Fall In Love Again

Thank You.

This has been an extraordinary few days here in San Anselmo. I don’t know how we would have made it thru without our First Responders, Town and County Staff, Librarians, Neighbors and You. The quiet darkness of nights without the hum and buzz of electricity was eerily calm, I am between missing the peace and so grateful for all we have. While I can’t wait for this round of elections to be over, I am going to encourage you to consider voting for Kim and Steve for our San Anselmo Town Council and Yes on M to rebuild Memorial Park. We are stronger and healthier when we work together!

We have a few exciting changes that you must know about! 1) You are invited to our first ever All Member Meeting on Sunday 11/17/19. 2) We now offer Personal Training with Jordan Assadi running our program. 3) Our Pilates Mat classes are growing on the schedule.

The idea of an All Member Meeting is long overdue at MPY. Join us on Sunday November 17, at 7:30pm in the big room. The agenda will be co-created in our FaceBook Community Group, please add your agenda ideas there. We will discuss our current status and discuss plans for 2020 and beyond. We will start the evening with a brief ceremony, followed by adoption of process for the meeting. We will end promptly at 9:30pm with a closing ceremony. This is a first attempt, expect changes before, during and after!

Personal Training at MPY with Jordan Assadi is launching today! Our Personal Fitness Room at the back of the studio is loaded with thousands of pounds of weights! From bench and squat racks to dumbbells and a rowing machine, whether you want to lift heavy or develop specific areas of strength or heal a specific injury or simply manage your health, our program is designed around you. If you want to book a session, email amy@marinpoweryoga.com and get on the schedule! Prices are listed below.

$85 for a 55 minute session.
5 pack for $400.
10 packs available for $750.
20 Pack available for $1,450.

$100 for a 55 minute session.
5 pack for $475.
10 packs available for $900.
20 Pack available for $1,700.

Groups of 2 can split cost between 2 people. We encourage you to be a Member and attend classes between sessions, whether it is Yin, TRX, BootCamp, TKO, Power or Gentle Yoga or Pilates Mat. This is about you doing the work and experiencing results.

We started our Pilates Mat program 4 years ago as an idea, nothing happened. Maybe the time wasn’t right or more accurately we were focused on different priorities. This year, we committed in to experimenting with class formats and developing our skills. Our Pilates Mat classes are a great way to discover pilates or reignite your passion. We are training additional teachers and planning more Pilates Mat classes for the schedule in January. 

This is the season of change, I feel the weather shifting with the winds and the light and I am reminded that I too must continue to evolve and grow. I’m taking a class on Community Engagement: Collaborating for Change (seems like an obvious interest right) and reading What is The What by David Eggers, nourishing my mind to inspire my body to be the healthiest and strongest I can be. I hope you can join us on November 17th and that you take advantage of our new classes and services. Thank you for continuing to support our community and growing with us.

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