The Best Summer Ever

From Your Email
The Best Summer Ever.

Summer plans seem impossible this year. We have been waiting for changes every 2 weeks for 3 months now. From drive thru graduations to zoom parties, this school year ended with a collective sigh of relief and a shrug of the shoulders, like when they announce the opposing team at a basketball game and after each players name we shout, “Who Cares!” We do. Summer is what dreams are made of, we make friends that last a lifetime, physically grow out of the clothes we don’t destroy, fall in and out of love, taste the sweetness of melon and sweat thru the longest days of the year. Even this year.

We all have to let go of the summer we had planned to discover the summer waiting for us, today. This is the start of your summer of change and it starts with setting some goals. What will you do by August 15, 2020? Make a note in your phone or a google doc or send me a reply to this email, this first action of documenting your goals is the first step into making them a reality, if you want to dramatically increase your chances of success, share them with a friend or the internet, you can even rally in an accountability buddy, someone you will check-in with over the summer.

Make some sections, from physical goals to business goals to learning goals to whatever is part of your life; list some specific goals in each section, considering how you will measure your progress. Keep it simple, like core work 5x a week or hold a plank for 3 minutes or hike Sorich once a week, or finish the back corner of your garden. I my goals I included finish my summer classes with great grades and a weekly sunset at the beach in my goals, sharing them with you will encourage me to finish my current paper and balance the sunsets with my reading.

This is the biggest summer of our lives. Seriously. We are in the middle of a global pandemic spreading rapidly and indiscriminately. As the economy reopens, avoid getting COVID-19 trying to relive some memory of what life used to be like. We are only 3 months in to “The Great Transition,” we are still ramping up, learning what is broken and where have we gone wrong. While I joke about some restaurants I will never visit again or how I will not sit on a public bench or taste someone’s coffee or shake hands, these are small examples of the changes we must still make. People, Hollywood has prepared us for this, we know there will be a second and third wave of this, imagine you are binge watching a series on Netflix or Police Academy 7. Speaking of the police, we are on the cusp of the second civil rights movement of modern times and the first of my lifetime.  Black Lives Matter.

As we protest and rally online, the police departments across the United States have struggles over the last few weeks as we told them to end police brutality against Black people and a movement started to shift the allocation of funding from the militarization of the police to social services, commonly referred to as defunding the police. If you don’t think it is time to redefine the work done by the police, consider it is a reflection of the real world where all of us are looking at our jobs and figuring out our contribution to society. The police have to do that also. I want to be clear, I am not saying fire or cut the police, I am saying redefine how we police in America and essentially who we police. If we need to say this more simply, the police have lost the public trust and have to earn it back again. It starts with saying Black Lives Matter and continues with adopting reform that will eliminate the murder of Black people.

3 step plan to make this the greatest summer ever 

1) Create some goals for the next 8 weeks; 

2) Stay healthy during this pandemic; 

3) Fight for freedom for Black people.

This will not be easy and everything will continue to evolve weekly. You don’t need to have all of the answers, perfect hair or complete a single goal. Failure will happen this summer, it is part of the process of pushing our limits and growing. Get up and try again, maybe a smaller step or incremental goal. Include the BLM in your goals, together we can create the change we need.

You will get more messages from me encouraging you this summer. I will remind you to fight for freedom for Black people, this is going to be a battle. I will also share with you tips and secrets for getting physically stronger and living your healthiest life (Meditate, Drink Water, etc.). I know that great health will not save your life if you get COVID-19, it is still random and unknown what happens. I also know that you have the best chance of survival if you are mentally and physically as healthy as possible. Our online learning system is designed to support your health, all of our health. Start with the Core Challenge we launched last week, or do a short class or whatever you find appealing in our class lists. If you have never taken a hula hoop class with us, Josie will take you back to 1982 and teach you some serious skills. Do the Work. We Are In This Together. Reply to this with 3 Goals for Summer.

BLM, Jamie


Moody AF

Moody A.F.

This week I have been moody a.f. – from old man cranky to frustrated and angry with moments of contentment and elated happiness. The only thing keeping me sane is I can look at the world and see my experience is a reflection of the craziest time in our lives. Nothing about this is normal, nothing.

San Anselmo is opening up in small bursts, with the Town closing some streets on the weekend to allow for dining downtown and greater movement when you are walking. I am a huge fan of closing the streets to cars and encouraging us to walk more, I am also very concerned about density and spacing. You should be also.

The desire to return to normal seems to be winning the war against creating a new normal, as I say that I think, outdoor dining in San Anselmo is certainly new along with curbside pick-up and delivery. We are innovating and changing, the pace will be slow and we will restart several times trying to figure this out. 
I refuse to rant about the lack of mask wearing I am seeing, that seems so 3 weeks ago of an issue, but as I observe our collective behavior, I see a struggle to adapt to new habits. Yet this is something within all of our control, each of us can make a choice with our actions. 

