Introverts Unite

Party with us!

*This Friday night, 12/6/2019, starting at 8pm at EV Lounge (500 San Anselmo Avenue) our first community Holiday Party!!! There will be a cash bar which serves wine, bubbly, sparking water etc. 

*Teacher Training! Early bird tuition ends on December 15th! Sign up to get a $400 discount off the regular price. Dates and details can be found here: https://marinpoweryoga.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Teacher-Training-Application-2020.pdf

*Shop TheShop. We have the best selection of fitness clothing in the Bay Area, right here in San Anselmo. We will be open late on Saturday for the Xmas tree lighting event in Town (ummm hello rainstorm?). The lighting happens at 5pm and we will be open at the shop until 7pm!

People. I will not be at the Party on Friday, I’m on Day 3 of the flu and while I think the worst is past, I’m still a sweaty mess. Besides the frustration of this being my 3rd significant illness of the year, I never want to miss a party with you. Usually, we have the holiday party at our house for staff only, this year the team decided they want to celebrate with you also!

I know the struggle to leave your couch/dog/cat, safety of your home and go out on a Friday night and see people. It isn’t easy, but it is worth it. You will see people from class, teachers, friends and family. You will find interesting people to talk with, be inspired in your own life and maybe even feel lighter, more energized. If this is stressful because of late notice (Inga I am looking at you), blame me and the flu and stop in and say hello between your other plans. We have an amazing community, come start the holidaze with us!

Sweats, Chills and Love,

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