Do you remember that bumper sticker? “If you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention.” Seriously. WTF is happening in our country? Yesterday was heartbreaking, looking at the images and reading what happened to George Floyd, it is hard to justify the cruelty and racism even as I can imagine the fear and challenges that comes with being a police officer. Everybody makes mistakes, most of us are fortunate it isn’t captured on video. 

If you have been with us over the last few months, you have seen our mistakes, from streams not working, to errors on the website and bad links. If you are really lucky, you may have gotten a good laugh as we bicker with each other under the stress of trying to get the camera right or the stream live. Even these small acts of anger require a softening, an easing into forgiveness. 

Stress. Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about. Each and every one of us has experienced a lifetime of stress in the last 9 weeks. Seriously. This is my first pandemic, but it feels pretty normal to be stressed and freaking out randomly. Teachers, students, parents, children…the changes we have made pale in comparison to the changes we still have to make. 

That said, I have GREAT news. You can NOT start now. We are deep in the analyze phase of this experience, we all need to deepen our understanding of what is happening, do risk analysis and determine options, take a LONG hike in nature and reflect upon our situation. Sit with it, listen to the sounds of the wind swaying the tall trees gently in the heat that foreshadows a long dry summer. Lay on the ground and allow the earth to support your body, relax your muscles and allow gravity to find the balance of being for you, as clouds float overhead morphing into animals and becoming the patterns we aspire to in our lives. 

Forgive. Yourself. Start with you. All of the missed goals, workouts, diets, zoom meetings, baking experiments, whatever. We are trying to make a massive shift in our society and it will not happen if you continue to beat yourself up about the past. Each day is an accomplishment, something worth celebrating, honoring. You have made it this far, take a deep breath and reset.

It sounds ridiculous to say, but I am committed to making more mistakes in the future. Continuing to try new things and doing the work to understand how to improve and dedicating the time to practice. Look at the images from our site so you can see how we are making it easier for you to grow with us. If you want to join us online, you have to set-up a new account in our web portal, we could not sync our old memberships into the new system. https://online.marinpoweryoga.com

Peace and Forgiveness,


"A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it." John Steinbeck

“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” John Steinbeck

As we move thru the weeks of Shelter In Place, time has stretched beyond what we thought was impossible. Remember back when we were going to see what happens in 2 weeks? No, I don’t either. The lessons are happening in real time, we are evolving together.

We are launching our online Membership TODAY. You can click in and sign up from our website, if you join us in the next month you can lock in our introductory price of $30 per month, in June we increase the price to $40. If you have ever been a Member of MPY, I want you to have the choice of joining us online at our lowest rate, we also need and want you to join us again!

What comes with the online Membership? We are starting off with 3 live streams a day, from our homes (see the start of the schedule below, Aracelies is streaming live at 8:30am this morning). Each week we will also be loading up different classes into our new On Demand system, we are building out a library of everything we do, from Power Yoga to Gentle, Yin, TRX, BootCamp, Meditation and Mat Pilates. Yes, we will be adding in kids yoga and fitness classes! No, we can not do Stop Drop and Dance, you can join that thru Grace.

Are our edges still rough? We planned on having 20 classes loaded into the On Demand system by today and things did not go as we planned. Welcome to starting over, changing direction and learning quickly. Yeah, the edges are still rough.

What am I excited about? The quality of the new Live Streams and on Demand videos are amazing. You can share your Membership in your household, meaning you can do Power Yoga while you partner does BootCamp and your kids do Kids Yoga, all on one account. We are still learning how to use all of the features, you will be able to download videos to your device and watch them offline. This is ideal if we ever get to travel again, or if you want to take your device out under the oak or bay tree in your backyard.

Tips? You may have to lower the quality if your device is further away from your router, this is something that varies with the quality of internet and usage in our houses and neighborhoods. Yesterday we crashed Vimeo between us uploading videos and trying to sign in. Welcome to the pandemic, these are the least of our problems even if they are real. Practice patience with us, laugh and cry with imperfections and forgive us knowing we are doing something new. 

I hope you will consider joining us online, we are applying everything we have learned in the last 6 weeks to bring you and your family the best of MPY online in an ad free premium experience. I’d like to tell you we have plans for re-opening, I am limited by the same lack of information and evolving science that you are. What I can tell you is we are implementing a strategy to improve your health and sanity during this time. If you have financial hardship, message amy@marinpoweryoga.com and she will figure something out for you. We are all in this together.

Keep your head up, stay healthy and consider joining us again,

Virus Update

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy.

The shit has just started to hit the fan and nobody has a clue how bad this virus outbreak is going to be. I watch the news and I don’t know what I should be more afraid of, the upcoming elections, the stock market, depression or COVID-19. I turn off the news and my brain starts planning escape routes as if it is fire season. What can you do?