Why am I concerned? We are in the same place we started from, we know there is an airborne virus that can kill you, we don’t have a treatment protocol yet. That said, I am very optimistic a treatment protocol will be here by the Fall. There are a few companies working on this, particularly Regeneron, they developed a treatment for Ebola that is in the process of approval and are on track to be testing their Covid-19 drug on humans next week. The key to managing the risk starts with an end plan, what will we do in the worst case scenario. The cocktail approach to treatment will not work for everybody and every variation, but it will change the risk significantly and empower us to take greater risks in our behavior.

One of the common arguments I have been hearing is “are you going to live your whole life this way, in fear?” This makes me feel the full length of my 47 years on this planet, filled with so many memories and experiences I could not convey even a brief period of my life in the short period we have been sheltering in place. Can I wait a few more months and see if this treatment protocol is effective on humans? No, the truth is my actions have been riskier the last few days and our cleaning systems are a little looser. My kids are out and I know they are kids and do not understand my concern with a 3% chance of not surviving, I’d like that to be closer to a .5% chance. I am very aware of how much my risk has increased the last week. This isn’t fear, it is acknowledging the truth that even with my careful practices I am not being careful enough. Be patient, the best is yet to come.

What is really important this week? We are experiencing a revolution in America, the biggest protests of our lives are happening and we are witnessing in real time how our actions can create the changes we want in the world. I am part of this, you are part of this. We understand the systemic racism we grew up with has to change, we have the opportunity to support this, whether it is marching and protesting or having difficult conversations or simply struggling with our own bias.

I carry a lot of guilt for supporting Africa Yoga Project less the last few years. When Sean and Jen opened the Baptiste Studio in SF, I knew there was adequate Bay Area support and it was an easy time to focus on more local issues. The fact is, AYP has created more Black Yoga teachers and reached more Black people in America with Yoga than any other organization I have found. They are relentless in their commitment to community outreach and supporting underserved communities. Paige is an amazing leader who has impacted our lives in America with her actions in Kenya. I am linking 2 easy ways you can donate below, directly to AYP or you can support an off-shoot studio, Yoga Heart Kenya, that is delivering food and services in the slums of Nairobi. 

You don’t have to donate, you can like them on your social platform of choice and share their content or just educate yourself as to how they are participating in fulfilling their purpose. I know my role is to continue to listen and learn, I also know that I have a role in reminding us to support organizations doing good work from our Town to across the World and to keep saying Black Lives Matter until we are all saying it together.

Love and Masks,

PS – I am on Day 3 of our Core Challenge, that is one way to beat the blues.

Start Tomorrow

Start Tomorrow.Seriously, it might be too much to ask you to start right now, or even today, so I am encouraging you to start tomorrow. Last week was crazy, there is a movement to change America by eliminating police brutality and making Black Lives Matter spreading across our country one protest at a time. These protests are taking many different forms, from marching in the streets to sharing resources from Black owned businesses to support to books to read and talks to listen to. This is an incredible opportunity to educate ourselves and share this knowledge with our community.”The paradox of education is precisely this – that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.” James Baldwin

I am not sharing links to donate to causes or books to read today. I am encouraging you to do your own research, read and watch the stories unfolding across the country, keep your eyes open and be willing to feel the pain of freedom. We each have an important role to fill in this time of change, that role is not defined because your first job is to figure out what solution do you want to be part of, finding this is a combination of researching what people are doing and how they are doing it combined with movement that frees your mind to see clearly, some people call this exercise. This movement is your time for reflection, whether you sit and breathe and meditate or you do the core challenge starting Tuesday or you run or bike the mountain or do our live or OnDemand classes or you do the same VHS tape you have been rocking for 30 years; use your physical exercise to intentionally clear your mind, the role you are to fill or your purpose will slowly become clear to you.

Don’t rush. Seriously. It’s Monday. Practice today. Make a small attempt. Maybe a few small attempts. Laugh at your success and your failures. Take yourself less seriously. Why? Our society is broken, there is no re-opening or return to normal coming. We need you to observe, question, learn and take action to create a new world in which racism does not exist. You have an important role in this. Find your voice and use it.

Peace and Wear A Mask,

We Are Online

Our yoga and fitness studio is online for $40 per month at https://online.marinpoweryoga.com – The streaming schedule is below, the OnDemand classes are awesome. We are streaming from our homes to your homes, get stronger and healthier with us. Our approach to the pandemic is we are not hosting in person classes, we have officially gone all online. You are invited to join us!

Black Out Tuesday

Day Of Action.
Black Out Tuesday, consider there is a need for all of us to educate ourselves, share resources and remember that Knowledge Is Power.

Anti-Racism Resources

GrassRoots Organizing

Black Lives Matter

Bail Fund for Protestors

The pain of racism in America is being shifted by our collective action. It starts with us.

