Kick Start Pilates Day 6

Kick Start Your Day and Your Life.

People. This rollercoaster of a year is relentless, kind of like Mat Pilates with Megan. Nothing is really happening and I am shaking on the ground. Right? Why let this year leave you in a puddle on the floor when Megan will do that in the first 5 minutes of class? Mat Pilates is brutally hard.

I used to joke that Pilates was for “old ladies,” it was expensive and exclusive, only accessible to the retired women and dancers. That might have been true, but it is not the truth. The TRUTH is Mat Pilates is so difficult the only people who do it are older women, proven tough by time, the survivors who are so strong it takes the toughest core workout to break them…and now me. Seriously, if you step outside today and listen carefully, underneath the gentle whispering and rustling of leaves and in between the tweeting of birds, you might hear my cries echoing in the canyons “I love Mat Pilates.” Why? Because I feel longer and leaner and it is only Day 6, but this is not why I am writing to you today.

I know the next few weeks are going to be challenging for us all. As you panic about buying presents or not buying presents, please remember, you have so much love inside of you to share…your words or a zoom call or a hug from 10′ away is more than enough. As I read those words, multiple times, I know how challenging it is and how soon I will fail and let the season of “not enough” take over.

So, I am asking you for help. Please join me in supporting the Canal District. Our family is joining in support of the Wood/Breen/Nissen Family efforts to support our neighbors. See the message below and join me in helping. Together, we can do anything.


Support those families hardest hit by COVID-19 in our community! Our family will be collecting the following items until December 20th. Please leave items in the bins in our driveway. Gift cards should be brought to the front porch (Please knock!).

❄️27 San Rafael Ave, San Anselmo❄️

Gift card drive for the holidays
During the holiday season, gift cards provide people with the flexibility and autonomy to make the purchases they need most to support their family’s health, stability, and celebration.

Of particular value are gift cards from Visa or MasterCard, which can be redeemed at most stores. Gift cards for Target or Safeway are also appreciated as these stores are located near the Canal where many families live. Gift cards in increments of $25 up to $100 are most useful.

Canal Alliance is currently seeking donations of certain items that are in high demand in the Canal community. They are currently accepting these items:

❄️ Adult & Child Masks
❄️ Hand Sanitizer
❄️ Diapers & Baby Wipes
❄️ Formula
❄️ Gloves
❄️ Packs of Toilet Paper
❄️ Basic Hygiene Products (Soap, Deodorant, Toothpaste)
❄️ Feminine Hygiene Products

Donate school supplies for first-generation, college-bound students
Support students and their educational goals by donating school supplies.

Donate directly on our fundraising page:

Feel free to contact us at (415) 306-3990 or Rebecca.breen@gmail.com with any questions!

The Wood Nissen Breen Family

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