You Can Do It.

It doesn’t always feel like it, yet I have been telling myself this for the last few weeks. You Can Do It. 

Like the train book we used to read when we were kids. You Can Do It.

Check out the Schedule in the image at the top and check out pictures from the weekend at the bottom of the email to see what classes in the Studio look like today. ReBirth.

My Monday Motivation is a mix of Plan for the Week and tap back into the power of choice in our OnDemand system. This is priced at $10/month or $108/year intentionally. We want you to have access to class from home or work or in your travels (even if that is from the office to the kitchen and back). 

Whether you start a 7 Class Series (hello Monday) or you drop into a meditation or you take a 22 minute yoga class, there is a class designed to increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles and soften your heart. Get logged in, pick a class and start it, do what the teacher tells you. Feel Better. It can be that simple.

You Made It Here.

My sleep schedule is off as I set my alarm for 5:15am to do our 6am classes. If you want to see me and catch up, I will be at every 6am class we teach this year. How about evenings? I went to sleep long before my son’s text came thru that he was in line for the party last night. Real Talk.

The negative thoughts and self-doubt are equally real. I am listening and noticing how that affects me and translating my actions into positive and constructive steps that speak louder than my words and the thoughts in my head. You Are Doing It.


In all of the crazy ideas I have, this is one of the craziest. I’ve been on a mission to SAVE MY LIFE for the last 2 years and I am having slow and consistent success (yes, still here, you got this email as proof). I want to share my success with 5 people and help them SAVE THEIR OWN LIFE. Why 5? I think that is just a little more than I can really support and I am pushing myself. 

If you or your partner “needs to lose 40+ pounds” and SAVE YOUR LIFE, message me and let’s talk. I am putting some of the details below.


  1. Commitment – 24 Months.
  2. Finances – None.
  3. Dietary – Mostly Vegan.

If number 3 is too much for you, I’ll be here when you are ready! If you question number 1, it’s ok, this isn’t for you! I am looking for people who “need” this. If number 2 is disturbing, remember this isn’t about a social construct like bitcoin or dollars, this is about LIFE.

What’s the process? We will talk each week and transition through all of the challenges in adapting to this new life. You will have to get your blood analyzed so we have a cholesterol level and general health check-in, we don’t do weigh-ins, that happens at the doctor’s office and then we leave it behind us. Weight is a valid measurement we will only use annually at the doctor’s office. Am I right?

This isn’t easy and it’s not for everybody. This is not therapy nor a weak version of weight watchers. This is a battle for your life and I have some tools that are helping me, they may work for you as well.

If you read all of this and it isn’t relevant to you, file it away as another wacky idea from Jamie. If you are wondering if this is right for you, message me. You don’t have to be a Member of MPY now or in the future, you have to be a good person who wants to live. I’ll be direct about yes or no, I am starting with 5 people and I am looking for people who really need me more than they want me. Or something like that.

Sending you peace, love and encouragement to practice with us,

PS – You are worthy of love and self care.

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