Welcome To June

Welcome To June.
There is a new schedule for this week and we are going to do our best to make it happen. This morning was tough, the internet worked against us and we had some streams fail. I’d feel bad about that, but it is so minor compared to the poor display of leadership on a National level. The level of frustration keeps rising along with the anger and need for some kind of release. I am paying attention, watching and listening to what is happening in America right now. This is an important time to be alive and we all have a role in eliminating racism, it starts with us caring enough to listen to the painful stories being told. Maybe it inspires you to support a Black business or donate to BLM or simply share something you have learned about the Black experience in America today. Maybe you simply get angry, the truth is very painful right now.

We are shifting the price Tuesday, because I feel bad for people who don’t open their email or have been as overwhelmed as I have been. If you haven’t subscribed online, you can still sign up for $30 a month today. This might be the only good news today, seriously. Tuesday that becomes $40! Here is where you sign up, your email is not in the system, this is our new system, you must start fresh. Please note, all of our studio Memberships were stopped on March 13th, this is the only Membership we currently have!



Black Solidarity

From Your Email:
People. Between freaking out about how close the protestors are and viewing videos of the protests happening around the country and seeing the videos of the police taking tactical action, I am somewhere between heart broken and angry. While our country heaves under the strain of Corona, we are forced to take action, to choose a side and stand up for what we believe in.

Power To The Peaceful. One of my favorite statements from Michael Franti and maybe something we can aspire to as the coming days and weeks unfold. I encourage you to watch his video, Same As It Ever Washttps://youtu.be/-rJbvVX2ADQ – The words and video could have been made this week, but it was made 6 years. Turn it up and feel the goose bumps on your arms as the truth washes over you. We have come a long way and we still have so far to go. I have been a Michael Franti fan since the 90s, he has gotten me through some tough times and danced with me into the good times, music can bring us together. Let it.

Black Solidarity – Come Together To Support Black People. Seriously. It might be that easy. This has been happening our entire lives, since I was a child in the 70s, I have witnessed protests and marches demanding equality for Black people, demanding justice. I don’t go to protests anymore, I am afraid of large groups and what the police or national guard will do. I know we are supposed to do things we are afraid of, move past it, I can’t. I don’t trust our government enough to participate in peaceful protests and I can’t see past the risk of being beaten by a police officer on a horse or tear gassed. I understand the risks are low, but you also understand that my fears are rational. Can you imagine being a Black Man today? I can not.

We are all made of the same stuff, the same mutated cells that change our height or hair also change our skin color. That said, we are all different people, with our own understandings of the planet we live on and our purpose for being alive right now. Struggle through the uncomfortable conversations with us, share your knowledge and experiences and concerns and fears. Help us all to see and hear each other. Especially Black people. Try saying it out loud, Black Lives Matter. Create the reality we need with your words.

Between everything happening today and this week, it sounds trite to remind you that we launched MPY Online and we want you to sign up. Our introductory pricing ends today, you can get in for $30 a month for streaming and ondemand classes, with us. Monday, June 1, 2020, the pricing goes up to $40 a month, we will run different specials, but the pricing today is the best deal. I know you understand this, the future of MPY depends on the actions we take today. We built a premium online experience, with classes for you and your entire family. You are invited to join us online. You need to sign up for a new account, password resets won’t work as we did not bring over information from KarmaSoft. If you have trouble, reply to this email, text me, send a carrier pigeon or an owl, I’ve got your back and will work through any technical issues with you.

Power To The Peaceful,

Peaceful Protest Sunday

Local teens are organizing to protest the murder of Black people in America. If you are protesting Sunday, keep it peaceful and keep your social distance safe. Be Heard. In front of the Little Theater at Drake HS. 4:30-6pm Sunday May 31st, 2020.

Be Still

“Be still and the earth will speak to you.” Navajo Proverb
People. You don’t have to believe me, test this with an experiment and discover the truth for yourself. Find a space where you can sit or lay down in a comfortable position, soften your body and your mind and listen. 

The truth has been painful this week, between Minnesota and the racial division, rising cases of Corona as we shift phases of re-opening, updates on virtual graduations and a minor heat wave to remind us that summer is coming. It is totally o.k to acknowledge, “I can’t handle the truth.” 

I have been struggling with the idea of “others” this week. The language we hear, the stories on the news, the requirements to wear a mask and be 6′ from each other, the people we judge and who judge us, this creates separation and turns us into “others.” We do this to ourselves and people do it to us, we are all complicit. Do not be confused, I am going to continue to encourage you to adopt best practices for safety and to be patient as our Local and National governments struggle to balance public health and a working economy. We all must note, they are re-opening for the economy, not for your safety.
Have practiced at the studio with us? Inside the building that was built by Mrs. Canby during the Depression as the first post office of San Anselmo, we have gathered for the last 7 years to “improve the health and happiness of our community.” This is our mission and it doesn’t change because we can not be together in person. One major lesson we have learned over these years is there is no such thing as “others.”

