optimize your health and create happiness in your life with us!

CayCay launches 10 Day Gratitude Practice on MarinYoga

Free 10 Day Gratitude Practice for Teachers starts Tuesday. Get logged in to our new Marin Yoga app as I Am New with invite code: thankyou 

Thanking our school teachers for learning to teach in new ways and for caring for all of our kids and students. THANK YOU! 

#yoga #meditation #gratitude #mindfulness https://marinyoga.co

Our app will help you develop positive habits! Track your health and do yoga, meditation and bootcamp classes with us and improve your life one day at a time. Increase your strength, optimize your health and create happiness in your life with us!

Megan Launches 10 Day Gratitude Practice

Free 10 Day Gratitude Practice for Teachers starts Tuesday. Get logged in to our new Marin Yoga app as I Am New with invite code: thankyou 

Thanking our school teachers for learning to teach in new ways and for caring for all of our kids and students. THANK YOU! 

#yoga #meditation #gratitude #mindfulness https://marinyoga.co

Our app will help you develop positive habits! Track your health and do yoga, meditation and bootcamp classes with us and improve your life one day at a time. Increase your strength, optimize your health and create happiness in your life with us!

10 Day Gratitude Practice Launched Tuesday!

Free 10 Day Gratitude Practice for Teachers starts Tuesday. Get logged in to our new Marin Yoga app as I Am New with invite code: thankyou 

Thanking our school teachers for learning to teach in new ways and for caring for all of our kids and students. THANK YOU! 

#yoga #meditation #gratitude #mindfulness 

Our app will help you develop positive habits! Track your health and do yoga, meditation and bootcamp classes with us and improve your life one day at a time. Increase your strength, optimize your health and create happiness in your life with us!

Launch site: https://marinyoga.co

Launch Day!


We Launch TODAY!

Thank you for being here with me, today! There are links in the email to our launch site for our 10 Day Gratitude Practice, that starts Tuesday, get registered today for this free program! 

As we have prepared for this Gratitude Practice over the last few weeks I have reflected on my own successes and failures this year, seeking answers and secrets to share with you. The anguish and difficult  truth of the word Gratitude can only be communicated in one word, FAMILY. 

What? How can this simple word be the root of joy, pain and gratitude? Please, you know I am not a therapist, your reflection may reveal the complexity of this simple word. I know we all have different relationships with our family, looking at the image above you see a simple highlight from the weekend. Amy’s parents stopped by on Sunday to commiserate over the Michigan game and catch up. The afternoon sun, brief moments with the kids and the ability to see each other safely distanced. It isn’t the same, but I FaceTime with my Mom in The Bronx and bring her into my kitchen, sharing meal prep or a walk with the puppy over headphones. Small moments we can enjoy together. 

Most of you are reading this because you know my personal Gratitude Practice is based in Community. Twenty years ago my friend Kim told me, “Jamie, you will find community when your kids join swim team.” I knew she was speaking the truth, yet Amy and I didn’t have kids. Can you only experience community with kids who swim? Clearly we answered that with MPY. It turns out the most important part of Community is YOU. No pressure.

Right? We are launching our new Mobile App, Marin Yoga, with a 10 Day Gratitude Practice. There will be a meditation posted each day and a yoga or bootcamp class. Araceli will send you a message each morning with some inspiration for your day and a reflection for you to journal or take a hike or run with or discuss with a family member. I am not saying this will be easy, I am telling you it has the potential to change your life.

I am really excited to practice over the next 10 days with you and welcome you into our growing community online. Yes, this is all free. If you want to pick and choose your classes, please join our premium MPY membership that comes with all of our classes. We are trying to find the balance of making sure that everybody benefits from yoga, meditation and fitness while creating a self-sustaining community. 

Get registered into our new mobile app by Midnight Monday so you start Day 1 with us Tuesday!


PS- Run Like a Girl.

PPS – I sat in on a great discussion at San Domenico last week on Finding Your Purpose, through Awe and Gratitude. Whether it is looking up at the nights stars and sitting with the idea that we are all made of the same genetic material or we are noticing our breath, there are many paths to freedom.