  1. Wash Your Hands.
  2. Cough into your elbow.
  3. Stay home in you are sick or might be sick.
  4. Get used to Elbow Bumping instead of hugging or handshaking, it’s only weird if you make it weird.
  5. Prepare for flu recovery.

What are we doing at Marin Power Yoga? We use Simple Green to eliminate bacteria and viruses EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. This is our favorite sanitizer and it is effective against the flu and H1N1. We are adding cleaning shifts during the day and continuing to sanitize the floors and bathrooms. The best prevention is to clean your hands and stay home if you are sick. Each of us needs to exercise personal responsibility and self care to protect each other. This is an every day practice.

I understand if you are freaking out, I have had my fair share of rational and irrational thoughts around this. My paranoid evil twin says we are all getting this and need to have electrolytes and soup for the recovery. Be Prepared. I don’t know about the run on toilet paper, that seems crazy to me but after all the zombie series we have binge watched maybe it is crazy that I only have a pocket knife and not a machete? Seriously, be prepared in a way that is right for you.

Something I am excited about, we are launching our online community this month! We will have some of our regular classes available for free on YouTube and SoundCloud. We will be launching a “premium” online program in April that will provide a comprehensive class offering and provide remote access to learning at MPY. We will need your help. We have been working on this all year and we are moving up the launch date to create options for you to practice at home if you have to stay home.
If you want a great playlist to enjoy, below is a link to my current Trevor Hall Compendium. He has an incredible voice and this is excellent to cook dinner with a glass of wine or do some yoga or take a drive down the coast.

If you skipped everything above, please note that this is when we check up on our neighbors and friends and family. Protect yourself and look out for the people in your life. We are all responsible to and for each other, extraordinary times call for ordinary heroes like you and me to do more. Together, we are Stronger and Healthier!

PS- Nubia is teaching a special pop-up Bhakti Yoga Flow at noon this Friday. Take advantage of these special classes at MPY to inspire your practice and your life! Nubia wrote a book on Mudras (intentional hand formations to create and move energy) last year and this is a great opportunity to pick up a copy and learn something new!

PPS- If you are interested, there is a small excerpt below from my reading on “Business In Ethical Focus.” MPY has always been grounded in ethical decision making, I am inspired this week to see how ethics can play a greater role in our decision making, what obvious decisions can be reconsidered thru an ethical lens?  My program started this week and while I have to implement new habits for time management, the reading is fascinating and engaging. While this program is really interesting to me, Redlands is launching a Teacher Certification and Masters program, right here in San Anselmo. If you are considering a first or second career as a teacher, this might be a great option for you! 

Be willing to succeed

Be Willing To Succeed.

I’m excited to be starting a new adventure this month, the Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership at the new Redlands University Marin Campus located in San Anselmo. As I registered myself into the first classes, reviewing the syllabus and putting dates in my calendar, all of the doubts and limiting beliefs became a harmonizing Barbershop Quartet, in black hats with buttoned up white jackets singing to me, “You’re too old, there’s no point, you’ll still be you….stilllllll beeeee youuuuuu, beeee youuuuu, youuuuuuuuuu.” All of my experience and knowledge and dreams and potential are useless against a few words of doubt in my brain. “Why get a degree in something you already do?” Before the quartet kicks in, I remind myself I want to be better than I was yesterday. It is not enough to recognize the mistakes I am making, I want to understand how to support our team better and have a greater positive effect in our community. Am I alone in this?

I am not the only one who wants to be better tomorrow than I was yesterday, in fact, I see all of you coming to classes at MPY, doing the work to be the best versions of yourselves. Whether it is to heal an injury, improve your strength or flexibility, create more peace or love or simply for physical goals or to be more chill, we are all at MPY for some form of improvement. How does this mesh with “I love you just the way you are,” hello Billy Joel. The changes we do are for ourselves, not to make someone else happy or accept us. You can stay the same and evolve into something better at the same time, I know, mind blowing.

 What does this really mean for MPY and you? Maybe nothing. I’ll be reading books and asking questions, writing papers analyzing methodologies, thinking about process and challenging my assumptions (read at night, classes are on Saturdays). I will need and use every skill I have to execute the plan we have for 2020 and pursue this personal growth. I will also make mistakes, this is nothing new, you have witnessed me make mistakes for the last 6 years. Improvement is a series of mistakes and feedback, I think.

