Float Like A Butterfly

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee. Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali. Damn. The elegance and simplicity of these words describe the beauty of the yoga poses, the asanas. Even as I’ve shed some weight the last 2 years, I still see myself as the big boy, in fact, I don’t have to look in the mirror to feel that way, you know what I mean? I am consciously trying to live lighter, find a little more float under my feet as I climb the mountain and a little more lift in my hips as I downward dog. Just news, but, it’s possible.

Seriously, I am actually feeling “easier” or some float in situations outside of the physical realm. I’m telling you, that if you “lighten up,” it will extend throughout your entire life.

Try Easier.



Olivia and I went driving Saturday to work on her parking skills, get some hours on the road and remember how beautiful Northern California is. As we wound our way back through West Marin, between passing Cows and Hawks hunting we spotted Silver Shave parked in Woodacre. Aloha Hawaii.

The picture above is where I am in life these days. I can make some good choices like saying no to ice-cream or a cheese burger because of the cholesterol in it. When I ordered the shaved ice, my eyes glazed over as I saw the words GIGANTIC. I listened and nodded as I was told “it’s really big,” in my head the slowly echoing gigantic sounded like a pop song by Lorde. Giant phallic symbol of my joyful struggle.

I let all of the negative thoughts about diabetes and sugar and natural vs chemical and floated like a hummingbird enjoying every frozen drop of deliciousness, welcome to the good life.

Sting Like A Bee.

OnDemand Mondays! Our OnDemand system is loaded with GREAT classes and amazing pricing that reflects your absolute disdain for online learning! For $10 a month or $108 for the year you can have access to great classes whenever you want them. That’s my heavy right hand punch. My left hand jab is you can fart and nobody knows.

My yoga practice has been a challenge of try really hard and soften and create ease in the struggle. This is how we do it. Strength and Flexibility.


You can handle the challenges this week brings you. Notice your balance of floating and stinging, breathe into the balance and intentionally work with your self. You Can Do It.

Peace and Love,


PS – The OnDemand system is amazing. We added a lot of great classes in September.

PPS – Think about Muhammad Ali refusing to fight in the Vietnam War, the simple honesty of being unwilling to kill people for financial benefit to “the economy,” choosing to lose his freedom rather than kill innocent people. Float. Sting.

PPPS – Don’t Eat The Homies. I’m losing weight by walking more, drinking more water and eating food that doesn’t have cholesterol. Drop the cholesterol, save your own life. People, that’s free and will save you money in eating (mushrooms and veggies and beans cost less than beef or fish or chicken per pound).

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