PPPS- Sign up as “I Am New” and use Invite Code: thankyou

Shop The Sale

Do you love a deal? Save 30% off everything at The Shop! We are closing the shop and putting all of our resources into this next shift. Help us close the shop! We are doing private zoom shopping! Book an appointment and get a deal! calendly.com/marinpoweryoga

*We have amazing deals! Revolution Balance Boards to Straps and Wheels for stretching and HandStand Blocks! We have an amazing collection of yoga pants!


Encourage One Friend To Vote.

We watched Borat last night and had the best laugh, at us. I will not ruin the movie for you beyond telling you it is a painfully funny look in the mirror. In between chortling, snorting and choking on laughter, I was inspired to find one person and motivate them to vote early. If you find one person to vote early, we are going to make a positive impact this week. Let’s do this!

This year has added lines to my eyes and gray to my hair (have you seen my face), we don’t change this much without it effecting us. With the aging has come 10 years of experience in the last 7 months, from the obvious adopting to zoom calls and grocery deliveries to living more outdoor lives. Within the constant progress, we have to make space for reflection.

There is a great Meditation today, with Araceli on Week 4 Day 1 of The Journey, it is a little longer and just what you need to hear right now. I don’t have any answers for you, just this reminder to listen. Find 20 minutes for you, get comfortable and sync your energy up with us. Together we are stronger.

Peace, Love and VOTE,

PS – Local Voters! I am supporting Brian Colbert, John Wright and Alexis Fineman to continue to represent San Anselmo, they have done a great job during the pandemic and they work hard with INTEGRITY and HONESTY for our Town! I am also voting for Tiffany McElroy for TUHSD Board, she is a member and activist! Most importantly, I encourage you to VOTE! I will also encourage you watch every episode of D Ali G, because we need to laugh out loud more! 

PPS – While we are on the subject of voting, is this the year for full size halloween candy bars or chocolate covered brussel sprouts????

The Change

Exciting Changes Coming 

Do you remember this scene in A Bug’s Life? The branch falls and interrupts the line of ants carrying supplies, one of the elders redirects the panicking ants around the wood saying, “this is nothing compared to the twig of ’93.” That branch fell on all of us in March and this week has been harder than most weeks. I can try and blame it on the full moon or the planets moving, but we all know that isn’t true. The weight of everything happening right now is real and breaking our collective backs.

I sat in on the Marin Economic Forum presentation this week and I am sharing a screen shot of one of the slides Mike Blakely shared. Almost 32% of small businesses (at most 25 employees) in Marin have closed this year. What? Yeah. That is crazy. I’d say take a walk and look around, but between the smoke and the pandemic, you don’t need proof. What can you do about it? Be intentional about supporting the shops and restaurants you want to have in your Town in 2021. I didn’t hear estimates for how the year will finish, and when I look at the future it is foggy/cloudy/smokey reminding me to focus on today. 

More important than the dire statistics, Mike and the Marin Economic Forum discussed “the pivot” businesses have to make, reminding us this isn’t “about adding take-out ordering if you are a restaurant,” and encouraging us to aggressively rethink our business models. I agree with Mike 100% on this. Every local business you know has to think about what role it fills in our community, what services to provide and how to deliver those services. Pivot Aggressively.

These words are hauntingly simple and easily dismissed. Yet when I heard them I chuckled, flexed both arms and chortled “Let’s Go!” Why? We are working on something so BIG at MPY that I have to “pump myself up.” Seriously, like a teenager watching Hans and Franz on SNL. Try it, you instantly feel bigger and stronger, and within seconds the pressure diffuses into laughter, especially if you say it with a thick German accent. The jokes flow quickly when I am nervous, can you tell?

Life Support Design. What? YES. We are changing how we engage as a community. Remember the 5 minutes before or after class? Remember how we used to joke, “the hardest part of yoga is getting to class?”    All of us (o.k. – except for like 6 of you), have struggled with setting routines and making progress on our physical and health goals. We have a plan, Life Support Design.

