Member of the Week: Shannon Egan

1. What is your full name?  

Shannon Elizabeth Egan

2. What was your favorite activity as a child?

I couldn’t wait to get outside.  Riding bikes, building forts, making up games – we lived in a great neighborhood where I could be gone for hours on end.  The independence at that age significantly shaped who I am today.

3. What job did you have in high school?

I worked in the kitchen at the military academy in town.  It was a great job for after school and all my friends worked there too.  I was the first female to break through the historic gender traditions of girls serving the cadets on the food line and boys working in the dish room. I am a fierce to reckon with when operating a Hobart with a high-pressure hot water sprayer.  

4. What is your most embarrassing memory?

When I was in early middle school, my adult “eye teeth” grew in pointed like fangs.  I couldn’t close my lips without them sticking out like Dracula. My older cousins would make me put my fangs out when we were on road trips to scare other kids on the highway.  It’s a wonder any of us make it through puberty.  

5. What is the best vacation you have ever taken?

When my sister Holly graduated from college, she asked for a family vacation for her graduation present. So, we rented a van and drove across country starting in Wisconsin and ending in Oregon. I was 19 years old, and for the very first time, I got to experience my family as adults. Having grown up as the youngest, this was a big transition. The trip was amazing and exposed me to the west with stops at Yellowstone, the Bad Lands, the endless mountains and my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean.  But the realization that my little family of nagging parents and my older sister were actually the best friends I would ever have – made it the trip of a lifetime.

6. What makes you laugh out loud?

The stupidest things make me laugh out loud.  Maybe it’s because I have my head buried in work for so much of the day with chasing deadlines and details that the simple things are so refreshing. Cat memes and screaming goats can make me cry for days.

7. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Being a good auntie to my niece and nephew.  Moving here to be closer to family was the best decision I’ve ever made.  The ability to be part of their life has changed my perspective and made me a better person. I love having a relationship with them that distance would never have allowed.  It’s a forever foundation that I can’t wait to see evolve as they grow into monster teenagers and incredible adults.  

8. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be present. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama of your life. Whether it’s work, kids, or other obsessions.  Time moves so fast and you can’t get it back. Remembering to be present in the moment and to give your attention to the people you are with has taken me a long time to learn.

9. What would you like people to remember about you?

That I’m nice.  Just that. Not that I saved the whales or created world peace – just that I have a big heart and do my best to help wherever I can.

10. Why do you practice at Marin Power Yoga?

I never saw myself as a yoga person – but when this studio opened right down the street from my house, I had to give it a shot.  I was new to San Anselmo at the time and looking for a place to belong. The stress relief that practicing here brings me is incredible. It’s a safe place – full of positive energy, regardless of what’s happening in my day. There are classes that feel almost like a sermon to me.  The impact is greater than I could have imagined.

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