Our local San Anselmo community has a strong connection to the Navajo people, from residents such as our County Health Director, Matt Willis, who lived and worked on the Navajo Reservation to our yoga teacher, Lynne Solarz, who taught 4th grade on a Navajo Reservation to our building owner, Victoria Canby, who is the Director of the American Indian Museum of Marin and Navajo. While Marin has been virtually untouched by Corona as we benefit from low density, resources and luck, the Navajo reservations have been devastated with painfully high death rates and a rapid spread of Covid-19. 
I’m including some links from Victoria below, one way we can bridge the gap that divides us is to take action that brings us closer together. We can help by working together, whether that is donating to a GoFundMe or sharing links or simply wearing a mask, you can take action that saves lives. When I read about the conditions on the Navajo Reservation I am reminded of how lucky I am to have adequate supplies and easy access to some of the best hospitals in the country, food in the fridge and my health. I can do more.

I encourage you to consider donating, taking a small action to ease the pain on the Navajo Reservation. We are all in this together and our collective actions will determine our future. Keep your head up, your mask on and love alive in your heart.

This is a link to a local GoFundMe to send a volunteer nurse with supplies to help on the Navajo Reservation. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-me-help-the-navajo-during-the-covid-pandemic?sharetype=teams&member=4473622&pc=fb_co_campmgmt_w&rcid=r01-159010612619-30d35a4c3a8c4d2b&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_co_campmgmt_w&fbclid=IwAR1vZO7q0tx-bb9AnbarthQaTlPJnlGQSCP58RN4CJk_ahnVASN1ZDMMPIU

This is a link to a larger Navajo GoFundMe that is getting food and supplies to the Reservation. https://www.gofundme.com/f/NHFC19Relief?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=m_pd%20share-sheet&fbclid=IwAR03nv49pu7O3jNlocsI3PPixvHA-O0rq8GTtQwmCvobrmDYTaQ6d9DRX7g
This is a link to an activist group of young Navajo people who are delivering supplies. http://keinfoshop.org/donate/?fbclid=IwAR1hxPNDn1Mg9d8W07rkWF_xcZOzaOsNhGkTh-CzPz-Eu2Lj-yG2STd86_o

This is a link to an activist group of young Navajo people who are delivering supplies.



Do you remember that bumper sticker? “If you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention.” Seriously. WTF is happening in our country? Yesterday was heartbreaking, looking at the images and reading what happened to George Floyd, it is hard to justify the cruelty and racism even as I can imagine the fear and challenges that comes with being a police officer. Everybody makes mistakes, most of us are fortunate it isn’t captured on video. 

If you have been with us over the last few months, you have seen our mistakes, from streams not working, to errors on the website and bad links. If you are really lucky, you may have gotten a good laugh as we bicker with each other under the stress of trying to get the camera right or the stream live. Even these small acts of anger require a softening, an easing into forgiveness. 

Stress. Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about. Each and every one of us has experienced a lifetime of stress in the last 9 weeks. Seriously. This is my first pandemic, but it feels pretty normal to be stressed and freaking out randomly. Teachers, students, parents, children…the changes we have made pale in comparison to the changes we still have to make. 

That said, I have GREAT news. You can NOT start now. We are deep in the analyze phase of this experience, we all need to deepen our understanding of what is happening, do risk analysis and determine options, take a LONG hike in nature and reflect upon our situation. Sit with it, listen to the sounds of the wind swaying the tall trees gently in the heat that foreshadows a long dry summer. Lay on the ground and allow the earth to support your body, relax your muscles and allow gravity to find the balance of being for you, as clouds float overhead morphing into animals and becoming the patterns we aspire to in our lives. 

Forgive. Yourself. Start with you. All of the missed goals, workouts, diets, zoom meetings, baking experiments, whatever. We are trying to make a massive shift in our society and it will not happen if you continue to beat yourself up about the past. Each day is an accomplishment, something worth celebrating, honoring. You have made it this far, take a deep breath and reset.

It sounds ridiculous to say, but I am committed to making more mistakes in the future. Continuing to try new things and doing the work to understand how to improve and dedicating the time to practice. Look at the images from our site so you can see how we are making it easier for you to grow with us. If you want to join us online, you have to set-up a new account in our web portal, we could not sync our old memberships into the new system. https://online.marinpoweryoga.com

Peace and Forgiveness,

Yoga Tutorials

People, you can learn anything in 5 minutes, then practice it for the rest of your life! Zoom meeting ended early, how about an Eagle tutorial with Amy or Side Angle with Grace or Fallen Star with Laura! These are great classes to do when you are waiting for family to do class with or when you can’t even think of doing an 18 min class but you could rally for 2:58, we’ve got this! https://online.marinpoweryoga.com intro pricing ends this week, join now for $30/month, live streaming and OnDemand classes!

