Member of the Week: Joanna Mazierska

  1. What is your full name?

My name is Joanna aka Asia (pron. Asha) Mazierska.

2. What was your favorite activity as a child?

Playing outside with my sister and friends is one of my fondest memories. We were so free and we played so many games (tag, jumping over elastic band, badminton, basketball, dodge ball, climbing over play structures, sledging in winter). Some of the games were completely made up right then and there.

3. What job did you have in high school?

Growing up in Poland in the 80s school was your priority. With about 12 subjects every semester your time was spent studying, doing homework and participating in after school activities. I don’t even think someone would hire you under age in those times. While in teacher training college I started to teach English as a Second Language and I also tutored kids at homes.

4. What is your most embarrassing memory?

Hahha, there were many moments when I turned red as a beet, but I think the most embarrassing one was when I cut my own bangs. I cut it super short. I also have a cow lick, so when I blow dried my bangs, my hair on the right side went straight up. Needless to say, I was going away on a summer camp with my older sister the next day and she told me she didn’t know me and that I should sit far away from her on the bus. Of course, she was joking, but her saying that gave me an idea of how bad I looked 😉

5. What is the best vacation you have ever taken?

When in college and then university I travelled a lot every summer. I’d pack my bags and be gone for 4-5 weeks in Europe. One of my best vacations was in Croatia when I drove down the coast and camped at various camp grounds along the way. I will also never forget travelling in Switzerland. It’s such a versatile country with. All the hikes and sightseeing in various cantons were just incredible.

6. What makes you laugh out loud?

I guess a good joke or funny situations I or my friends experience. I am not afraid to laugh at myself. I think it’s important not to take life too seriously. Sometimes a good laugh can really have a healing effect during a stressful day.

7. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Firstly, it would definitely be my degrees: BA in Theories and Methodology of Teaching English as a Second Language and MA in Cognitive Linguistics.

Secondly, moving to the United States in 2001, all by myself, and living my dream. As an ESL teacher I not only taught a language but I also wanted my students to know more about English speaking countries, cultural aspects, traditions, customs, arts, literature, etc. If someone had told me in 1999 that in 2001 I would embark on the greatest adventure of my life, I would have never believed it and here I am 🙂

8. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Never give up and believe in yourself. You don’t know how strong you are and what you are capable of. Patience and perseverance equals success.

9. What would you like people to remember about you?

Kind soul, thoughtful friend, a great example of someone who, in spite of many obstacles, has never given up on her dreams.

10. Why do you practice at Marin Power Yoga?

I love the community that Jamie and Amy created. Great teachers, friendly members, variety of classes and activities. MPY is a one of-a-kind yoga place, where after each class you feel not only stronger, but also empowered and more confident in yourself.

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