I’ll be at Yin with Kelsey tonight (Thursday) at 7:15pm and looking forward to Mirza’s discussion on Belonging and Connection. I share with you my plans because I want us all to be part of this evolution together, whether that is in class today or in the changes that come, we are better because we show up and do the work, because we try new things and find new ways to fail until we get it right. Whether you want to run a 5K or a marathon or learn a new language or make a better salad (thanks for the vinegars Jeff) or learn how to ride a bike this year, let go of your limiting beliefs and be willing to succeed. You can do this.


Friday I’m in Love

Schedule What Is Important To You.

“Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday Wednesday break my heart
Oh, Thursday doesn’t even start
It’s Friday I’m in love”
Robert Smith

This meme floated around the inter webs reminding me how effective putting events on my calendar has been this year. I’ve been making it to classes I missed last year because I do what’s on my calendar. It really is that simple. I am better than most at “reprioritizing” my schedule, adjusting projects based on need and ability to complete. This makes it easy to skip class and move something up because it is “more important.”

Total nonsense. What could be more important than your health or falling in love? What if putting it on your calendar is the missing sauce? What would you even put on your calendar? Between TKO and TRX and KettleBell Hell and Mat Pilates you will barely have time for Power Yoga and Gentle and Yin! Balance. We tell you about how yoga will strengthen your small muscles in your feet and improve your balance, but does that help with scheduling or cooking dinner? Probably not, but it is worth the risk of trying.

Look thru the schedule, try a new class or a new teacher, challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself this year. Make it easier to be successful by using the supercomputer called your iPhone to put the classes on your schedule. Try a special class we do, like next Thursday night February the 13th at 7:15pm we are doing a special Yin Candlelight class with guest philosopher Mirza Khan from San Domenico sharing wisdom and inspiration. While you are updating your calendar for next week, consider blocking out Friday with “I’m In Love.”

Last but not least, we have a great selection of Tanks at TheShop! We are sweetening your Valentine’s Day plans…Members, Buy any Yoga Pants at the Shop in the next week and get a free MPY Tank! This is limited to Members Only and is good for one tank per Member thru Valentines Day 2020! Yes, your mate or child can buy also and get the deal!!! 


“All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood.” Ranier Maria Rilke

Beating The Amazon Effect

“All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood.” Ranier Maria Rilke

Yes, you can go out on a Tuesday night. Defying the odds, I went out on Tuesday night to the 2nd monthly open mic at Split Rock in Fairfax and heard Laura Seligsohn, Elaine Blakely and Kimi Keating playing guitar and singing, had a Boylan’s root beer and caught up with Devon from Sugar in San Anselmo. The women sang beautifully haunting songs and I was a mix of proud of them for being so brave and happy to witness them in their natural element. When we were “kids” this would have been ordinary, except we would have gone out at 11pm instead of already being home and in bed at 9pm. Why was this an amazing night? The Amazon Effect.

We live at an incredible moment in history, technology is making it possible for us to “live our best lives,” without ever leaving your house, from binge watching streaming shows to uber eating. This is the rat trap. The rat race is on, we have been convinced we will never have enough and we must continue to earn the most money per hour for as many hours a week possible. The trap, is your house. Get Out Of The Trap. Your best life starts the moment you walk to town, take a class with a neighbor or friend, hike up baldy or bike up Tam or bathe in the redwoods or simply read a book at Stinson. The way we defeat the Amazon Effect is we live and play with each other, be more social.

Yoga Teacher Training starts Monday! This is an exciting time of year for us as Wendy, Grace and Araceli share their knowledge and skills and mentor a group of teachers in training. These students will quickly be assisting in classes and you will see them practicing together in the back of the room. This program is designed to create a small and significant shift in your life with a small group of people and an opportunity to create new friendships and know people deeply. I am excited for them and encourage you to check out the application on the front of our website if you are interested in more information and applying.

We are starting our first Evryman grouped by Michael Lipson and Hunter Cressman at MPY on the 2nd and 4th Mondays, providing a unique opportunity for men to gather, meditate, talk and grow together. This starts Monday January 27th as a 6 part series, in the upstairs room on the right side, gathering at 6:45pm and starting promptly at 7pm, ending at 9:30pm. Men doing the work!

I posted a message in our FB group yesterday about driving and parking more carefully, especially in Town. I remind us all that our kids learn how to drive by watching us and that we are all responsible to each other. Our neighbors on the block have children that play in their driveways, please turn around slowly and carefully on Tunstead. Note that there is always another parking space and we will always welcome you to class late. The risks of speeding or parking illegally hurts the whole community actively, please slow down and be an example instead of a warning.

Before I get off my soap box, I encourage you to hug the people you care for, give your mate and/or children more kisses and live the life you want. As Devon and I discussed last night, the future is not promised nor guaranteed for any of us. This beautiful life is supposed to be messy and if you are making mistakes you are doing it right. See on your mat.

