Member of the Week: Paul Spillane

1. What is your full name?  

Paul M Spillane

2. What was your favorite activity as a child?

Playing make-believe, hot wheels and playing with my toy soldiers (some even had names, ha!).   

3. What job did you have in high school?

Auto body shop (sanding cars for painting).  I also did some landscaping work, so I got to play with chainsaws at a young age.  Of course my Dad always had a job for me to do every weekend (no pay). 

4. What is your most embarrassing memory?

Oh that time I sharted at a restaurant.  It was a friend’s birthday party. I had to ditch the underware in the bathroom.  So embarrassing!  

5. What is the best vacation you have ever taken?

There have been so many.  Each time we go to Mexico is great.  

Probably Norway, summer of 1995 was the best.  Kate was my girlfriend at the time (and now my wife). We hiked the Norwegian Fjords over three days, got lost, almost died but it was an awesome experience!  

Funny thing is the worst vacation I ever had was also Norway about ten years later.  It rained for 13 days straight, I pulled my back, broke my sunglasses, lost my contact lenses and got food poisoned.  

6. What makes you laugh out loud?

Lately Saturday Night Live & John Oliver.  I once loved all Monty Python stuff, now it is really too silly.

7. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Surfing double over-head in the Humbolt Jetty was pretty cool, but learning Swedish is the accomplishment I am most proud of.

8. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Enjoy the moments.  

9. What would you like people to remember about you?

I am grateful for what I have, really proud of my family and looking forward to the future.  

10. Why do you practice at Marin Power Yoga?

It works for my arthritis.  Take 3 days a week & soon moving pain free.  When people complain to me about their pain issues, I always say “have you tried yoga?”… 

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