Celebrate Earth – What Are We Working Towards

Bon Tempe John Muir

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” John Muir

What Are We Working Towards?

Some days it feels like we are slowly moving thru a heavy fog. The air is cool and the mist is just thick enough that you don’t want to be in a car. You can see it moving, but you don’t want to move. There is safety in staying exactly where you are.

That feeling of safety is actually dangerous. It quickly becomes complacency and before we know it we are old. Most of us suffer from a rarely diagnosed disease called FOC…Fear Of Change. We prefer to stick with something we know, because the risk of not liking the unknown is not worth it. This always plagues me when I look at the menu for Sol Food. I want to order something different, but I know the chicken sandwich will deliver and if it doesn’t I can always guarantee joy with a generous dousing of their vinegary hot sauce.

What is the risk vs what is the reward? This is a normal question for us to ask ourselves multiple times a day. It should be the basis for most of our decisions! The real question is not about risk however, it is about degrees of joy and uncharted waters.

Sometimes we have to abandon our risk equation and simply focus on experience. Will the experience provide something new in our lives? Do we know the maximum benefit? I know the maximum joy I will experience with a crow pose, do I know the potential joy if I jump back into low plank? What about if I order a salad instead of the chicken sandwich?

We are sailing into uncharted waters at Marin Power Yoga and there is no question in my mind we will be hitting fog so thick the road will disappear. When in doubt we will check our compasses: Does this serve the greater good of the community? Will this create increased health and joy for our members? Are we doing this for the love of it? The answers will keep us on track. It takes a little bit of faith and a lot of courage to walk down the road without knowing what is in front of us. “Some days are better than other days, these days, life is¬†better with you!” M. Franti.

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