“All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood.” Ranier Maria Rilke

MLK Day – Equality For All

“I believe the day will come when all God’s children, from bass black to treble white, will be significant on the Constitution’s keyboard.” Martin Luther King

Every time I see this quote on the monument honoring MLK at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco, I feel the power of these simple words. I feel the connection between music, freedom and joy. For a moment, I embrace being one of God’s children. Hoping, even praying that day will come.

It is hard to avoid the overwhelming treble whiteness of the yoga world in America. From our little studio in San Anselmo, to the Yoga Journal Conference or Wanderlust – yoga is very white. Around the world, yoga is being practiced everywhere. From the work Africa Yoga Project is doing in Nairobi to India to Asia, people get on their mat and flow. It doesn’t matter what color you are or where your ancestors came from, all that matters is you show up and try.

Yoga means unity. We all come from the same matter and we all return to matter in the end. We are connected despite the attempts by the media and world leaders to separate us. When we come together and practice, stepping forward into Warrior I, we step forward for all people everywhere. Martin Luther King embodied the spirit of yoga, he lived passionately and fought with his words and ideas, not his fists. When you get on your mat today, dedicate your practice to equality and peace. Dedicate yourself to love.

"I believe the day will come when all God's children, from bass black to treble white, will be significant on the Constitution's keyboard." Martin Luther King

Talk A Lot, Listen More

Walk San Anselmo & Shop! We have exciting pop-ups at MPY this weekend, Stop Drop and Dance at 6pm on Friday December 20th with Grace and a Winter Solstice Sonic Ceremony and Meditation with Gabe and Bodhi at 7pm on Saturday night! These are amazingly different events that will improve your holidaze and are a great way to torture your family. Have you been to TheShop, walked Town looking at the cute shops and precious items for your friends and family? Whether you get the perfect bag of gummies at Sugar for a stocking stuffer or the cute sweater at Kismet or something magical at Sage and Stone or an amazing hat at Neve and Hawk or yoga pants at TheShop or a gift certificate at any of the fitness places in town…this is the best time of year to enjoy shopping local. The sun literally popped out as I typed that, Right?

The holidays are a brutal experience, they challenge our ability to give gifts, our interest in creating ceremony, the challenges of communicating with our family and of course our relationship with success and failure. As you live thru the next few days, I encourage you to slow down and connect with your people, whether that is over a meal or a drink or a phone call. The experience of connecting with each other is incredibly challenging and the greatest reward. My pro-tip for you to thrive in this is “care more than you think is possible.” Seriously, be very interested in every conversation and encounter you have over the next week and you will have great experiences and learn more about yourself and your people. Yes, some of your people will confirm their crazy factor, some will also surprise you with their depth and brilliance. If this experiment is a failure, take your people for a walk up Baldy and find silence together between gasping for air and burning muscles. Maybe do that either way?

Check out the info below for our annual memberships, if you want info on yoga teacher training look at our website for the application. These are great programs to make 2020 the best year possible, they take your time and financial commitment, the personal growth you get to keep for the rest of your life and everyone in your family benefits from your work.

Have a fabulous weekend and include us in your life more.
Love and Peace,

Introverts Unite

Party with us!

*This Friday night, 12/6/2019, starting at 8pm at EV Lounge (500 San Anselmo Avenue) our first community Holiday Party!!! There will be a cash bar which serves wine, bubbly, sparking water etc. 

*Teacher Training! Early bird tuition ends on December 15th! Sign up to get a $400 discount off the regular price. Dates and details can be found here: https://marinpoweryoga.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Teacher-Training-Application-2020.pdf

*Shop TheShop. We have the best selection of fitness clothing in the Bay Area, right here in San Anselmo. We will be open late on Saturday for the Xmas tree lighting event in Town (ummm hello rainstorm?). The lighting happens at 5pm and we will be open at the shop until 7pm!

People. I will not be at the Party on Friday, I’m on Day 3 of the flu and while I think the worst is past, I’m still a sweaty mess. Besides the frustration of this being my 3rd significant illness of the year, I never want to miss a party with you. Usually, we have the holiday party at our house for staff only, this year the team decided they want to celebrate with you also!

I know the struggle to leave your couch/dog/cat, safety of your home and go out on a Friday night and see people. It isn’t easy, but it is worth it. You will see people from class, teachers, friends and family. You will find interesting people to talk with, be inspired in your own life and maybe even feel lighter, more energized. If this is stressful because of late notice (Inga I am looking at you), blame me and the flu and stop in and say hello between your other plans. We have an amazing community, come start the holidaze with us!

Sweats, Chills and Love,