Friday I’m in Love

Schedule What Is Important To You.

“Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday Wednesday break my heart
Oh, Thursday doesn’t even start
It’s Friday I’m in love”
Robert Smith

This meme floated around the inter webs reminding me how effective putting events on my calendar has been this year. I’ve been making it to classes I missed last year because I do what’s on my calendar. It really is that simple. I am better than most at “reprioritizing” my schedule, adjusting projects based on need and ability to complete. This makes it easy to skip class and move something up because it is “more important.”

Total nonsense. What could be more important than your health or falling in love? What if putting it on your calendar is the missing sauce? What would you even put on your calendar? Between TKO and TRX and KettleBell Hell and Mat Pilates you will barely have time for Power Yoga and Gentle and Yin! Balance. We tell you about how yoga will strengthen your small muscles in your feet and improve your balance, but does that help with scheduling or cooking dinner? Probably not, but it is worth the risk of trying.

Look thru the schedule, try a new class or a new teacher, challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself this year. Make it easier to be successful by using the supercomputer called your iPhone to put the classes on your schedule. Try a special class we do, like next Thursday night February the 13th at 7:15pm we are doing a special Yin Candlelight class with guest philosopher Mirza Khan from San Domenico sharing wisdom and inspiration. While you are updating your calendar for next week, consider blocking out Friday with “I’m In Love.”

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