Finding Play in your Yoga Practice

Finding play in your yoga practice can be lost amongst the sweating, straining over achieving to get that handstand or even survive that Warrior 1. Yet, this may be what elevates your yoga practice to the next level. Relaxing and finding ease in the pose can come from finding humor and play in the moment. As you lift, reach, express, sink lower…ask yourself, “how can I find lightness in this moment?”

There is no right way to live, just like there is no right way to practice. You show up as you are and the yoga will do you. It will infect your soul with joy and bring happiness into all aspects of your life. Just show up.

playfullness in yogaMarin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead in San Anselmo, California. Close to Fairfax, San Rafael, Ross, Kentfield and Larkspur. We love to practice Vinyasa flow yoga, join us!

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