New Week

This week. Schedule. https://online.marinpoweryoga.com Go With The Flow and Find Your Calm, LiveStreaming and OnDemand…we are fine tuning each week, getting better.

New Page for our Schedule

Little bits of progress. We have a new Live Streaming Schedule Page on our website, we will update it each Sunday as we look at the next week. Yes, we will improve this process, we are building this with you. Come for the Live Classes, stay for the OnDemand classes!

Some days the Core 20 is just what you need. Other days it will be pose tutorials and a Power Yoga or BootCamp. Hear me now, believe me later…you will strangely love our short classes. Also, Cherries. https://marinpoweryoga.com/schedule/

Turning 7 during a Pandemic

We are 7 today!

WOW! Lucky 7!!! During a Global Pandemic! But the picture above? Morning Bun Bites. This has been the kind of week when I needed to be reminded that extraordinary creations are going to come out of this stage in our lives. This week, it was discovering the sweet crunchy morning bun bites at MHBB. It has been a rough, frustrating, moody week full of failures and disappointments. As I bit into the bite and croissant like flakes exploded all over my beard leaving unequivocal proof of how good my life is in the middle of this experiment we call, life.

Seriously, you basically just have to look at me to shatter my confidence, ideas, dreams this week. FragileAF. All of the usual doubts and fears creep in, from cursing my shirt as it rides up my back feeling too tight, I know I am heavier, the veganish life is so carb friendly for me, or whatever excuse I want to tell myself. The flip side is I am doing my core work and underneath the pony keg are some legitimate core muscles. If it is possible that story is so far off in my head, what else is possible?

As we turn 7, I am in a Human Resources Management class as part of my Master program at Redlands. It is absolutely punishing to be learning process and understanding the rights and wrongs we made starting on May 15, 2013. I want to apologize for every mistake and correct every wrong, but that isn’t possible. There isn’t a section in the book on what to do during a pandemic, just a dire warning that 40% of businesses close when directly affected by a natural disaster. I’m doing the reading, writing short papers and trying to understand how to do this.

I want to walk down memory lane and remind you of when we used to practice facing the side wall and only had one room, or how on our first official class at 6am it was just Eric and I laying on the floor trying to figure out how to tell you we were open. A slow methodical change happened as we grew and evolved with each other, babies have been born, kids have left us for college and returned, we’ve lost people, cried together and sweat through natural disasters in fires and personal disasters in relationships, our bodies and our minds. 

As we move through this time, I want to remind you that our mission is to increase the health and happiness of our community. What we are doing is more important than ever and we are moving slowly because the low hanging fog that slides through the valley has reduced visibility to 2 weeks, that is when we will know what is happening. I have been saying that for 8 weeks. There are no easy answers.

I wish I could tell you we have this thing figured out, that we are crushing it and you should do what we are doing. We are stumbling thru this with you, figuring it out one day at a time, making small mistakes every single day. We all experience and handle change differently and this is the largest change of our lives. None of us are prepared for what we are experiencing.

What does that mean? We all need to make the extra effort, try a little harder to be kind to ourselves, our family and the people we encounter outside. Everybody is trying, even if they are failing. 

You are invited to join our new membership based community online, we are building a library of classes to keep you motivated at home and we are streaming live classes. Join us this month and lock in the lowest rate at $30/month, the link is below. https://online.marinpoweryoga.com

I hope you have a Fabulous Friday, that you find a moment today, maybe right now, to close your eyes and reflect for a moment on what you want more of in this life, then let’s do the work together to get it. Thank you for your support over the last 7 years, I am grateful to be in this with you and send you a hug.

Peace and One for Good Luck,

New Short Class

You can change your mood, you can shift your motion. 12 minutes with @danusiah2019 on our NEW portal. Hello core. Our short format classes are strangely right. Mix and match or one and done. online.marinpoweryoga.com $30 a month for live streaming and on demand classes in high quality…with us. Lock in the low price before it goes up in June!

Tuesday Live!

Our new membership site is looking AWESOME! Danuta is live now with Cardio HIIT, we have more Live classes during the day (they will have the selenium or blue filter), our OnDemand classes are below (these have the sepia or antique filter). You will see new OnDemand classes and this idea we are working with of short classes you can do during the day or that you can piece together what you need. We will have lots of short videos teaching alignment and poses, so your whole family can learn together! New Membership $30, lock-in this month before the price goes up in June. You must sign up for a new account, none of our old information is in this system. Have problems? Message jamie@marinpoweryoga.com the new site is located at https://online.marinpoweryoga.com

Our Schedule First Week of May

This is our schedule for the first week of May 2020!

You Are Doing Amazing.