What does it look like? Weekly 30 minute zoom sessions, led by one of our teachers, with a small group of 7-10 members who you grow with for the year. These weekly coaching sessions will empower you to implement positive routines in your life and encourage your usage of our growing OnDemand library of classes. 

How much does it cost? Nothing. O.k, it is included with your membership. We are “Pivoting Aggressively,” that means we are putting a new front end on the MPY experience. We do not want to be an online platform of classes, we know there are too many interesting options out there from Peloton to Planet Fatness (I mean fitness). We want to be your community, the people you share your health and fitness journey with, the people you laugh with and the people you cry with. We can do this, together.

When is it starting? Today. This email is a seed, planted in the cool moist soil, layered with nutrients and protection. I am putting together our initial “weekly schedule” over this holiday weekend and I will be sending out an email to all of our annual Members and Online Members next week with links to pick a session. As sessions fill, we will close them and take them off as an option. The sessions will be a mix of days and times, we want to have enough options that you find a time slot you can commit to weekly.

Is this therapy? NO. We are not working on the past. Everything we do will be focused on today and tomorrow. Are you certified? NO. Our team is committed to listening effectively and growing with you. You don’t need to be certified in that. Will we get better? YES. You witnessed our improvement as teachers and a studio over the last 7 years, this is the success we are going to build upon. Are you scared? YES. I have resisted the idea of coaching at MPY since we started. This isn’t a small step or pivot for us. We are about to sprint and make our best attempt to leap across the Grand Canyon, somewhere between Thelma and Louise and Fried Green Tomatoes. 

People, this is nothing compared to the twig of 93′. While I joke about that, in 1993, I was switching majors from pre-med to linguistics to communications, I was lost, drifting at the University of Michigan in a pool of failure and shame, not knowing “what I wanted to be when I grew up,” and struggling emotionally and physically. Not so funny and yet strangely familiar. I didn’t have the experience or team to navigate that stress and the results were ugly and painful. I was sad, depressed and alone; running until I physically couldn’t and walking/limping for hours to get home, physically hurt and emotionally better. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can transition smoothly with intention, it takes a village for that to happen.

Life Support Design. We are making small teams to grow together, intentionally. 

O.K people. That is my big news and with any luck you will be hearing more about it over the next week. We aren’t doing this to save our business, you can look at the image with statistics to see how risky that is. We are doing this to save our lives, to be with people and grow together. We are democratizing coaching and bring the benefits of small group work directly to you. Pivot Aggressively With Love.

Love and Virtual Hugs,

PS – I am committed to promoting people and events in our community. As you may know, I am doing my M.S. in Organizational Leadership at the University of Redlands, which merged with the Seminary in San Anselmo last year. I am including a message from Ashley below about renting space on Campus. Yes, spoiler alert, we are trying to figure out outdoor events in Town (please note: air quality, think about what we tell you to do, breathe deeply – we will do outdoor classes when the air is clear).

We at the University of Redlands, Marin Campus (home of San Francisco Theological Seminary) are so excited about partnering with Marin Power Yoga. We know mental and physical health is crucial right now – taking a yoga class surrounded by panoramic views at the top of our campus sounds healing for mind, body, and soul. Be on the lookout for upcoming dates! Until then, if you need to take a minute, you are welcome to come up to the very top of the campus and walk the labyrinth. 
In other news – do you know an essential worker who needs housing? Or a Marin resident who has been displaced? We want to support these individuals with priority for our short-term apartment rentals. Whether for a couple nights or a few weeks, these furnished apartments are highly affordable. These are spaces to take time to breathe, cook, sleep, and rest. Any questions? Please contact Ashley Pogue at marin_events@redlands.edu

Slowly breaking my heart

You Should Be Broken Hearted.

The news is so terrible this week, you have to look at the selfie of Bazzi and I just so there is good news. Seriously. I had big plans of “dropping our big announcement” today and it just isn’t relevant to what is happening in the World right now. Maybe next week, will be better. We are on the brink of our Second Civil Rights Movement and it feels impossible to make progress. 

