Hello How are you? Great Thank You and You?

“Hello, How are you?” This common place greeting is often ignored or simply smiled at. As if the question has an implied answer of, “Great and you?” When you greet people or are greeted this way, are you listening for a response? Do you even want a response? Do you give a real response or an automatic reply?

How we greet people and even simply walk down the street is an indicator of where we are in our lives. Are you keeping your head up and connecting with people? Are you open to seeing people and acknowledging their existence? Some days, we get out on the trails and hike or bike by ourselves, other days we go with a friend and catch up, clear thru what is going on in our lives.

Part of what I love about Marin and San Anselmo specifically is the possibility of connection I see every where I go. We live, work and play in a friendly community where people gather regularly and where you will see your neighbors and friends in the local restaurants such as Comforts or Cucina or a coffee shop like Marin Roasters or out for a drink at Marinitas, Lincoln Park, La Loggia or even Pizzalina. Do you duck your head and pretend you are not there? No, we keep our heads up, make eye contact and acknowledge people. We create the neighborhood and energy around us every where we go.

Whether you are in your car, on your bike or simply walking – make this week an experiment. Smile at people, say hello and be the positive force you want to experience. If you see me, stop and tell me how you are doing!
I left my heart in san franciscoIf you have “left your heart in San Francisco,” come find it in San Anselmo.


Yoga 101 – Free Beginners Workshop Saturday July 6th 2013 in San Anselmo

Beginners Yoga Workshop – Ignite Your Practice!
Taught by Sean Silvera and Jamie Ginsberg
Saturday July 6, 2013 1:30-3:30pm
Cost: Free!

This workshop will cover basic poses in our vinyasa yoga practice, from High Plank to Warrior 1 to Chair Pose to Up Dog. We will break down the poses, focus in on alignment and answer your questions! Diving deeper into a few core poses we will reduce your risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of your yoga practice!
*We will do a short Vinyasa Flow, mixed Asana and Discussion.

Basic Yoga Workshop San Anselmo CaliforniaMarin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead Ave. in San Anselmo California 94960. San Anselmo is located near Kentfield, Ross, San Rafael and Fairfax in the heart of Marin County..

Celebrate Life More – Evening Yoga Class on the 4th of July Cancelled

We are canceling the 6-7pm class on the 4th of July. Why? Because we want you to BBQ with friends, get out and take a hike or simply head to the ocean. We will be practicing all morning on the 4th and encourage you to get into the studio and practice with us!!! See You On Your Mat!!!

Jenn Yoga Bind Oprah Winfrey Quote Celebrate

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Oprah Winfrey

Finding Play in your Yoga Practice

Finding play in your yoga practice can be lost amongst the sweating, straining over achieving to get that handstand or even survive that Warrior 1. Yet, this may be what elevates your yoga practice to the next level. Relaxing and finding ease in the pose can come from finding humor and play in the moment. As you lift, reach, express, sink lower…ask yourself, “how can I find lightness in this moment?”

There is no right way to live, just like there is no right way to practice. You show up as you are and the yoga will do you. It will infect your soul with joy and bring happiness into all aspects of your life. Just show up.

playfullness in yogaMarin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead in San Anselmo, California. Close to Fairfax, San Rafael, Ross, Kentfield and Larkspur. We love to practice Vinyasa flow yoga, join us!

Blooming – Letting Your Self Shine

We are all constantly in a state of change, evolving beyond the limitations of our imagination. The Hydrangea is an amazing plant with huge blossoms that are made by a bunch of little flowers blooming at the same time. When we practice yoga together, we become like the hydrangea. We sync up and our ability to change becomes a group effort as we bloom together. Our individual efforts are magnified as the power of numbers creates something new.

Like the Hydrangea below that I spotted in Larkspur, we must work together to enable us to become something uniquely beautiful. We practice yoga daily, nourishing the body as we strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and expand our minds. This is the “diet” that empowers us to bloom. You have planted seeds, watered and fertilized – now is the time to blossom.

Blooming In San AnselmoMarin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead Avenue in San Anselmo California 94960.

Summer Nights Outdoor Films in Marin

One of the best ways to pass a Summer night is out in the Park watching a movie. Marin and particularly San Anselmo has an active summer series. A perfect day in Marin includes Yoga, a hike on the backroads and a free movie with your friends. Part of living yogically is ENJOYING this life. See you at the movies!