Seriously, this is a ridiculous situation and none of us have ever been here before. Ever. Sit with that. It doesn’t matter how wrong you or I have been over the last 7 weeks. We are here right now for the first time.

Part of me wants to shake myself and scream as loud as I can “THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!” The other part of me is holding on so tight to the wheel, I can’t let go.

I love science and we are living in an incredible experiment right now. We all have to be patient, use our intelligence to understand what is happening in the world and our hearts to experience it with our families, friends and community. This is the practice.

I do have some really good news for you. The schedule you see above is happening on our new online membership portal. You have to sign up for a new account. This is brand new as of last week. In the month of May you can lock-in introductory pricing of $30 per month. We are streaming classes and have a quickly growing OnDemand library of classes.

People. You are in our homes with us. Yes, this is crazy and strange. You know we are all extroverted introverts right? Then I see families working out together, staying healthy and getting stronger. We are developing this for your whole family and it starts with you.

Look at the incredible streaming schedule we’ve got for you. Check out the OnDemand Classes, we are adding short classes this week so you can mix them into your day. We have kids classes, so we can be a positive force for your whole family, we will add more. Figure this out with us. Remind yourself, this is an experiment. Nobody knows what they are doing. If anybody tells you they know what they are doing, be skeptical. Seriously.

We are all going to fail at a lot of stuff in the coming days, from parenting to dinner to touching something or forgetting your mask. Forgive yourself, laugh at and with yourself, keep going, do your best, it is enough.

Oh yeah, our new platform is awesome. Grow with us. This is not us failing. This is us correcting a mistake and seeing a way thru the darkness. When we are late to a stream or it is tough to find the class you are looking for, take a deep breath, browse thru the awesome selection of classes and practice with us. We are creating an incredible resource with you.

May the Fourth Be With You,


"A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it." John Steinbeck

“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” John Steinbeck

As we move thru the weeks of Shelter In Place, time has stretched beyond what we thought was impossible. Remember back when we were going to see what happens in 2 weeks? No, I don’t either. The lessons are happening in real time, we are evolving together.

We are launching our online Membership TODAY. You can click in and sign up from our website, if you join us in the next month you can lock in our introductory price of $30 per month, in June we increase the price to $40. If you have ever been a Member of MPY, I want you to have the choice of joining us online at our lowest rate, we also need and want you to join us again!

What comes with the online Membership? We are starting off with 3 live streams a day, from our homes (see the start of the schedule below, Aracelies is streaming live at 8:30am this morning). Each week we will also be loading up different classes into our new On Demand system, we are building out a library of everything we do, from Power Yoga to Gentle, Yin, TRX, BootCamp, Meditation and Mat Pilates. Yes, we will be adding in kids yoga and fitness classes! No, we can not do Stop Drop and Dance, you can join that thru Grace.

Are our edges still rough? We planned on having 20 classes loaded into the On Demand system by today and things did not go as we planned. Welcome to starting over, changing direction and learning quickly. Yeah, the edges are still rough.

What am I excited about? The quality of the new Live Streams and on Demand videos are amazing. You can share your Membership in your household, meaning you can do Power Yoga while you partner does BootCamp and your kids do Kids Yoga, all on one account. We are still learning how to use all of the features, you will be able to download videos to your device and watch them offline. This is ideal if we ever get to travel again, or if you want to take your device out under the oak or bay tree in your backyard.

Tips? You may have to lower the quality if your device is further away from your router, this is something that varies with the quality of internet and usage in our houses and neighborhoods. Yesterday we crashed Vimeo between us uploading videos and trying to sign in. Welcome to the pandemic, these are the least of our problems even if they are real. Practice patience with us, laugh and cry with imperfections and forgive us knowing we are doing something new. 

I hope you will consider joining us online, we are applying everything we have learned in the last 6 weeks to bring you and your family the best of MPY online in an ad free premium experience. I’d like to tell you we have plans for re-opening, I am limited by the same lack of information and evolving science that you are. What I can tell you is we are implementing a strategy to improve your health and sanity during this time. If you have financial hardship, message amy@marinpoweryoga.com and she will figure something out for you. We are all in this together.

Keep your head up, stay healthy and consider joining us again,

Introductory Offer

Thursday! We are launching our Streaming Classes on our NEW membership site. We are launching with an introductory price of $30 per month for unlimited classes. You can lock this price in thru the end of May, join today and grow with us! We are streaming 3 classes a day and developing an On Demand library for you. Find more info on our website at MarinPowerYoga.com

Volunteering at The Food Bank

Catching up with Marianne Mullen:

For the past month, I have been volunteering with Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response volunteer organization, who is working to support Food Banks nationwide. We have been helping to package food for distribution, deliver meals to the homebound, coordinate logistics, organize fellow volunteers, and conduct warehouse management. The Food Bank operation I am helping to manage is in Santa Rosa and is a central hub that services other food banks, food pantries, school meals, senior citizen centers and communities covering a territory that extends to the Oregon border. 

