Launch Day!


We Launch TODAY!

Thank you for being here with me, today! There are links in the email to our launch site for our 10 Day Gratitude Practice, that starts Tuesday, get registered today for this free program! 

As we have prepared for this Gratitude Practice over the last few weeks I have reflected on my own successes and failures this year, seeking answers and secrets to share with you. The anguish and difficult  truth of the word Gratitude can only be communicated in one word, FAMILY. 

What? How can this simple word be the root of joy, pain and gratitude? Please, you know I am not a therapist, your reflection may reveal the complexity of this simple word. I know we all have different relationships with our family, looking at the image above you see a simple highlight from the weekend. Amy’s parents stopped by on Sunday to commiserate over the Michigan game and catch up. The afternoon sun, brief moments with the kids and the ability to see each other safely distanced. It isn’t the same, but I FaceTime with my Mom in The Bronx and bring her into my kitchen, sharing meal prep or a walk with the puppy over headphones. Small moments we can enjoy together. 

Most of you are reading this because you know my personal Gratitude Practice is based in Community. Twenty years ago my friend Kim told me, “Jamie, you will find community when your kids join swim team.” I knew she was speaking the truth, yet Amy and I didn’t have kids. Can you only experience community with kids who swim? Clearly we answered that with MPY. It turns out the most important part of Community is YOU. No pressure.

Right? We are launching our new Mobile App, Marin Yoga, with a 10 Day Gratitude Practice. There will be a meditation posted each day and a yoga or bootcamp class. Araceli will send you a message each morning with some inspiration for your day and a reflection for you to journal or take a hike or run with or discuss with a family member. I am not saying this will be easy, I am telling you it has the potential to change your life.

I am really excited to practice over the next 10 days with you and welcome you into our growing community online. Yes, this is all free. If you want to pick and choose your classes, please join our premium MPY membership that comes with all of our classes. We are trying to find the balance of making sure that everybody benefits from yoga, meditation and fitness while creating a self-sustaining community. 

Get registered into our new mobile app by Midnight Monday so you start Day 1 with us Tuesday!


PS- Run Like a Girl.

PPS – I sat in on a great discussion at San Domenico last week on Finding Your Purpose, through Awe and Gratitude. Whether it is looking up at the nights stars and sitting with the idea that we are all made of the same genetic material or we are noticing our breath, there are many paths to freedom.

PPPS- Sign up as “I Am New” and use Invite Code: thankyou

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