MadCap – Do the Tasting Menu!

We did the Tasting Menu at MadCap in San Anselmo Saturday night and it was truly spectacular. This is an expensive decadent experience and worth every penny!

Why do the Tasting menu? It is tough to give up control, let the chef decide how you will eat. Each plate that came out was a surprise, building in depth of flavor and richness to a zenith. The reward for giving up control??? Joy. From discovering flavors to being forced into “the now,” the present moment in your eating experience. Between figuring out what is on your plate to the willingness to try something you would not have ordered. Sometimes, when you let go, you start to fly.

I paired 3 delicious wines from the tasting menu and enjoyed 2 hours of eating and talking with Amy and Olivia. Take a peek at some of the pictures below from the ribeye to the chicken to the rabbit tortellini, soup and lobster shots. I committed to eating rather than taking photos, but I had to take a few!!!

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