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Get our NEW mobile app! This is free and a subtle yet HUGE shift for us! Why? We know none of us signed up for a pandemic nor an online life, we are putting in place the tools for success. It starts with tracking automatically and manually basic health indicators, like steps and whether you meditated or did class. We want to play a new role in your life, “inspire you.” We are going to motivate you daily with a short message from us. Not selling you anything, just sharing where we are in this. This is a private platform! That means no ads and no fake activity, this isn’t about your attention, this is about your intention!!!

We also have links to classes, from meditation to yoga and bootcamp. The class of the day is free, if you want “all access,” we want you as a premium member. This might sound crazy, we are giving alway 90% of the benefits for free!!! Why? Because our mission is to build a healthy local community. Let’s do this together! #marin #sananselmo #yoga #mindfulness join as “I Am New” with invite code: thankyou at https://marinyoga.co

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