2013 Summer Festival Schedule

Friday, June 7              CHASING ICE – Contratti Park / Central Field, Fairfax
Friday, June 21            HUGO – Old Mill Park, Mill Valley
Saturday, June 22        SKYFALL – Chinese Fishing Village, China Camp, San Rafael
Friday, June 28            ARGO – Creek Park, San Anselmo
Saturday, June 29       JURASSIC PARK – Creek Park, San Anselmo

Friday, July 5            SUPER 8 –  Creek Park, San Anselmo
Saturday, July 6        RETURN OF THE JEDI – Creek Park, San Anselmo
Friday, July 12          FOOTLOOSE – Creek Park, San Anselmo
Friday, July 19          SCHOOL OF ROCK – Creek Park, San Anselmo
Saturday, July 20      BRAVE – Creek Park, San Anselmo
Friday, July 26          MOONRISE KINGDOM – Creek Park, San Anselmo
Saturday, July 27      THE ROAD TO ELDORADO – Creek Park, San Anselmo

Friday, Aug. 9           BEING THERE – Creek Park San Anselmo
Saturday, Aug. 10     LINCOLN – Creek Park, San Anselmo
Friday, Aug. 16         SINGLETRACK HIGH – Creek Park, San Anselmo
Saturday, Aug. 17     THE AVENGERS – Creek park, San Anselmo

Friday, Sept. 6         THE LORAX – Old Mill Park, Mill Valley
Saturday, Sept. 14   THE BIRDS – Chinese Fishing Village, China Camp, San Rafael

WHEN:                June 7 to Sept. 21, 2013

SHOWTIMES:      8 p.m. (Arrive by 8 p.m. / Films begin at dusk.)

SAN ANSELMO:      Creek Park, 451 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. 94960
FAIRFAX:                Contratti Park / Central Field at Broadway Blvd. and Bank St
SAN RAFAEL:         Chinese Fishing Village, 899 N San Pedro Road
MILL VALLEY:        Old Mill Park, 300th  block of Throckmorton Ave. 94941

COST:    Free. Donations appreciated. Popcorn, candy and sodas will be sold. Bring blankets, pillows, backrest and low chairs. Film Night suggests leaving pets at home.

415-272-2756   www.filmnight.org

Yoda and Indiana Jones New Home in San Anselmo’s Imagination Park

Yoda lands in San Anselmo California

Thank You G.L.! That was the overall summary of the unveiling of our newest residents. The appreciation for what George Lucas inspired and donated was clear from the Chamber of Commerce and the residents. One of the hardest and most uncomfortable moments for any of us is to be appreciated, to bask in the acknowledgement you deserve. G.L hid behind his sunglasses and kept his speech short, but we still cheered and applauded. Why? Because we are grateful. Saying Thank You is important and the ceremony was a nice way to do it. Are you thankable (new word alert)?

Yoda and Indiana Jones arrived to a crowd of at least 500, maybe 750 people in San Anselmo today. Imagination Park looks like an awesome addition to our town. Kids, Parents and residents of all age and size descended upon the park to thank George Lucas and acknowledge the opening of this green space in the center of town. There are bike racks to lock up your ride and benches to rest your weary feet. We are excited for a place to drink coffee after yoga! THANKS GEORGE!!!

Yoda and Indiana Jones Crowd

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions!

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” Stephen Covey – At every point in your yoga class, like your life, there are opportunities to make decisions. The decisions you make are IMPORTANT. We are here, now, because of a series of decisions. I always ask myself “what is the risk & what is the potential reward?” When you are in Side Plank, you can drop a knee, lift your top leg, reach back and “candy cane” or simply stay where you are. Each of these variations are right, the decision you make creates your experience. What is the risk? You may fall out of the pose, you may not be able to hold it or you may hurt yourself. What is the reward? You may grow beyond your perceived limitation, you may find a new freedom in the pose or your body may open just a little bit more than it did yesterday.

Whatever your situation is, recognizing that you have a choice in why you are here and what is happening to you is critical to your happiness. Your decisions may not always create the results you intend, but they must be your decisions. The decision to create joy in your life is possible every single day. Look at a single opportunity to make a decision that will create happiness in your life or someone else’s life and do the right thing. Whether you are on your yoga mat or in your car or at the coffee shop, make a decision today that will elevate your quality of life.

Stephen Covey Quote

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” Joseph Campbell – For many people this was traditionally church. For me, this sacred space is Mt. Tam. Anywhere on the mountain, particularly facing West, where you leave urban life behind and see the vast Pacific Ocean crashing into Stinson beach. In many ways, I mark where I am in Marin by where the mountain is. I always note the angle, some detail about what it looks like or even where the sun is at in relation to the mountain as a way of connecting with myself, the earth and the present moment.

Where does the real work get done? In my head. This usually requires my yoga mat. Your sacred space is a place where you can go, clean out the cob webs in your head, connect with your body and find the joy that exists in your soul. It is up to you to figure out how often you want to do “the work.” I believe it should be every day. Whether it is 5 minutes of Meditation or an “Hour Of Power,” when you get messy you will see amazing results in your physical, emotional and personal life. Make today the best day ever, find yourself again.

