MLK Day – Equality For All

“I believe the day will come when all God’s children, from bass black to treble white, will be significant on the Constitution’s keyboard.” Martin Luther King

Every time I see this quote on the monument honoring MLK at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco, I feel the power of these simple words. I feel the connection between music, freedom and joy. For a moment, I embrace being one of God’s children. Hoping, even praying that day will come.

It is hard to avoid the overwhelming treble whiteness of the yoga world in America. From our little studio in San Anselmo, to the Yoga Journal Conference or Wanderlust – yoga is very white. Around the world, yoga is being practiced everywhere. From the work Africa Yoga Project is doing in Nairobi to India to Asia, people get on their mat and flow. It doesn’t matter what color you are or where your ancestors came from, all that matters is you show up and try.

Yoga means unity. We all come from the same matter and we all return to matter in the end. We are connected despite the attempts by the media and world leaders to separate us. When we come together and practice, stepping forward into Warrior I, we step forward for all people everywhere. Martin Luther King embodied the spirit of yoga, he lived passionately and fought with his words and ideas, not his fists. When you get on your mat today, dedicate your practice to equality and peace. Dedicate yourself to love.

"I believe the day will come when all God's children, from bass black to treble white, will be significant on the Constitution's keyboard." Martin Luther King

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