How can you help? The studio is closed, Membership suspended (nobody is getting charged as of 3/13/2020) and we have real costs to staying open as a business. We have transitioned completely online and will re-open the studio when we are able. People will come back slowly. We are anticipating it will be a long slow summer. How can you help?


We set up a Venmo Account and you can Join our “Annual Membership.” We have 25 Annual Members who have helped fund MPY this year. We are hoping a portion of you will join them in buying the rest of the year, knowing we are not physically open and supporting our efforts to keep our teachers working to support our greater community. We understand this is a big ask!!! Some examples are below:
Make My Membership an Adult Annual!

9 Months Adult $630

6 Month Membership – $420

3 Month Membership – $210

If you want to send a different amount, THANK YOU. We have a spreadsheet going and will add you in and make sure it all works in reality when the studio is open again. If you don’t do Venmo, message amy@marinpoweryoga.com and she will figure out a way to contribute that works for you! Real Talk, we are going to do this, whatever you contribute help us make this work better, with less stress and more possibilities. If you have ideas, share them with us! We want to build this together, create something that gets all of us thru this.

Corporate Sponsors

If your company is able to sponsor The Journey, making classes available online for this experience, we want your help! We will add you to this Page with a Thank You and we are open to all ideas on how to make a sponsorship work. You can Sponsor a Meditation Series or a new track in our system like Arm Balancing in 21 Days. We have a lot of programming ideas, you have programming ideas, let’s work together!

Ways To Help

The Hyde collection of organic yoga clothing, a neighboring San Anselmo business, will donate 20% of their online sales to Marin Power Yoga. Shop at yogahyde.com with code MPY to trigger the donation.

Jamie jumping during Araceli’s BootCamp on our LiveStream on Twitch!