Joseph Campbell Quote PictureMarin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead Avenue, San Anselmo California 94960. Find yourself on your Mat today!


Yoga is 99% Practice & 1% Theory

“Yoga is 99% Practice & 1% theory.” Sri K. Pattabhi Jois – What does this mean to you? When you are practicing do you feel like you are struggling? That you could be thinner, more flexible, stronger and better looking? What if you just practiced? Get out of your head for an hour and do the work. Do the work 5 days a week, as if taking care of your mind, body and soul is a full time job. The results will speak for themselves. If you don’t look and feel better within a few weeks, come in and talk to us about it. After all, yoga is 1% theory.

Pattabhi Jois Picture QuoteMarin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead Avenue in San Anselmo, California 94960. Come As You Are. The Yoga will work for you.


Give up the shit that weighs you down!

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” Toni Morrison. These words resonate strongly with me. We all have wings and were born to fly, it doesn’t always seem like that is possible. At times it is a struggle even to get out of bed. This is the shit that weighs us down. The stuff that keeps your head down, looking at the floor as you walk the streets. How do we shift this?

It starts and ends with us. Make a goal each day and achieve it. It can be as small as enjoying the sensation of cold water cleansing our skin as you wash your face in the morning. It can be looking at people as you walk for your morning coffee and smiling or even saying hello. BE THAT CRAZY PERSON, who says hello to strangers and smiles. You will find that most people want to smile back, you will also begin to see the tethers that hold you down begin to loosen. When you are ready to fly, your practice will set you free.

Fly Quote by Toni Morrison

Finding JOY In Your Yoga Practice!

There is a lot of “work” done in your daily yoga practice. We practice a very physical form of yoga that will challenge your muscles and create flexibility, at a price. It is going to take commitment and focus. Even faith on those days you don’t want to practice. What is the reward? Happiness, Joy and maybe even LOVE. When we are deep in a twist, wringing sweat and poisons out of our body, we breathe. We find ease in the tight spaces and push ourselves to find a “new edge.” Why? Why do we push, pull, sweat and stretch?

For the love of life. This is the result we find consistently when we practice. A deeper appreciation for the moment, the planet, our lives and each other. When you are in a difficult place, whether it is a yoga pose or a conversation with your best friend, find a way to express the Joy that resides deep in your soul. Let it shine out and spread to everyone you are in contact with. We practice and because we practice we are better. Better than we were yesterday. Keep your head up and smile, you will light up the world!

Olivia in Leaning Tree Yoga Pose

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Phyllis Diller – Olivia demonstrates the joy of “leaning tree.” Next time you are on your mat, try playing with a few poses. Explore the world you are creating!

You Are The One We Have Been Waiting For!

You Are The One We Have Been Waiting For! Meditation can be part of your daily routine, it is an easy routine to work into your life. What is the secret? Just Do It! A few minutes a day ill keep your head working for you. Find a comfortable space in your house or out in your neighborhood. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and pay attention to your breathing. As it becomes regular, keep your intake of breath the same as your exhale. Let the thoughts pass by, acknowledging them but moving them on their way. Rinse and repeat daily!!!

Alex Meditates at Marin Power YogaWe are adding in group meditation this summer! Take a workshop or drop in and go deeper with us!

Marin Power Yoga is located in the heart of San Anselmo at 135 Tunstead Ave, San Anselmo California 94960.


What You Seek is Seeking You! Rumi.

“What you seek is seeking you.” Rumi

Whether it is a companion to share life with or six-pack abs or a moment of peace within the craziness of life, the energy and experiences you seek are right in front of you. The actions you take each day are reflected in your life. Take note of what is happening, what you are experiencing and what you are thinking about. Let the bad go and create space for the good. Sometimes we do this by detoxing in twists, sometimes we want inversions and sometimes we just need to meditate. Be open to what you are seeking, keep your head up and your eyes wide; your actions are creating reality.

What You Seek Rumi QuoteMarin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tustead Avenue is San Anselmo California.


Basics Yoga Workshop Rocked!


Our first Basics Yoga Workshop was a huge success! We covered the core Sun Salutation A & B with an emphasis on breathing and alignment. We looked at specific poses students have been struggling with and made adjustments as we discussed alignment and technique. A workshop is a GREAT way to dive a little bit deeper into your practice. We will be doing these Basics Workshops once a month, join us at the next one!
Basic Yoga Workshop San Anselmo CaliforniaMarin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead Avenue in San Anselmo California.


Basics Workshop Saturday June 1st 2013 in San Anselmo at Marin Power Yoga

Yoga Workshop – Basics! Ignite your practice with Eric Tabora and Mandi Bateman! Saturday June 1st 2013. From 1:30 -3:30pm – this yoga workshop is free! We will discuss poses, alignment and the details that enable you to get the most out of your yoga practice. We will strengthen your practice and reduce your risk of yoga injuries! Approximately 30-45 minutes will be vinyasa flow. Bring a friend!

