Getting Ready for the Cleanse!

Our Cleanse starts Monday January 20, 2014! Information you need for the Cleanse is HERE and HERE. Download the Documents and Read Them!!! You don’t have to print them but you can if you want! We are starting Phase 1 Today!

Kia Sanford is leading the Cleanse. Her information is below, she is available for private appointments if you want to discuss personal issues or are ready to take greater control of your eating habits. This cleanse is free for Members and participants in the 40 Day Yoga Challenge! Private appointments are booked and paid for thru Kia!!!

What are we doing this week? Transitioning into the cleanse!!! Think of this as an opportunity to ease your way in and start to transition your eating and drinking. The most important thing you must do is drink LOTS of WATER. We are flushing out toxins and fat as we sweat in yoga and staying hydrated will keep your energy up.

What else do you need to know? If you want to order any supplements for smoothies etc. you can get them at a 20% discount thru Kia. You must order them by January 15th for them to arrive by the time your cleanse starts. The supplements are not mandatory, they are a dietary option! The info on ordering is in the second document and the link to order is on Kia’s website. Somes additional info is below her contact information.

Kia Sanford MS – Kailo Counseling & Nutrition and The “Get R.E.A.L” Program
San Anselmo & Greenbrae CA and all over the virtual world

415.813.6183 office phone
541.821.3618 cell phone



From Kia:

Ordering ReSet Supplies

You may want to split an order with another participant if you don’t plan to continue to use a smoothie beyond Phase 2.

Recommended Detox Support Smoothie Blend:

Metabolic Detox Complete (vanilla) by Metabolic Maintenance – 21 servings (#MET32) Renewal Greens by Innate Formulas – 30 servings (#I40111)
PaleoFiber (unflavored) by Designs for Health – 60 servings (#PAL21)

There are other options but these are my current favorites. There is a chocolate version of the Metabolic Detox Complete (#ME680) but I find it doesn’t give you the flexibility for varying flavors like the vanilla version does. If you would like to choose an alternative blend of powders or potions, please run them by me first. There is a LOT of garbage out there and I want you to stay healthy and not waste your hard earned funds.

You are not required to purchase supplements through me. This service is supplied as a convenience and always at at least 20% below retail cost.

To order supplements to be delivered to your door please do either of the following:

1 – Online:
Log onto my website at www.kailocounseling.com and click on the drop down menu labeled “Services & Pricing” then on the “click here” text. You will see a new window open inside the Kailo Counseling frame for my distributor, Emerson Ecologics. You will need to create an account. In the places where it asks for a practitioner fill in my name. It will ask you for a zip code, enter 97520. It will also ask you for an access code which is “2order”. Once your account is created, click on “Virtual Dispensary” and you will be taken to the list of supplements that I recommend. You can also search by the codes given to you with your protocol. When you log on again in the future, all you will have to do is enter your chosen user name and password. It is Highly recommended that you compare product codes and not just product names with the ones on your list to be sure you get the appropriate items since often there will be variations of the same supplement available and specific ones have been chosen for you for a reason. On the next screen you will be able to change the quantities of each item if you want more than one. You will receive a 20% discount off retail price at the end of the order process, don’t worry if you see different prices initially.

2 – Over the Phone:
Have your product codes and credit card information handy before you call Emerson Ecologics customer service 800-654-4432. The folks at the other end are extremely helpful but they will need to know you are a client of Kia Sanford MS in order for you to obtain the 20% discount, so don’t forget to tell them right at the beginning of your call.

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