Growth Starts Inside

Growth Starts Inside.

I am getting a Masters in Science in Organizational Leadership at Redlands University, newly located in San Anselmo, can you imagine a better year to be thinking about how and what we do? We had one class in person before the pandemic kicked in and we went online, the structure of being in a program has progressed my learning intentionally and kept me motivated when my spirit has felt broken. Has the reading and studying helped? Does a bear poop in the woods? We have a new app and potentially a game changing shift for our community because of the learning I have been doing, as the Beastie Boys said, “here’s a little story, I’ve got to tell…”

I’ve struggled for years with coaching, the lines blur too easily with therapy and life coaches never seem to be successful business people but they want to hear about my business. Do I sound like a typical smart ass New Yorker yet? Jaded. Total hater. We covered coaching a few classes ago, over some light reading I sat with my struggle, trying to understand my revulsion…to being helped. Worse than not asking for directions, worse than Monty Python’s Black Knight, was I actively going to fight getting helped or coached? To exacerbate the issue, we got into feedback and praise, what do you mean we only give positive feedback? 

Yes, I struggled with the questions and my resistance. Is there anything wrong with getting help? Would I prefer to “be me” unchanged, or am I going to do the work to “be a better version of me.” Coaching is exclusive, like pilates, only available to the wealthy when it should be available to…those who need it. My experience of studying and experimenting proved to me that we all need coaching and we respond better with positive feedback. I am still struggling to re-train my brain, to look for positive feedback opportunities and not only be coachable but to be coached. Understanding the solution was great, but did we even have a problem?

You think you are alone suffering to do online yoga and fitness? NO. In Business Analytics, I looked at the data and wrestled with the idea of how should we use data and how do measure our ability as an “Analytical Competitor?” People, if you have seen The Social Dilemma, you know my reasons for concern, our identity creates data which is monetized by companies, otherwise described as “they sell our information.” Acknowledging the dislike so many people have for the social networks and lack of psychological trust in sharing publicly, I looked for a way to make our relationship private yet include the benefits of community. Your data is private on our new platform, your activity is not shared and we don’t do notifications to monetize you or your activity. We are using the data to create a stronger connection with each other, we typically call this building community/

Welcome to MPY Online 3.0, right? We started with a learning management system and realized the limitations, we implemented 2.0 on the Vimeo platform and we have a world class live streaming and OnDemand platform for our classes. Our Mobile app is a coaching platform that plugs into Vimeo, this is a new front end or entrance way to our world. There are automatic and manual trackers to “coach” you into positive habits, Araceli sends out a message each day, connecting you in to our energy for the day. There are links on the main page to a class of the day and we will be leading programs to inspire your life through the app. We are making changes every week as we adjust to the times we are living in.

There is some strange stuff (yes, everybody is new to the mobile app, it is a separate account) as we work with technology to integrate multiple platforms and figure out what we are doing. Seriously, we are learning with you, growing into this. We are “creating a new business model,” and figuring this out in realtime. Everybody can get the app and take a daily class with us for FREE. This fulfills our purpose of bringing yoga and meditation to everybody who needs it, while democratizing coaching and making it available as a benefit. People who have paid memberships with our Vimeo portal can do any class and get the power of choice in classes. I know, it’s a lot. We are figuring this out.

I have always shared with you everything that I can about what we are doing at MPY, there is something about the raw honesty in our communications that is awkward, yet completely natural. I want you to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. If you see a better way or have advice for me, send it to me. I am doing the work to be a better Human and Leader, your feedback and ideas are critical to my growth and the success of our community. Thank you for making this leap with us, trying new things and continuing to progress and grow in your body, mind and spirit. 

Knowledge Is Power,

PS – Did you know I have been “mostly vegan” the last 18 months? High cholesterol convinced me to change my eating. If you have questions or need help, I am here for you. I haven’t had a new blood test, my goal is to get to 140 combined, a 70-70 split. Let’s Do This!

PPS – Get set-up in our new mobile app:

  1. Go to our Launch Site at https://marinyoga.co
  2. Download the App.
  3. Sign up as “I Am New” with Invite Code: thankyou
  4. Sync your connected device, like Apple Health for the Apple Watch or your Strava or Garmin or FitBit.
  5. Notifications On – You will get a message from Araceli each morning!
  6. Join the Leader Board! We are tracking Steps Weekly!
  7. Create Positive Habits with Us!!!

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