Falling With Grace – Flying

Everybody is working towards something. Some people are focused on earning and saving money, others on eliminating pain or improving their health and some on finding happiness. The road is the same for all of us, where ever you are in your journey, yet our perception of reality is tinted by what we are seeking. We all look out the window and see life happening, how we interpret events is what colors our experience.

It is too simple to point out that one person can describe today as mostly sunny while in the same breath someone else can describe the day as partly cloudy with a chance of rain. Maybe more relevant is how both people perceive the rain. It is easy during a drought year to appreciate the rain, yet do we see it as cleaning the air and washing away the past, creating a fresh start. The rain literally turns our hills green and brings life to the yards we walk, bike and drive by every day. If you want flowers, you want rain!!!

I have a love-hate affair with Pixar movies, they make me laugh and cry in the span of 90 minutes. The loss and separation of our childhood innocence brings tears to my eyes as I long to feel connected and grounded to something permanent. The joy of flight as Buzz Lightyear proclaims “we are falling with grace,” describes how I feel as I attempt something new, knowing I am going to swing and miss a few times before I hit it. The bumps in the road make the journey magical. It is our option to interpret the bumps as opportunities or as blocks slowing our journey. When you hit a bump on a bike, you can either slam into it and damage your wheel, or lift yourself up with all of your energy and catch some air!

I feel happiness every day as a choice. Even as I look over the handle bars of my bike and see bumps in the road, I see opportunity. The choice to dread the potential flat tire, the choice to weave around some bumps and fly over others. Sometimes I shake with frustration as I try to lift one leg in Crow, other times I jump back from Crow to Low Plank with ease. I am not sure if this is Flying or Falling with Grace, but at least I’m Enjoying The Ride…

Enjoy The Ride


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  1. I have more than a few scars from bumps in the road. I wouldn’t take any of them back. They all provided me with an opportunity to learn and grow. The roads I’ve traveled also have cracks as well as bumps. These are important because they allow for change in direction.

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