Happy Weekend

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Maya Angelou

This is the story of 2020, learn and do better. How many different ways do we need to hear this? Who knew we needed to wear masks in January? Yet, I was 2 blocks from my house on my bike before I turned around to get a mask yesterday. The incentive to wear a mask is pretty high these days, it seems to be the only way we can get reduce risk and participate in society. That said, I can’t even list the number of people I have seen in Town not wearing a mask. I know we are all learning a new habit and it takes patience and nurturing, it might also take a few dropkicks and some F Bombs, Namaste.

I was talking about forecasting with a researcher from Stanford yesterday, I responded to a survey last year and participated in estimating our numbers and follow-up reviews and figured it was over. After all, it is just math. When they reached out again, I told them upfront that our business was blown up by the pandemic and we probably have nothing to talk about. To my surprise, there were more interested in talking. Why? All of my forecasting was right except for 2 metrics. I say this humbly because the reality is, nobody cares, except for the researchers and me. They wanted to know how I did the forecasting and we talked about the current situation and did some light estimates for the future, acknowledging we have no clue what is coming over the next few months.

It is just math. Seriously, I’m actually really proud of getting the forecasting right, I think I “did the best.” I know it is more than just math. I am way too hard on my mistakes, they hurt and I do so much work to move past them and acknowledge successes. I missed so many signs leading up to the shut down, I know we all did, but as someone responsible for gathering people together, I feel that regret. Forget about it. I looked into the future yesterday and felt a mix of cautious optimism. Why? I know better now than I did 4 months ago, so do you.

There is a lot of AMAZING things happening right now, if you choose to see them. Our local high school is getting renamed, the statue honoring a slave trading rapist murderer has been removed from Larkspur landing and the County is discussing renaming SFD. More people are wearing masks, local businesses are innovating (I bought pasta at Amphora with Apple Pay last week, fully contactless without going inside) and we are doing zoom shopping calls at MPY with local delivery and appointments booked on our website. Do you hear how crazy those changes are? Maybe it is because it is Saturday, maybe it is because it is August, maybe because we know better so we are doing better.

We moved from alpha to beta testing of our new coaching program and I am really excited about it. With any luck we will be rolling this out to Membership mid-August as we figure out the details of how to scale this. The vision is weekly coaching and accountability meetings in small groups to support your progress and growth. I am so excited about this, I am afraid to tell you any more, until next week. We have solved a major problem that will directly benefit your life.

Maybe this should be called the all good news edition? You want more? We are negotiating outdoor spaces to bring you classes outside thru the end of October. Expect crazy rules, an amazing location and us. I am not really excited about this and have all kind of concerns, but I am excited for the people who want this. Real talk. Laugh at the picture below, then follow the link to our classes for hula hooping, Josie is an amazing world-class teacher and she has put up enough classes for you to join the circus when this is all over, or maybe start your own circus during this.

I haven’t been saving all of the good news, I’m just sharing a few wins in a sea of losses. I am feeling hopeful because I believe we are demonstrating our learning through our current actions, from the discussions about equality and including anti-racism in our schools’ curriculum to people voting in the upcoming election. We are the generation who will empower the youth to care about the future and do the work in the present to create change. I am sending you a virtual hug and love.

Happy Weekend,

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