Cacao Ceremony

We invite the community to join in ceremony bringing us into balance and creating flow in our lives.

is in November!


Araceli Santos Bieber is a lead instructor and coach at MarinYoga. Her passion for sacred arts and healing is rooted in her Mexican heritage. She was a featured yoga teacher at Electric Daisy Carnival in 2019. She provides daily inspiration to the Marin community through the MarinYoga App.

Dr. Arinn Testa is a licensed clinical psychologist with an emphasis on neuroscience and the director of research for for Emotional Brain Training. She has a private practice in Marin County and founded the non-profit Route Five that develops products from plant medicines. WEBSITE


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Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

Spring or Filtered
Organic Guatemalan Cacao Paste (block), ground paste or Nibs
Coban or Cayenne
Organic coconut sugar or natural sweetener
(optional, cacao can be delightfully bitter)
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, pinch of sea salt, Vanilla Extract
(optional, make to your liking)

Start with 10oz. water and 1oz. Cacao, per person. Use more water and less cacao if you prefer to have a lighter experience or are very sensitive, pregnant, or on anti-depressants. Feel free to make it to your preference or as plain as you’d like. As you are more experienced with it, you can try 1.5 oz. cacao.

Use a knife to cut the cacao block or shave off into powder. Heat the water in a pot and add the chili. Add the cacao and turn the heat on low. Refrain from boiling once the cacao is added. The cacao will begin to soften and mix with the water. Add the optional sweetener and the spices in small amounts. Let cook on low heat for about 10 minutes, longer is fine. Add a dash of vanilla extract and pinch of sea salt if desired before serving. You can put in a blender or vitamix to make it smooth and well mixed. 

To hold a personal ceremony, create a quiet, sacred space for yourself. Incorporate meditation, breath work, yoga, singing, listening to or playing music, dancing, journaling. Allow for deep introspection, emotions to unravel and new ideas to come. Let your heart open and your creativity flow. Going for a hike or cleaning your house can also be great times to drink cacao, it is energizing and stimulating.

Drink and savor slowly. Be sure to drink water during as needed and especially afterwards to avoid headaches and nausea. 

Store unused cacao in a container and be sure to keep it far away from pets, especially dogs. This type of pure cacao can be fatal to our furry friends if eaten. Cacao nibs (crushed beans) are delicious in smoothies, crumbled over granola or oats, ice cream, yogurt and much more. There are many culinary uses for cacao as well. Be creative and enjoy!

What Is A Cacao Ceremony?

Gathering together to drink cacao can creating healing, connection and inspiration. Cacao ceremonies are rituals to help keep you centered, heart connected and living in a good way. Cacao increases the energetic field of our hearts, and when we join together, the field is amplified and woven together with multiple hearts in the room. We each carry a unique medicine and message for each other that can provide clarity or inspiration.

There are some general things that people can expect at a cacao ceremony:

– A safe, nourishing environment to connect with yourself, the spirit of cacao and other people in a deeper way.
– The group will be led through a cacao blessing where they will learn about cacao.
– The facilitator will guide the group through an experience which will include guided meditation, sound journey and movement.
– The cacao that you will drink in ceremony was prepared with love and intention.