Get Stronger at 6am!

Triangles at 6am…You Can Do It!!! Jamie teaching this morning. Yoga will strengthen your body, activate your energy and empower you to grow. Make the sun rise with us Tuesday-Friday at 6am, start your day strong!

Alarming Yoga

Raise your hands up high if you are ready to move forward!!! This “fire alarm” class is up in our OnDemand system for you to practice with Araceli and us…experience the thrill of the 🔥 alarm going off without the terror of being there? There is something about “technical problems” that force us to land in the present moment. The alarm only goes off for a few seconds, try this class!!!

Seriously, we are wearing masks, vaccinated and moving forward one moment at a time. Create the future with us. https://marinpoweryoga.vhx.tv/videos/araceliyoga1182022firealarmblur

Patience is a skill

“PATIENCE is the antidote to anger, a way to learn to love and care for whatever we meet on the path.”
Pema Chödrön – walking Blackie’s Pasture, looking towards Tam on Richardson Bay. This is so where we are all right now, even if the path looks straight as far as you can see, you know there are twists and turns ahead, that will require your patience and willingness to change. If you want more patience in your life, start walking…we can do this.

Quote For Inspiration – Forgiveness

You cannot forgive just once, forgiveness is a daily practice. Sonia Rumzi.

Yoga is also a daily practice. On days like today, the OnDemand system is ready and loaded with great classes for you from Mat Pilates to Yin or Gentle or Power Yoga. Practice with us online and at the studio.

Yoga on Sundays

Sunday Service at Marin Power Yoga with Wendy teaching and Gabe playing live! We are practicing in Masks because there is a mandate requiring them and we are doing yoga to live healthier lives. The masks are less than ideal, yet they provide an extra level of protection while we find the balance of living our lives and staying safe. We can do amazing things, we are humans!!!

Yoga in 2022 in San Anselmo

The plan is to do a lot of yoga in 2022. We are starting slow as the mask mandates are in place for safety. The schedule expands January 16th as we add in afternoon classes.

You must be a monthly member and fully vaccinated to attend in person classes. When you join, reach out to amy@marinpoweryoga.com to get access to our included OnDemand platform, otherwise she will track you down.

Be willing to evolve this year!!!

End Of Year

Fallen Angels ending the year in masks, seems strangely appropriate for where we are in time. Wishing you all a safe and healthy New Year…marinate where you are, allow your essence to flourish. Our community is better with you in it. Sending you love!

You can change the world

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

This is the challenge that faces us everyday, can we work together to make our community better, can we extend that into the world?

Your yoga practice is part of the change. Seriously.

Live Yoga

Sunday Service with Wendy teaching yoga and Gabe playing live! This was an amazing class!!! It will be up on our OnDemand system today, tune in and get healthier and stronger with us!

Yin on Saturday!

Yoga in San Anselmo, we are practicing!!! Yin Saturday morning at 8am with Jamie. Yoga at 9:30am with Araceli…and yoga Sunday at 9:30am with Wendy. Create moments in your day and strength in your body and flexibility in your mind and growth in your soul, with us.

Long Week End

Vicky teaching yoga this morning at Marin Power Yoga! Flow through your week with us…Thursday is at 8am and Friday at 9am, register in the app or on our website. Create ease in your body and strength in your mind with us!

Feeling Wednesday

Breathe. Whether it is out on the trails, in yoga class or at home playing Uno or Sorry with your family…BREATHE. We have 3 yoga classes at 9am Wednesday, 8am Thursday and Friday 9am! Start your day with us in San Anselmo.

Tuesday yoga

6am is the best way to start your day! This is closer to 6:40am! Thanksgiving morning we are doing one yoga class at 8am with Jamie teaching. Practice with us in San Anselmo, create an incredible day for you and your family.

6am is the easiest routine to set

Trees Rising at 6am yoga Thursday morning with Jamie teaching. The changing of the light, sunrise, is part of our early classes. Set a new routine with us at 6am!

Tuesday and Thursday – Yoga

Wednesday and Friday – Mindful Fitness

Get stronger in San Anselmo at 6am with us!