Kids Yoga


MPY is offering Kids Yoga every Thursday from 4:30 Р5:30pm on Thursday. Your kids will play, learn yoga and enjoy being part of our community!!!

How much does it cost?
Kids 18 and below are monthly unlimited members for $50. Drop in is $15 per class.

What age group?
Kindergarten thru 6th grade are welcome to join our kids club!

Can my child take regular vinyasa yoga classes?
Yes, if your child is mature enough. If your kid can hang, bring them to class any time you want!

We host Birthday Parties!

How much? $250! Your kids get an hour yoga class and then can hang out for an hour for cake and whatever else you plan! If you or your child are a member, you get a discount to $200! Below, Holly GoLightly is working with the kids during a birthday party!