Bring The Love

I don’t send out enough MPY email…below is the most recent email.
We have so much happening between Teacher Training (info on  front page of website, starts in January) to Annual Memberships (talk with Nance or email amy@marinpoweryoga.com) to Amazing Clothes at TheShop to New Teachers at MPY like Jen, Marianne and Megan (see the gorgeous rainbow picture above or click display images so you can). Really, we need to talk about Love.

What? Seriously. Walking thru Town, you will see Change Is Happening. Shops are closing, Cucina is opening a Bar, the new restaurant buildout is evolving, Creekside has over 30 beers rotating on tap and in general the shops are beautifully decorated and stocked for the holidays. All of that is just news. What is real? Love.

I turned 46 this week. I understand this is great, I defied the odds once again and am still here doing the best I can. I see all of the creases, gray hair and soft spots even as my eyes struggle to see things I used to see clearly. This year has been tougher and filled with slow recovery from injuries. I am walking slower and watching carefully where I step, experience is a great teacher. Love is a better teacher.

What can I do better than ever before? Love. I start with myself, from basic manscaping to eating well and hydrating. The Love with which we treat ourselves is the foundation of what we can give to others. This takes time and attention we all deserve and is strangely harder than loving others. When we see the order of operations on a plane telling us to give ourselves oxygen before the kids, I always have to think thru this logic and remember, when we take care of ourselves we have the ability to take care of others. Right?

We have exciting changes coming in 2019 and we have a few weeks of partying and working out and yoga to finish off the year. Drive Sober and Drive Slower. Be kind to your neighbor, your relatives, your friends and family. Treat them all with Love. Treat yourself with Love. Bring The Love. Also, Bring The Chocolate. See you at The Studio or TheShop soon.
Peace and Love,

Rilke Quote "The Purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things."

“The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things.” Rilke

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