Clean Living Series First Meeting September 3rd at 7:15 pm!


Welcome!!! We are gathering at the studio at 7:15pm on Wednesday September 3rd to dive into planning our Clean Living Series!

It is so exciting to come together on our journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are just interested in learning how to eat a less processed diet or you are interested in shedding body fat, you are in the right place. Through eating “clean” and increasing lean muscle, we will feel so amazing and have energy to burn! And we’ll look better, too.

A positive mindset is really so important so I don’t want us to think about what we are taking out of our diets, as much as what swaps we are making and what we are actually adding. I like to call these “swapportunities.” Along our journey you will discover so many simple ways to replace old habits with new exciting choices!


The soul of clean eating is consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible. It is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation, leading to an improved life – one meal at a time.

Eat five to six times a day:
Three meals and two to three small snacks. Include a lean protein, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a complex carbohydrate with each meal. This keeps your body energized and burning calories efficiently all day long.

Drink at least two liters of water a day:
Preferably from a reusable canteen, not plastic; we’re friends of the environment here!
Get label savvy:
Clean foods contain just one or two ingredients. Any product with a long ingredient list is human-made and not considered clean.

Avoid processed and refined foods:
This includes white flour, sugar, bread and pasta. Enjoy complex carbs such as whole grains instead.

Know thy enemies:
Steer clear of anything high in saturated and trans fats, anything fried or anything high in sugar.

Shop with a conscience:
Consume humanely raised and local meats.
Choose organic whenever possible
If your budget limits you, make meat, eggs, dairy and the Dirty Dozen your organic priorities.

Consume healthy fats:
Try to have essential fatty acids, or EFAs, every day.

Learn about portion sizes:
Work towards eating within them.

Reduce your carbon footprint:
Eat produce that is seasonal and local. It is less taxing on your wallet and our environment.

Slow down and savor:
Never rush through a meal. Food tastes best when savored. Enjoy every bite!
Take it to go:
Pack a cooler for work or outings so you always have clean eats on the go.

Make it a family affair:
Food is a social glue that should be shared with loved ones. Improve the quality of your family’s life along with your own.

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Exercise is the other piece of the puzzle. It’s very important to move every day. These are my recommendations:

Cardio 3x per week (intervals for speed, hills for strength, and one longer slower workout for endurance and mental well being)

Strength Training 2x per week (Building lean muscle is the ultimate fountain of youth. It is suggested that we lose 1-2% of muscle mass per year as we grow older. This can be offset by strength training. See the article from the Mayo Clinic.)

Yoga — as much as you possibly can! Yoga feeds your body and your soul.


We will break down the six week program in 2 week blocks. For the first block, we will work on getting the basics down and keeping our food pretty simple. As long as you follow the basic tenets of clean eating you should be just fine, but to help those that would like more guidance I am including 5 basic ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snack ideas for in between. As we progress, I will share tons of recipe ideas and ways to make this really fun. I spend tons of time in the kitchen and this is my passion, so I can’t wait to share!

For the first 2 week block, I strongly suggest eliminating alcohol from our diet. The body reads this as sugar and we are trying to break our sugar habit. Alcohol also slows the metabolism and reduces your willpower to resist things we know aren’t good for us. This is a great “swapportunity”…Fill your wine glass with Pelligrino, a splash of cranberry and a lime. It feels kind of the same and you are taking care of yourself. Give it a try!
We begin on Monday September 8th, so spend these next days getting prepared. Clean out your pantry, go grocery shopping and get your family on board. This is going to be a great journey toward our healthiest selves!

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