It isn’t just Wisconsin, this is Tiburon and the police harassing Yema in his own store. This is listening to our neighbors say “changing the name of our high school is too expensive” while ignoring that our kids aren’t feeling safe at school due to racism. If you are struggling to understand the moment, the NBA boycotted last night to help you discuss these issues at your breakfast table. This isn’t big, it is huge. Race is the most important discussion in America right now. Think about how crazy that is, our biggest problem is Equality for Black people, during a pandemic and the most corrupt presidency America has experienced with fires burning across California and hurricanes hitting our Southern coast. We have a serious problem and we need to talk about it.

I don’t know how we take the next steps. I am encouraging all of us to stay informed and look for opportunities to support people doing good work. Start discussions with your family and friends, participate in discussions happening and use your voice to call out racism and start the process of change. As a White person I have been listening and avoiding taking action. This is wrong. All White people are complicit in the institutionalized racism we live within. We all have to speak up when we see racism, it is happening all around us and we have to call it out, get it into daylight and move past it. This doesn’t mean I am trying to “lead the movement,” it means I am going to support the movement and ask you to step up also.

When you hear people calling for a compromise on the school name, as in the Drake Ducks, ask yourself why? Why are we trying to hold onto the racist past instead of acknowledging we know better today and do better now. If you went to the HS and have that much attachment to the name I have great news for you, there is a lot more to life than your high school memories. When you hear people use expense as the reason, laugh out loud (with your mask on) and tell them we all know this has nothing to do with money, this is about racism. Please do not be confused, the name of our local high school is part of the Second Civil Rights Movement. This is one small story in our current history and it is deceptively important.

People, this moment in time is bigger than all of us. If your heart isn’t broken, watch any of the videos of Black people being shot in America this year. It hurts to watch. People of Color need us all to rise up with them and demand Equality. We are in this together. I send my positive energy out to all of the firefighters and first responders battling to save us, to all of the teachers and parents trying to navigate back to school, to the kids who are learning in new ways and most of all to you, because it is you and I who are going to make a difference.


PS- If you are reading this wondering what it has to do with yoga or fitness, you are on the right track. What does yoga mean and how do we practice it? This is yoga today.

Happy Weekend

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Maya Angelou

This is the story of 2020, learn and do better. How many different ways do we need to hear this? Who knew we needed to wear masks in January? Yet, I was 2 blocks from my house on my bike before I turned around to get a mask yesterday. The incentive to wear a mask is pretty high these days, it seems to be the only way we can get reduce risk and participate in society. That said, I can’t even list the number of people I have seen in Town not wearing a mask. I know we are all learning a new habit and it takes patience and nurturing, it might also take a few dropkicks and some F Bombs, Namaste.

I was talking about forecasting with a researcher from Stanford yesterday, I responded to a survey last year and participated in estimating our numbers and follow-up reviews and figured it was over. After all, it is just math. When they reached out again, I told them upfront that our business was blown up by the pandemic and we probably have nothing to talk about. To my surprise, there were more interested in talking. Why? All of my forecasting was right except for 2 metrics. I say this humbly because the reality is, nobody cares, except for the researchers and me. They wanted to know how I did the forecasting and we talked about the current situation and did some light estimates for the future, acknowledging we have no clue what is coming over the next few months.

It is just math. Seriously, I’m actually really proud of getting the forecasting right, I think I “did the best.” I know it is more than just math. I am way too hard on my mistakes, they hurt and I do so much work to move past them and acknowledge successes. I missed so many signs leading up to the shut down, I know we all did, but as someone responsible for gathering people together, I feel that regret. Forget about it. I looked into the future yesterday and felt a mix of cautious optimism. Why? I know better now than I did 4 months ago, so do you.

There is a lot of AMAZING things happening right now, if you choose to see them. Our local high school is getting renamed, the statue honoring a slave trading rapist murderer has been removed from Larkspur landing and the County is discussing renaming SFD. More people are wearing masks, local businesses are innovating (I bought pasta at Amphora with Apple Pay last week, fully contactless without going inside) and we are doing zoom shopping calls at MPY with local delivery and appointments booked on our website. Do you hear how crazy those changes are? Maybe it is because it is Saturday, maybe it is because it is August, maybe because we know better so we are doing better.

