How To Sign-Up for an Account in The App

Here are the links to get the new app …

How do I create an account in our Mobile App?


  1. Click into the App Store or Google Play Store via the links above.
  2. Download the Marin Power Yoga app.
  3. Once you have found your studio click the logo.
  4. In the app, click the login button in the top center.
  5. Click Create an Account.
  6. Fill out all of your information, using the same email address which is receiving this message and create a password.
  7. Once your account is created, open your email and verify the account.
  8. Once you click the verify button it will ask you to opt in or out of emails, this screen will automatically save, you can close it out once you have made your decision.
  9. Return to your app and click Manage emails. 
    1.  If your account says VERIFIED you can close this screen. 
    2. If your account says NOT VERIFIED, please click the email and resend the verification.
  10. Once email has been verified, you can close the Manage emails screen.
  11. From here, if you have a studio account already it will ask you to link your account to the studio (this will allow you to access your memberships and class packages).
  12. Once all of these steps have been completed, you are all set to register!

Unsure on how to use the app? Check out our resource guide for step-by-step instructions and videos to get you started!

In Person Classes

YES, we are currently teaching IN-PERSON Classes.

  • Are you teaching classes inside? No, we are not.
  • When will you teach classes inside? We think we are very very close.
  • Will you require masks inside? We will not teach inside when there is a mask mandate. In the present and in the future, masks will remain a choice you can make.
  • Will you require proof of vaccination to be inside for class? Yes, we will require proof of vaccination for inside classes. If you have a situation that is possible to accommodate, we will make our best attempt.
  • Do you require proof of vaccination for outdoor classes? No. Our outside spaces are large and people are socially distanced, we encourage you to respect personal space and follow best practices.
  • Are kids allowed at yoga? At this time, no. If we are outside, they can stay a safe distance away.
  • Can I bring my dog to outside yoga? Yeah, keep the dog around you and be respectful of others and it is all good.
  • Will you have In-Person BootCamp? Si, Porque No? Yes, Why Not?
  • Why are in-person classes more expensive? Bruh. Everything is more expensive. Except for vaccines, those are free.

Live Streaming

The FUTURE is here! You can attend “most” of our classes via LiveStream, this is a benefit of Studio Membership and can be purchased independently if you do not want to attend in person classes.

  • How do I “get into class?” You will get an email with a link to class 15 minutes before class. You will also get a notification in our app that class is starting, you can follow this notification to class.
  • I missed class, now what? The class is available all day, you can take the class later during the day.
  • Class didn’t happen, why? Sometimes LiveStreams “break” or don’t work. It can happen because the internet is overloaded or the Vimeo server has relay issues. These are increasingly rare. Sometimes you have to click on the link and try again.
  • I clicked on the link, got to class and nothing is happening? Make sure you hit Play on the video, often the video starts paused.
  • I can’t hear anything? Make sure your volume is up on the device playing the video (phone or computer) and the speakers are active (can you play another sound).
  • Can’t open link? Make sure you do not have too many apps open, if that doesn’t work, restart and try again.
  • When does class start? We set the goal of starting our LiveStreams a few minutes before class, so you can get ready with us!
  • Can I do a “LiveStream Only Membership?” YES. For Sure! We want you to stay “LIVE” with us, this is $30 a month for LiveStreams only.
  • Do I have to do LiveStreams on a mobile device? No, you can do the LiveStream devices on any type of computer or screen that can connect to Vimeo or a web browser.
  • I am a Studio Member, can I take LiveStream classes also? YES, you can take our in-person classes and our livestream classes!

On Demand

We have an AMAZING OnDemand Membership and Platform.

  • Is this a stand alone membership? YES.
  • Where do I sign up? www.marinyoga.co
  • How much does it cost? $10 a month or $108 for a year!
  • Do I get any deals or discounts at the Studio? No. #realtalk
  • Are new videos and classes added regularly? Yes, every single week.
  • Will you have videos from guest teachers? Yes.
  • Do you have meditation videos? Yes.
  • What about TRX Videos? Bruh, November 2021.
  • Why is the price so inexpensive? “Do It For The Love, Not For The Money.” Michael Franti
  • Can I watch these on my phone, iPad, computer, TV? Yes.
  • Best Set-up? The one you know how to use. We watch these classes on an iPad and Airplay them to our AppleTV to take class on the big screen. You can also do this from your phone or computer! This will also work with an Android set-up the same way, or even sent to a Roku.
  • Can you cancel my membership for me? No, all subscriptions are controlled by you! www.marinyoga.co