Due to the current shelter in place and resulting economic situation, millions of people newly struggle to get by without jobs or wages and are suddenly joining the nearly 40 million citizens who were experiencing food insecurity before the pandemic. Many are relying on food banks for the first time in their lives. The particular Food Bank I work with went from creating 300-400 food boxes a day, to now up to 3000 per day. Food Banks across the country are hard pressed to meet this increased need, especially since most of their usual volunteer staff are seniors, who currently cannot volunteer due to health risks. 

Even though it’s been labor intensive work, with some very hot, sweaty days for sure, I feel grateful for the opportunity to be of service to the community at such a critical time in our country, and to help to ensure that families in vulnerable communities get the food and supplies they need. 

National Holiday

It is 420 All Day.

As I laugh in my head and out loud that it is 4202020 and we are not only in a shelter in place, but in a surreal existence where time is suspended and the world is battling an invisible killer…the most sobering thought is this is actually reality and no, it is not a sci-fi thriller on Netflix and no, you can’t chill with anybody. 

There have been so many changes in each of our lives during the last few weeks, it almost feels like we have all been in a “Dizzy Lizzy Race,” you know, where you put your hand on top of the bat standing up on the ground, put your forehead on top of your hand and run in circles for a minute as fast as you can and then sprint 20 feet to tag your team mate. When you are crying because you are laughing so hard from either watching or from the run that invariably goes sideways and includes crashing bodies and flailing limbs. Yes, homeschoolers, consider that for “Gym” today. 

What am I talking about? Pausing for a moment of reflection is overwhelmingly difficult and mandatory. Look back at what has happened the last few weeks, the changes made, what is working and what isn’t. Somehow a 2 week shut down has become a month and we are all slowly realizing this is going to be a longer experience than any of us expected. What do we do next? Reflect. Create some space, close your eyes and breathe. The answers will come.

We are shifting our digital strategy over the next week and the changes are bigger than anything we have done in the last month.  I’m not telling you it will be easy, I am telling you it will be worth it. This week we have a smaller team streaming on Twitch with a renewed focus on fitness and strength and personal training. We don’t really know what that means, seriously, we are figuring this out in real time. We are going to have a mix of fitness classes, a yoga class or 3 and this new approach, personal training you can do or watch for inspiration and education. We are trying something new, while continuing to do some of what you know and expect from us. It is an attempt to make this transition smooth and easy for you.

If you are thinking that is confusing and doesn’t sound very big nor even exciting, give us a week and watch us try and figure this out. Consider, if this week is a Dead Show and we have just entered “Space,” you have a choice, go get a drink and complain about how the lack of music sucks, sit back and “change your mind” as the band figures out how to make music, and possibly “once in a while you get shown the light, In the strangest of places if you look at it right.” Scarlet Begonias. Listen carefully, you will hear the music.

The website sucks. It is ugly and the technology has broken all week. Our team is creating new classes privately this week, testing new technology and experimenting. We will finish April with a new launch of our studio streaming online on our website with higher quality streams, better archives and a wide variety of classes. We will have chats on the videos and it will be easy to use. We are evolving to a Membership model that will be affordable and accessible, with great teachers and classes. 

How will it work financially? We are committed to doing the right thing, you know that. We will be reaching out to all of Annual Members this week and everybody who donated since we closed and getting you set up in the new system. Amy will make this easy. If you were on auto-pay before we will send you a registration code and an opportunity to register in at a discount, we plan on doing the same thing for everyone who has been a Member of MPY. If you have ideas on how we should do this, tell me, you can reply to this email, message me on Facebook, or send an owl or carrier pigeon. Suffice it to say, more information is coming.

What else? Respect. This is the word of the week. I have been struggling with the idea of masks the last week, from the historical context in America of thieves wear masks to our ideas on freedom and choice. Consider the idea that wearing a mask is RESPECT, to other people around you who may be vulnerable or have compromised health. It is a new habit for all of us and we all struggle differently. I encourage you to embrace the mask and set new standards for how we interact in the real world. This isn’t the time to cite studies or theories on why you don’t have to change you ways, that is so 2019. It really doesn’t matter whether you think this is dangerous or not or if there has been a study of 2,000 people that says people with your name won’t get it or have already had it. There is too little information and too few tests done to say anything is a fact in terms of safety and health. Instead of being right this week, practice RESPECT, wear a mask, stay in your neighborhood and stay away from anybody you don’t live with.

Sorry for the rant, I know we are all trying and that we all feel differently about what is happening. There are no easy answers. Be patient with yourself this week, do the little things to protect yourself and your people, keep your head up and a mask on. If you need help, ask for it.

Love, Respect and Happy 420,

PS- We have info on how to subscribe to Twitch for free with your amazon account on our blog, a few posts back. Here is our channel: https://twitch.tv/marinpoweryoga

The Challenge Starts Today

Live Out Of Your Imagination, Not Your History. Stephen Covey.

