First in Person Class Wednesday May 5th at Redlands

First In Person Class.

I got chills up my arms typing the headline above. We are doing our FIRST in-person class Wednesday May 5th, 2021…outdoors on the Redlands Campus. Class will start at 9am. Probably. Araceli is teaching, so when I say class will end at 10am, plan accordingly.

We are doing this for the next 4 weeks as an experiment!

How do you get signed in for class? The App. 

Wait, I am not using the Marin Yoga App? Amy will help you get set-up tonight or Wednesday morning. You can email her at amy@marinpoweryoga.com and get support!

We set up the class for 20 spots and will see how the space fills in. If you can walk or bike to class, please do that. It is an easy way to love living here. 

Will the class be available online? We are trying to record it and upload it on Wednesday mid afternoon. The future is hybrid.

This is a NEW ADVENTURE for us. Please forgive the late notice and any technical issues! 

Why the Redlands Campus? This is an AMAZING resource in San Anselmo and a sacred location where education happens. We want you to know this school is a resource to you and that starts with us collaborating!

These classes are a fundraiser for the Canal Alliance. Right???

I hope to see you Wednesday. We will have weekend classes coming soon, details are still being finalized with Town. If you can’t make it to class or want to donate in a way that is tax deductible, please join our Fundraising Team page and make your contribution here: https://donate.canalalliance.org/team/356484

This is the start of an amazing Spring into Summer. Do this With Us!!!

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