We moved from alpha to beta testing of our new coaching program and I am really excited about it. With any luck we will be rolling this out to Membership mid-August as we figure out the details of how to scale this. The vision is weekly coaching and accountability meetings in small groups to support your progress and growth. I am so excited about this, I am afraid to tell you any more, until next week. We have solved a major problem that will directly benefit your life.

Maybe this should be called the all good news edition? You want more? We are negotiating outdoor spaces to bring you classes outside thru the end of October. Expect crazy rules, an amazing location and us. I am not really excited about this and have all kind of concerns, but I am excited for the people who want this. Real talk. Laugh at the picture below, then follow the link to our classes for hula hooping, Josie is an amazing world-class teacher and she has put up enough classes for you to join the circus when this is all over, or maybe start your own circus during this.

I haven’t been saving all of the good news, I’m just sharing a few wins in a sea of losses. I am feeling hopeful because I believe we are demonstrating our learning through our current actions, from the discussions about equality and including anti-racism in our schools’ curriculum to people voting in the upcoming election. We are the generation who will empower the youth to care about the future and do the work in the present to create change. I am sending you a virtual hug and love.

Happy Weekend,

This week online!

Can You Hear Me Now?

Every zoom call seems to include someone breaking up or forgetting they are on mute, “can you hear me now?” No. We can’t hear you. What? Seriously. We Can’t Hear You. You Must Speak Up.

I’m talking about life, not online meetings. The silence is oppressive and concerning, we need to know what your core values are and what you believe in. Your thoughts are important and when you put them into words and share your ideas they shift into goals and are more likely to become reality. We need to talk about the issues more and learn from each other.

It is not enough that we both do yoga, or ride the mountain or whatever simple enjoyment we find connection through. We must have the difficult conversations and communicate our Core Values. In our lifetimes we were discouraged from discussing religion and politics, that sounds crazy doesn’t it? What else matters? The weather? Baseball? Please. Those days are over.

This is the day and age of transparency and authenticity, we must all live our truth and share our journey. It is easier to say than to do, for all of us.

Yes, I am thinking about schools, teachers, kids, parents and our system of education; trying to understand how we transition during a pandemic. There are so many questions and attempts being made to figure this out. I know it isn’t lost on you that we are participating in a global science experiment. I hope you find it as funny as I do that the people who “don’t believe in science” are equally participating in this, nature does not care whether you believe in climate change or how viruses spread.

This is a strange week in Summer. It is the lull before the storm, the quiet stillness that allows the chirping birds to cut through the distant hum of cars commuting on the 101, the rays of sun slicing thru the trees and burning off the protective cloak of fog that promises to return by early afternoon. These are the reminders to love each other fiercely, to summon the strength to be kind and the patience to listen carefully and understand.

This is an election year and there are less than 100 days until we get the opportunity to vote. This year is very important. We will vote on local candidates for Town Council and the School Board as well as the President. We learned that “anybody can be elected to be President,” but not everybody is qualified to be a Public Servant Leader. We know first hand how important local politics are and how we have to educate ourselves beyond slogans and pithy statements. Get educated and vote for good people.

We will all make mistakes this week. You will forget your mask in the house, miss a zoom meeting and run out of almond milk. Forgive the small mistakes and call it Summer. Take the time to call someone instead of texting them, listen carefully to what they are going through and be available as a resource. This is the work, caring and being interested in each other, small acts of love generously shared.

This is the most exciting time of our lives, we are in the middle of a pandemic during an election year that has ignited the 2nd Civil Rights Movement. We have the opportunity to rebuild our public education system with an anti-racist philosophy and look at equality with our eyes wide open as we balance knowledge transfer and socialization and the safety of our teachers and students. This is our time. Rise up and face the challenges of the week with an open mind and a full heart. We need you.

Peace and Masks,