“Live out of your imagination, not your history.” Stephen Covey.

Sounds like pretty basic advice for getting thru a pandemic, yet each day I have been holding on to the past, dragging me into a fight I will lose every time. Our past has to inform us when possible, but we have to move forward beyond the comfort zone of “the way things used to be.” We are not going back. None of us.
Last week sucked, right? We all bottomed out, people did irrational things they can’t explain, whether it was my Mom in NYC taking a walk to the park (which requires navigating an elevator used by 180 people) or my friend who was talking to the mailman without wearing a mask (you know mailman are super spreaders, be careful) or how I let my teen son take a hike with 2 friends because they promised to stay 6′ apart and wear masks (is that worth risking my family quarantine safety, we know teens are struggling also). The depression was a real as the frustration, the mistakes of last week do not define us this week. Start Over. Begin Again.
What have we been doing at MPY to support you? We launched a new course “5 Day Fitness Challenge,” it starts today! Araceli and Laura built this Course to get us thru this week and it includes a mix of fitness and yoga classes and meditations to get you stronger and create a positive shift in your life. You may have done some of these classes with us, that will not make them any easier to do! I am encouraging you to do this as a 5x5x5x5 Challenge.
Invite 5 of your family members and friends around the world to join you for free on our website. Torture your Friends! Seriously, save their lives. Take All 5 Days of Classes for free on our website.Buy 5 Gift Certificates to Your favorite restaurants.Buy 5 Gift Certificates to Your favorite shops.I understand we all have fear and concerns right now. Every business and restaurant you know is getting punished by a cash liquidity problem right now. You can help. Some of our neighbors started https://Dine11Marin.org connecting restaurants to healthcare workers and donors to provide meals. Our Chamber created https://SanAnselmoEats.com to keep us up to date with local restaurants and Neve and Hawk created https://SanAnselmoShops.com to keep you up to date as to what is happening with our shops in Town.
I wish I had some easy answers for you, whether that was some b.s positivity, an end date or toilet paper. The reality is this week is very important for all of us and it is going to be difficult. We all need to dig deeper, find our perseverance and practice our patience. Do NOT try and create new permanent routines, this is the time to stay in motion, keep shifting, making improvements and adjusting. Take it one day at a time. You can do this.
What else? We moved the website to an upgraded server and got better at building courses, we are cross training each other this week. We have a team of teachers streaming on Twitch and you can see the schedule below. Our teachers are creating playlists for your workouts and posting them up on our website. We applied for SBA loans and some random grants that every business in the country is applying for. We zoomed into meetings and stared at the refrigerator wishing the inside looked different. We started wearing masks. We can do this.
There is nothing going on right now and everything is happening at once. We will all make mistakes this week and I can almost guarantee every day will be a bad hair day. You have a choice to celebrate your wacky hair, send your positive energy to people who are sick and find little moments in each day to celebrate. We are going to create the new world together, it will take all of our abilities and all of our strengths. Are you in for the 5x5x5x5 Challenge?
Pease, Love, 6′ and a Mask and Gloves,

5x5x5 Challenge


Take the 5x5x5 Challenge below (also in your email). We have an amazing schedule up on Twitch, streaming Live to you from our homes. The classes are free, ad supported, you can also subscribe and get rid of the ads and MPY gets a small piece of revenue there. If you want to help us, get your friends and family working out with you on our Twitch channel. There are instructions on our blog on how to subscribe for free using your amazon prime account. We have a great mix of classes each day with great teachers, you can take one or all, with access to 2 weeks of archives if you prefer a different time or class.

This is a MASSIVE experiment for all of us. We are going to figure out how to create a daily MPY experience on our Twitch Channel. So far, we are filling in classes and teachers, check out the schedule, we are posting it up daily on Instagram and FaceBook and we are putting out a weekly schedule each Sunday night and evidently in email on Monday night. Seriously, week 3 of Shelter in Place is on and we are all somewhere between new routines, appreciating how quiet things are and going bat shit crazy.

I don’t want to share the trivial struggles of us right now, there are real pandemic problems happening across our country and we all have a contribution to make. Did I say country? Our little Town is at risk. You can help save it. Seriously, use some of your time to research how you can give to the givers right now. This week we have a 5x5x5 Challenge for you. Can you do 5 classes on our Twitch channel, buy 5 gift certificates for shops in San Anselmo and 5 buy gift certificates for restaurants in San Anselmo? Are you in? This is a critical week in our collective existence, let’s make this shift together. Here are some online resources:



We are getting ready with you, masks and all. You can laugh at my t-shirt mask in the photo below, legit mask is in the works. The point is, start with whatever you have and improve. This is what we are going to do together, get better.
Peace, Masks, Gloves and 6′