Energy. Strength. Flexibility. Joy. Power. Peace. Health. Happiness.

These are some of the results you will attain when you practice yoga regularly. Our goal is to get our entire community doing more Yoga, TRX, BootCamp and TKO (Boxing)!

MPY yoga

We are not accepting new Studio Memberships while the Studio is closed. Please Sign up for our 7 Day Journey online with us. This is free and gives you access to 21 Classes, Meditations in a week long adventure in becoming stronger and healthier! You can sign up in the Top Right Corner! We want and need your financial support during this pandemic. The best way you can support us is to join our 7 day challenge and consider buying some of the pre-sale courses we will be offering thru our new online program this year!

When we re-open, individual monthly Memberships will cost $100 per month and drop-ins will be more expensive. We are trying to keep Auto-Pay memberships grandfathered in at the same price of $70 a month.

Old and New Membership Information below:

Monthly Membership: $100 – We want you to come to as many classes a month as you can. We love it when you are here every day and we are committed to making that possible for you! We are developing a library of video classes, you will have unlimited access to this! All of that and a 5% discount on retail and workshops! Are you 18 or under??? You qualify for our Junior Membership at $50 a month!!!

Drop-Ins: $25 – Hell yeah this is expensive. We want you to be a monthly member!!!

New Family Membership Pricing!

Adults = $100

Juniors thru 18 = $50

1 Adult 1 Junior = $115 (Save $5)

1 Adult 2 Juniors = $150 (Save $20)

1 Adult 3 Juniors= $190 (save $30)

2 Adults 1 Junior = $180 (Save $10)

2 Adults 2 Juniors = $210 (Save $30)

2 Adults 3 Juniors=$240 (save $50)

The cost of yoga is ridiculous. Providing yoga as a tool for our community at the right price so everyone can do yoga is part of our mission! We have a few options for you!


Amy Ginsberg Yoga TeacherWant to know more? Do you have a problem with your membership? Need help with a login? Reach out to Amy Ginsberg! When Amy is not with Alex and Olivia, she can be found teaching at Marin Power Yoga.