Marin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead Ave in San Anselmo California.Marin Power Yoga Basics workshop

San Anselmo – Yoga Boom in Half Moon Pose!

One of my favorite poses is Half Moon Pose or Ardha Chandrasana. During Marina’s class this morning, I noticed Teo and Tim using blocks (see the picture below) in half moon. There is something really funny about calling them blocks as really like Ganesha, they remove obstacles in your practice. We have been talking about how Ganesha can place obstacles in your path when you need them and remove them when you are ready to move forward.

In this case the blocks are bringing the ground closer, creating a point of connection. This enables the body to expand up from the ground, opening and clearing space in the chest and shoulders. The blocks are your Ganesha! Next time you move into Half Moon Pose, grab a block and laugh to yourself – knowing you are really removing a block in your body and in your life!

Half Moon Pose

Building a Strong Foundation

Day 2, 9am class. Friends from Cleveland who live in San Francisco, Neighbors, Friends, Family and you. Every yoga pose starts with a strong foundation.  We build from the bottom of our feet, rooted to the ground. Elevate thru every part of our body and light up the world with the energy coming out of every inch of our body. This week we are rooting deep, nurturing our foundation and finding space for something new in San Anselmo!

We have been practicing for a week now, making adjustments to the sound, temperature, finishing touches in the bathroom and at times the list seems endless of what is left to be done. These are like gentle adjustments, easing us into a more comfortable space.

Bloom – Soft Open

We are doing a soft open, starting Monday May 13th and Tuesday May 14th! We are doing 2 classes 9-10:15am and 12-1pm each day. These classes are free and open to all levels. We are tuning up and tuning in to what we are building here in Marin!!! We are located at 135 Tunstead Ave. in the center of San Anselmo. Join us, Bloom with us!

Bloom in San Anselmo

135 Tunstead San Anselmo California – Marin Power Yoga



Tunstead San Anselmo

Power Yoga Marin is located at 135 Tunstead in San Anselmo California. We are getting ready to open and getting the question, what type of yoga are you going to do?And, what does Power Yoga mean? The real anser is we are going to be doing Vinyasa Flow, yoga connected to the breath. Rhythmic. Physical. Connected. Our goal is to create JOY. We practice because we love it.

This is your life, live it fully.

We have a LEASE in San Anselmo -Marin Power Yoga is Coming Soon.

Eric and Jamie Yoga Journal 2012
Marin Power Yoga is opening May 15, 2013! Located in the heart of Marin County at 135 Tunstead, San Anselmo California. We are so excited it is ridiculous!

How did we get here? We started looking for a lease in Marin in January of 2012, while visiting for Yoga Journal San Francisco. We drive around Marin from Mill Valley to Fairfax writing down numbers and calling about spaces. We returned home to Cleveland with a mild depression (something about leaving 70 and sunny for snow combined with a seemingly impossible task of moving).

It took a few weeks to get the family on board, resulting in a short weekend trip back to the Bay Area to look at houses and schools and convince the kids they would LOVE Marin. That is when the real work began.

While we packed our lives up, including our business, we continued to look for the perfect space for our studio. We talked with landlords and negotiated terms, striking out 3 times in a row. As 2012 ended, we celebrated our new lives in Marin, indulging in amazing schools, the farmers market, hiking and biking Mt. Tam. One thing was missing, our studio.

We looked at Yoga Tree opening in Corte Madera with envy, a large beautiful space almost exactly how we pictured it! With a heavy heart we postponed the dream and rented an amazing editing suite in San Rafael. This empowered us to get our video business in order and clean up our process for finishing yoga videos. As we worked, we knew something was missing and we started looking for a space again.

We went back to our favorite space in the center of San Anselmo and told the landlord that we still loved the space and wanted to make a deal. We looked at what was negotiable and what was non-negotiable and found a place to meet in the middle. As the weeks went by without a lease signed we did our practice. Breathe and Observe. Practice non-judgement and create Commitments. We took a big step and started building our website, without even having a studio!

Baron Baptiste says “Stand in front of your past and let it be.” After 3 years of hoping and running into walls, we have started transforming our dream into a reality. We are living in the now!

We created the Commitment to open our studio by May of 2013 and patiently directed our energy towards accomplishing that goal. With a combination of timing and positive energy, we officially signed our lease on April 16, 2013!

What’s next? We are taking out a conference room and putting in oil finished floors. A little bit of blood sweat and tears and we are going to be opening! Updates to follow!

Marin Power Yoga

The More You Give

“This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love: the more they give the more they posses.” Rainer Maria Rilke – The question we must continue to ask ourselves is Am I being of service? Am I helping?

Rilke Marin Power Yoga